Lock, rogue, or hunter?

90 Troll Druid
I want to level a pure DPS class. I already have one of each tank, and every healer at 85 - except my shammy is only 82. Yes, I have two druids. Which class/spec is fun to level and raid with? What about PVP? I have ALL the heirlooms, including the fishing derby ring.

I love my feral, I find it fun to perfect timing with my savage roar, bleeds, and debuffs. Though, I heard locks are similar but more difficult. Which is the most challenging at 85? Which one do you find fun if challenging isn't exactly fun to you? I'm considering a hunter, cuz collecting pets sounds awesome.
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85 Undead Warlock
you would have to be crazy not to pick a hunter.
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85 Human Paladin
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For the leveling process it would be hunter > lock > rogue. Pet classes have always been soloing powerhouses. Still , since 4.0 leveling has become very easy no matter what class/spec.

For raids i'd say any. Current dps charts shows rogue are higher. Locks and hunters are similar. The only criteria here is melee vs ranged. (note that warlocks are not much fun in 5 mens while gearing for raids). Due to dps ramp up times on quick trash pulls. Rogues and hunters are pretty simple to play in their current best dps specs. Warlocks are a tad more complex. I think they're all viable for pve but if i was to make a list it would be rogue > hunter > lock.

The real deal is pvp. At casual levels it makes no difference. If you intend on doing some sort of competitive pvp then rogues are currently playing god mode while hunters and locks are extremely complex with far too many bindings. At least locks can do good tho. Hunters are laughable.

It all comes down to gameplay style.

Hunters : very pet oriented. Bows and arrows. Ranged.
Locks : Some pet synergies. DoTs caster. Ranged.
Rogue : Stealthy assassin or furious hack'n'slasher . Melee.
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90 Troll Druid
Yeah, I know how 5 mans can be. I never can build points up in time to have rip and savage roar. It's a ton easier to join a DS group as a ranged here, but a sub rogue sounds pretty interesting. I think I'll go with either a rogue or hunter. My shaman is just 1 level away from 85, so I'll wait a few days and see what I want to roll.

Edited: Oh, and there are so many rogues on my realm. Always 1 or 2 rogues per group, it's been kinda hard to get in pugs since DS came out since we have the same tokens and gear, and the fact ranged is preferred. Lot of rogues PVPing too. Not that I need to do anything end game to enjoy my character, but still.
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What do you want to stare at? Ugly butt, or sweet succubus bottom?
Locks are easy(if you don't go aff). Plus, if you level with a pet, it can do all the damage while you stay away from the enemy players.

06/07/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Kya
I never can build points up in time to have rip and savage roar.

You don't need full dps during trash. Just try to keep savage roar up and use your abilities. If you hit full combo points and it's not going to live long, bite em.
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You'll be opening yourself to a whole new world of misery if you end up choosing a warlock as a half 'serious' toon.
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85 Night Elf Druid
You picked two classes with pets, locks and hunters. so one of those.

You picked two classes with similar non-mana resources, rogues and hunters, so one of those.

Hunter it is! Go survival.

EDIT: Rogues are not the best at DPS by any means. When people look at raidbots/worldoflogs they think 'oh, rogues are on top they must be the best' but it's because so many people have the legendary daggers/both 397 daggers since they're so easy to obtain. There's an invisible wall for the other classes in this patch which means nothing for non-heroic raid modes.
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30 Undead Rogue
hunters are IMO the most fun to play but also one of the more complex and difficult to get good at for PVP. they have very long cool downs on defense spells. If anything gets up next to you and your disengage is on cool down, you're pretty much dead, you can drop a trap but most melee class will dispel it and again, unless you can disengage, you're dead since you won't have any melee. wing clip is a joke, feign death is really a joke in PVP. you get only one heal per engagement, unless a healer helps you out. On the plus side, i find it's just fun to play a hunter because of the long range attacks and crit and they're really fun for PVE. Collecting pets is fun too, go BM if you want pets. But if you're into PVP, go Rogue. the programmers have a !@#$%^ for Rogues. Rogues can sap repeatedly, immobilize they're victims for long periods, have shorter cool downs (in my experience so far), of course i'm still a low level rogue but so far i'm amazed at how this class requires very little skill once you macro and how easy it is to kill 1on1. mobs are difficult for Rogues but when things get bad, completely vanish and your enemy loses target on you and give you time to heal. no other class i've played so far can completely remove itself from a bad fight. Sub rogues have extremely high damage and i've see a lot of rogues kill their victims within a few seconds and their victims never got a chance to strike once. they can teleport to their victims and can slow their victims movements to a crawl. draw back, at least for me, they get boring to play. ambushing all the time gets boring and tiresome, especially in PVE. Warlocks, don't waste time on a lock. I have an 85 and would have deleted her except for the profession is maxed out. she just makes stuff for my other toons. but then again, "different strokes for different folks"
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7 Blood Elf Paladin
With all heirlooms, every spec of all those classes will be easy to level.

Beast Master Hunters, Demonology Locks and Combat Rogues are overall the simplest to play and have the smallest downtime. The occasional tough group quest are usually soloable by these specs.

All three classes have specs that do very well in end-game raids with range DPS having a slight advantage in this tier or raiding over melee.

For PvP it depends on whether you want to go for high rankings or just what to have some casual fun while putting together a PvP gear set.

All three classes have specs that can be developed into powerful, high ranked arena or RBG characters. It depends on your willingness to spend the time to master the skills AND develop a team. Hunter is probably the toughest, followed by rogue and then warlock.

For casual fun, hunter is your best bet. Rogues are great if you have the patience to wait for your cooldowns to reset and manuver your character into an opening position. Warlocks need to develop some defensive skills and that is a down side because most casuals players just want to blow things up.

You mentioned having a high level shaman. Resto is a dominant healer in PvP and an excellent healer in the current raiding tier. Enhancement is in a slightly better place than Elemental for raiding, but both have issues in PvP this season.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
ur a lock -.-*
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Mages are the best!
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90 Human Paladin
In my opinion, I have always had the most fun leveling and playing on a hunter. Something about kiting while your pet does all the melee damage seems ah-okay to me.
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90 Human Warlock
i would say rogue or lock, i would say Rogue >Lock >hunter
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
PVP: cant say really as I don't do it competitivly, however I do love leveling in bgs, and I could not do it with my lock, it sucked. My hunter and rogue were fun and capable however.

It sucked, how so? I'm currently leveling a demo lock and I just do bgs in dark apotheosis, you do a pretty competitive amount of damage considering, and you're very difficult to kill, not to mention your control(I 1v3 ppl all the time).

Though lock isn't fun at all in dungeons, can't heal or tank and too much ramp up time, even as demo.
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