H - heroic rag

85 Undead Mage

going to be posting open recruitment for H FL and a weekly Hrag farm for the mount and title.
we are currently looking to start a group for this.
Ideally we will do this every week on farm until everyone has the mount and then we have the option of selling the mount and title to others.


For the time being anyone is welcome to apply for a place. Specific classes desired HOWEVER all will be considered

Feral Druid (bear kitty tanking. this requires being able to tank and switch to kitty for extra dps)
Prot Pally

Holy Pally
Disc priest

Arcane mage
Ret Paly
Ele shammy (os heal)
Demo Lock
Fire mage/rogue/frost dk

requirements. 7/7 normal, AND heroic experience (prefer 6/7 but will consider less)
A minimum ilvl of 390, realID, and vent.

We are considering fridays for this (server 6pm until 10), another option may be thurs it can be discussed but friday is ideal. It will require a full clear of heroic FL prior to working on rag. If we do not get Hrag the first week (most likely we will not get him the first week) the lockout will be extended so that we can get H rag down. after he is cleared we will start the process again. As we get used to each other and the mechanics of H rag this should become a very fast simple clear.

Anyone that is accepted into the group will be asked to bring there own food, flasks, AND pots.

**IMPORTANT** in the interest of trying to get everyone in the group a mount and to avoid people leaving after they have their mount there will be a deposit required from the winner. If you win the roll for the mount you will be required to trade 75k gold to the group (raid lead) that will be held. If you continue with the group for 9 more weeks (or until the original 10 have their mounts) your gold is returned to you. If you leave prior to 9 weeks (or prior to the original 10 all receiving their mounts) then your gold will be split between the other 9 members of the raid that joined you. This is to add incentive to return to the group after you have your mount and title. We are all tired of people joining until they have what they want and then leaving forcing the other 9 to start from scratch. We all want to avoid this situation and this is the best I have come up with to avoid it. If you are planning to leave it will cost you and benefit the group, if you are planning on staying then this should pose no problem with anyone as it is only a deposit and after no more than 10 weeks total you will have your gold returned.
-emergency circumstances will be considered by the group. if the group feels that the situation was unavoidable and you had to miss a week after you have received your mount then you may be allowed to return to finish your service to the group (ie until everyone else has their mount) and then will be given your deposit back.
-unavoidable missed attendance after you've received your mount (work or family obligation that is out of the ordinary) Provided enough notice is given to find a suitable replacement (player with equal experience) you will be allowed your spot back to finish your service to the group (ie until everyone else has their mount). and then will be given your deposit back. If it is a family or work obligation a weeks notice should be easy to give.

Total time of complete: 10 weeks plus time to learn. after that the group is done all funds returned we should have mounts and titles, and may decide to continue on selling runs.

All parts of the staff quest are of no consequence. if you want this group to help with the staff you have 2 options, roll on the item against anyone else on that part and hope, pay for your spot and right to the items (proceeds split evenly)
All boe are open roll.
All bop (discuss pre raid what in particular might be an upgrade, of which there are very few. Otherwise all rolls will be greed rolls)

if you are interested please leave a msg with the toons name you want considered, or leave an in game mail with myself providing the same information.
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85 Orc Rogue
Might be easier to do this on openraid
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85 Undead Mage
by far it is but I was hoping to get some people from SC before going that route
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100 Tauren Death Knight
I'd be interested in helping, but 75K is way too steep for many folks. I was at my peak at 50K about a week ago and spent a little under half of that to get a Vial of the Sands. I would love to help you out, and the folks who were doing the 25 man 3D Sarth runs for the drake can attest that I will stick around as long as I'm needed. If I have to miss a week, I will continue until I have been there for 10. It's not a big deal to me to redo content as it's always fun for me anyway. :)

Aaaaand I just checked the date of this posting. . Did this ever come to fruition?
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