<The Syndicate> is looking for a few off-kilter men and women who are dedicated to having a FUN time with what's left of this server. Level 25 PvP guild is actively doing RBG's; is actively doing WPvP; is actively doing achieve runs for drake mounts. We host events around Call to Arms weekends and enjoy taking over Org's AH. Come be part of this organization.

As of 6/4/2012

Feral Druid-Low
Blood DK-Low
Prot Warrior-Medium
Prot Pally-Closed

Disc Priest(with Shadow offspec)-Low
Resto Druid-Medium
Holy Pally-Medium
Resto Shaman-High

Melee Dps
Arms Warrior-Low
Unholy DK-Medium
Frost DK-Low
Feral Druid-Medium
Ret Pally-Medium
Enhancement Shaman-Medium

Ranged DPS
Fire Mage-High
Frost Mage-High
Shadow Priest-High
Balance Druid-High
Elemental Shaman-High

Please post a response to this, or PST to an officer in-game! Thanks!