freestyle fridays

100 Tauren Priest
aye yo its STB we be stuntin never frontin.
just straight allie head huntin
its STB n we pvp
makin !@#$ look ez

free stylin n wildin
STB we be ridin and drivin.

yeah son. who next on da mic?
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100 Tauren Priest
aye yo its droughtt keep my name outcha mout
slice n dice makin u run back twice.
so hold up. if u run up. u get done up.
when u get ya issue ur mama is gonna need a tissue
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
We don't play
Come get your issue
Any fuccin day
shook azz alliance
can't see us coming
Get that !@#$ pushed in
RBG Stuntin
Shout to Blood Drunk
That guild is poo
Runnin RBGs with Jive
I'd rather get some teeth pulled
All I do is rap
And sell my life to Blizzard
Catch me in the 'mar
With some fuccin killers
Can't stop the flow
I'm ice cold
If you feel my raps
Send me some gold
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100 Tauren Priest
its STB bit-
we be on da map mappin
while u kids jus nappin n fappin
and frapsin us pwning kids rappin.
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100 Orc Death Knight
we be stuntin you be frontin
we be laughin you be crashin
we be grindin when we shinin
while you on the fourms whinin
you thinkin that you somethin
but that somethin aint bout nuttin

we be blowin silverleaf
sitin high up in twin peaks
killin allies by the creek
midfield heros STB
oh boy i gotta pee
theres no time heres EFC
no resiliance PVE
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85 Goblin Shaman
Tony Montana I am the !@#$in Mana oops did i say mana i meant we run a clana the names STB never catch us frontin meet us in RBGS Guarnteed we stuntin and huntin them allies thats what we %^-*in do posted at mines like a mother !@#$in jew %^-*!s got rez sickness cause there @#$%in poo so listen up fronters we dont ^-*!in play STB number one every @#$%in day
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100 Tauren Priest
when Adrenaline Rush bust
i leave you kids in the dust
dont ever doubt its no one less than Droughtt
once again keep my name outcha mouth
or ill have my ppl outside ur house
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100 Tauren Druid
You guys should start a guild website. Then you could have Freestyle Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

I left out Sunday and Wednesday for church.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
You guys should start a guild website. Then you could have Freestyle Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

I left out Sunday and Wednesday for church.

You assume we are baptist?
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85 Goblin Shaman
You guys should start a guild website. Then you could have Freestyle Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

I left out Sunday and Wednesday for church.

i believe he assumes we are of the african race
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90 Night Elf Druid
Stay classy, Horde
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Got a big booty
Don't like the Horde
They make her bored
So she plays alliance
And RPs with Defias
Brotherhood in the hood
Northshire whats good
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1 Night Elf Warrior
tankercow is back, back in the biz
nlggers tryna funk, i blast them with my piss
forum ban couldn't hold me down; only makes me stronger
if a pally tryna duel, lets see who holds bubble longer
horde used to be my brothers, not anymore
now you try and defend the chaos that i bring to org's doors
you are my biggest rivals, so this is for you
tell gamon to make me some goretusk stew

tank out
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85 Worgen Death Knight
Call me MC Sin
The real MC'S in
More skill in MC'in
Than the spriest champ Ailora himself
PvE Hero DK
Gettin all mah PKs
I ain't gunna save Dragons and stop pve
Look at the title, nuff' said
I slay you all, y'all are peasants to me
I reap kills, let you guys sow the crops
For me to farm
Call me the real Chairman of this realm
Nao, you were a better priest bud!
You Horde scum gotta stare at the sun
To even get a glimpse at my level
Bite the pillow horde !@#$%es
Talk ^-*!, get hit

By the way, Tankercow best ret on realm
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90 Tauren Druid
shout out to Bye and Sinner
now ima show u the real rap winner
my flow is so ice cold. winter.
killin these kids.
then tossin em in a blender
makin pu$$y's bleed. no blood thinner.

its dat boy Boklao b!tch
get it straight
before i eat all ur wedding.....

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85 Worgen Death Knight
Seems like I've gotta drop the gloves, no more mister nice
Your flow is just ice
Cause it freezes in place,
As in your message didn't get across, you STB disgrace
The only thing you kill is a reader's eyes
Because you get your PMS blood all over ya words, and I despise
The fact that you guys think you guys rap
Y'all just a bunch of worthless saps
So I might as well toss your whole guild in a "blender"
Gunna send ya Orgrimmar tabards back, your pride, return to sender.
So you might as well stop these mockeries
Until you have proof to back it up, b1tch please
I'm Spiderman, With Great Power comes great responsibility
So you losers better show me some damn humility
Especially at my wedding
Paid for in your guild's blood
The cake's a lie b1tch
Like all your "swagger"
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1 Human Paladin
boklao, where to start
dont make me get smart
ill bust you down like a crackhead the narcs

come out to tol barad, ill unsheath my !@# clapper 130
ill win the island and resources without gettin dirty
because alliance is the best, horde the worst
if i find you slippin in my hood (ELWYNN) you gonna catch the hearse
you finna get murked, your life will be stolen
you'll be hittin release spirit and we'll be spamming and lolin

you lose again, retire already
gettin told to get off the PC, its time for your beddy
creating havoc, chaos is imminent
ill have you bltching to blizzard like a feminist to the government

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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Oh really? You're Silly Sin
I'll have you missing.
Like wheres your body been?
i'll slice and dice you at your chin
Garrote you then separate your skin.
cut you up then gut you out like a fish fin
Think im on bath salts? Halt.
i better stop before he reports me for cyber assault.

My flows frozen in place?
posting those weak rhymes on my thread?
fukin disgrace
ill have you mounted up running. No race.
your wife will become the new Saving Grace.
when i leave you missing. without a trace.
my raps are so far ahead. u cant keep up with the pace.

STB disgrace?
chill out before i slap your face
You wish you had that STB taste
but we're too busy pwning noobs. no time to waste.

"Kill a reader's eyes"?
you're the one with lies
i didnt know you could afford a blender
by serving hamburgers and fries.

Thats not PMS blood over my words.
its your girlfriends blood because
after i bend her, i blend her. then end her.
then send her back to Sinn-er

We dont think we can rap
we know when can rap
see you fell for our !@#$ty rap trap.
now its time to kidnapp your poo rap
even your girlfriend said your sh!t is chap
we'll chop you up into pieces
then gift wrap you back
to the alliance side of the map

You dont have "Great Power" or "responsibility"
just rhymes with great debility
but congrats you just gained STB's hostility.

My guild's blood?
we'll hit your wedding like a flood.
leave you and your wife face down in the mud

who you callin a b1tch?
ill personally leave your body in a ditch.
see i fiend for fools with a bad itch.
once i hit the kill switch.
leave you dead with no twitch.
go ahead and snitch.
call your people
ill bring the eagle
have em dead and gone too. likea sequel.

You want to talk about "swagger"??
uh oh here comes the dagger
looks like we're gonna have to hire another
body bagger
your rhymes are so far behind. fukin lagger.
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90 Blood Elf Rogue
Tankercow, "dont start"?
i been at the top of the chart
Sh!ttin on kids
you're just a little fart

we'll see who's the worst
when i make your chest burst.
like i said i was and still am first
disagree and ill make your body disperse
to the point you can't be nursed
it seems like all the alliance is cursed
when it comes to spitting a verse.
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