Why so dead?

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So i moved here from the EU servers a few months ago, But now the server is so dead, Cant even get pugs to raid. Is there anything blizz can do to sort this out? Or do i have to pay to move from this server?
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resuscitation may be in order, or total ressurection. if you know of any good necromancers please let me know.
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Since Diablo came out, a lot of guilds have just quit playing in favor of it. I know since our guild downed Deathwing and got our rogue his legendary daggers, raiding relevant content just doesn't seem worth it. We get together to do old-school achievement/mount/transmog runs on our raid nights now. If you would like to come along, shoot me a message in-game.
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06/13/2012 04:52 AMPosted by Lesnie
But now the server is so dead

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Horde is quite the minority on this server. Getting 10 active players for a raid is not easy these days either. People get fully geared out and decide no to raid anymore. I can't remember the last time I raided and didn't have to acquire pugs to fill spots. I think last time I checked this server population, it was: 74% Alliance, 26% horde. Says overall population is 646 people. I don't know if that's accurate or not. If you are looking for a populated server, I recommend Tichondrius.

Edit: And D3 is to blame as well of course.
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and Guild Wars 2 beta weekends half of the time.
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Also, a lot suicides have occurred lately in response to the deadness, worsening matters it would seem.
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Getting close to the end of the world? December?
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This always happens at the end of an expansion. When the pre-expansion patch comes out the servers will come to life again.
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horde side has been dead since the past 2 years...
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I had to level 6 character simultaneously just so I could have access to any cross profession items I need: iron buckles, salt shaker, ghost dye etc.

I've brought a lot of pre-60 items into the market where it seemed near impossible to get off the AH previously, but I have this other problem of no buyers. . .

It's been a lonely venture. "No items on the AH? Guess I'll farm them myself." "I have some extra items, I'll sell them and bring some pre-60 life to this server!" <Mailbox floods with expired auctions>
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I'm new to WOW and this is my first server. From what I've seen it's incredibly dead. No items on the AH and the ones that are are incredibly Overpriced. Very difficult to level professions. Blizzard need to step in and do something to bring some life back.
PS World PVP Horde is getting wrecked everywhere from what I've seen.
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Dead?!? This server is always loaded w/ ppl running arena, rbgs, raids, w/e. all day. I come from a med-pop server also (low end), and IT is dead. Literally. Be happy here.
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