Profession Kits for Sale

14 Undead Hunter
Profession Kits for Sale

**********MoP will release 'eventually' , so check here: for updates to the various professions**********

Hello Khadgar.
I'm selling profession kits (1-525) for several non-gathering professions. The mats, their quantity and instructions for leveling can all be found here:

**********Also selling PARTIAL kits, from any skill level to cap level**********

Here's how it works:
Decide which profession(s) you want to level. Contact me here or in-game to discuss the particulars. After we've come to an agreement, you'll make an alt, join my bank guild, and deposit the gold amount equal to the kit's cost. The mats will be there for you to view and count in reference to the wow-professions list. After you've made the deposit, I'll promote you to a rank with withdrawal permission. You're then free to withdraw items and mail them to the toon you wish to level the profession on (or any toon of your choosing, it's none of my business). I'll remain online with you until the guild bank is empty of the mats you purchased.

A few notes:

-I've used every profession leveling guide on wow-professions, and they work if you can follow instructions.
-That said, wow-professions' guides aren't infallible. Sometimes (though infrequently) the number of materials needed VS the number of materials used won't yield the level gain desired. This is due to the nature of RNG, which plays a part in leveling professions when making patterns that are yellow/green. Orange patterns always provide at least one skill-up (as long as there's a level to gain).
-I'll always have extra materials to cover any levels you don't gain. These are sold on an individual basis, and will be comparable (read: cheaper) than the items are on the auction house.
-Remember that if you don't follow the guide to the letter, you'll often be short on materials. Just because you've leveled higher than you should have with one particular pattern doesn't mean that 1) it'll always happen that way and 2) that you can vendor things as soon as you make them.
-You are buying the materials list exactly as it is displayed on the wow-professions page. Failure to follow the guide is your fault, not mine, and I assume no responsibility for any problems, accidental or otherwise, that you have with the guides.

Right now, available kits include:

-Tailoring and Leatherworking unavailable at this time-

My prices are always shifting to beat the Auction House cost of materials, so contact me and I'll work up a price based on your needs.

EDIT: Also, WTS Tiny Emerald Whelpling PST
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90 Troll Hunter
Totally did this first.
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90 Undead Priest
06/13/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Nnebulosa
Totally did this first.
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85 Undead Warlock
How much for Eng kit? i got the guap.
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90 Troll Priest
WTB engineering kit let me know in game plz
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100 Human Warrior
I'm actually also interested in an engineering kit
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90 Troll Hunter
Someone make me a farming char on Alliance side and I will sell you all packs
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90 Night Elf Priest
Not sure what side you have your kits on, but we have a few ready to go on Ally side. Send a tell to Tubzy ingame.
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