Thinking of transferring.

90 Blood Elf Hunter
So, I'm currently on Hydraxis (Emberstorm BG) and it's just not as active as I'd like, I just hit 85 on my hunter and am looking to raid, raid schedules are a bit odd with me as my schedule for work can fluctuate a bit so I'm not always sure what days I can raid, but I'm perfectly fine doing LFR when I can and such, I just want a nice active horde server that I can do LFR consistently on and make randoms go by fast enough where I'm not sitting around for 30 minutes while I wait.

I have a friend who has a druid here and he's told me it's pretty active but he's currently at Basic so I can't play with him for another 2-3 months or so.

So, would it be worth me transferring here? I know how to play my class, I played during TBC but skipped out on WoTLK, I know most of the tactics for DS, and anything I don't know I'm willing to look up/research so I do know what to do.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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85 Tauren Druid
Yeah, its pretty active, although its been down lately because of D3 and MoP beta, but i think that will change in a few months.

Also, in BG Bloodlust, which includes Kil'Jaeden, Proudmoore and Tichondrius, so Queue times are pretty quick.
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90 Human Priest
I would definitely transfer over to Ner'zhul. Now, I cannot say much because I've only played on this one realm and haven't looked at any others. But like Flickpowers said, the realm is in the Bloodlust Battlegroup, therefore PvP queues go rather quick. I also always see people getting groups together for Dragon Soul. People on the realm also sometimes get groups together to do old-content which is always fun.
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85 Human Warrior
This Server's PVP is non-existent and is pretty dead outside guild raid times.. if you want a good server stick with Tich/ Sargeras, Kiljaeden, Proudmoore
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