Azure Vengeance (H) Recruiting

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Azure Vengeance is currently recruiting for our core raid team, our alt raid team, and our Rated Battleground team.

First: A little bit about us. We are very, very recently founded by Zulehead (Drogash) but, with extremely minimal time raiding, have already founded into a level 4 guild, and in our first week raiding pulled off 7/8. We are very dysfunctional (but in a good way) and very social. We have a lot of fun in guild chat, whether its just simple conversation or the guildies helping each other out.

Our first raid team runs Friday night, running 7-10 server (8-11 EST).

Our second raid team has yet to be determined, and we aren't quite sure what will be needed of recruitments. We most likely need everything, because most of this teams raiders will consist of alts.

The RBG team also has yet to be determined. We have many skilled pvpers in our guild, and will very soon begin to build this team up.

Remember, all applicants will be reviewed.

Now, for the serious stuff.

Recruting for our first raid team: We will currently review any healer or melee dps. Our tanks are already chosen, and will remain. Ranged will have to be phenomenal to get on to this team. All raiders are expected to show up ready, with repairs, and whatever raiding materials you are expected to need. There will be no unexcused breaks where you can run to Orgrimmar to buy something that you forgot.

All raiders are expected to respect all officers, listen to what any officer says, and to respect any gear choices that may be made. Also, you will be expected to pay attention. I don't really need to go over every rule, just use common raiding sense. No causing drama, clear vent, etc.

I could go on and on about having a specific ilevel, but we run lower than most guilds. Our minimum ilevel is 385, but we morely worry about skill, seeing as it is possible for a skilled player with a 380 ilevel could out dps somebody who doesn't know their class with a 400 ilevel. Just know your class!

Know at least 7/8 fights to get into this raiding group.

Second core raid group and RBG group: We are recruting about everything for these groups. Please see the above common sense rules.

For the RBG teams gear, we expect at least full Ruthless gear. Below that, we will definitely not allow you into our group. We don't say full cataclysmic because many classes (such as the hunter) is much better when using the two piece set from Dragon Soul. Just know your class and have DECENT gear.

The second raiding team will require a 378 ilevel, and just have raiding common sense. We would much rather you know the fights, but it's an alt run, so it isn't expected.

Please whisper one of our officers in game, or type /who Azure Vengeance

Officers: zulehead, Drogash, Soulrevear, Maribarl, Feloreynein, (<All gm alts) Sarestor, Acryllic, Icerage, and Shamyhealz (a couple officers)

If nobody from this list is currently online, whisper somebody in the guild and they will either redirect you to an officers alt, or bring you into the guild and you can talk to an officer about further information later.

Thanks for reading through this dreadingly long message. Enjoy!
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85 Orc Hunter
ignore this entire thread, I left the guild
Edited by Sarestor on 6/14/2012 4:59 PM PDT
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