Veco Guild Listing and Info [January/2013]

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Welcome to The Venture Co., a CRZ-Free realm!

The following guild listing is not an all-inclusive list. I am only listing guilds that have requested it. If you have any amendments, please post in this thread and I will update the list.

Alliance Guilds:

|RP| |PVP| |PVE|
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Bucktooth Grin --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Divinity End --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Ephemeral --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Guardians of the Light ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Hallowed Remnants --- (contact Ismeralda)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Knights of Dusk ---
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Malicious ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Order of the Dragon --- (contact Yarrick/Aquilus)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Renegades --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |░░| |▓▓| Rising --- (CRZ-free refugee guild; contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Sanctified --- (contact Lawling, Bellagrace or Holyricca.)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓l Shattered Verdict ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| The Council of Judgement (contact Kheridan/Trinki/Katyinka/Luvyna/Juarez)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| The Gathering--- (contact Halger)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| The Great Hand --- (contact Krizul or Oannie)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| The Grim Covenant ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| The Guardians of Azeroth--- (contact Braellyn)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| The Vigil --- (contact Dashadeash/Rinalla/Ladiehawyk)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Tranquility ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Twilight Imperium --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Warbringer --- (contact any member)

Horde Guilds:

|RP| |PVP| |PVE|
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Blacktooth Grin ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Blue Cheese --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Dark Clan of Fenris --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Gerudo Cartel --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Gladius Animus --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Greenskinz --- (contact Sizzlack)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Grunts --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Infectious--- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Inner Circle --- (contact Trexbor)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Ozymandias --- (contact Niath or Emerassi)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Point Blank --- (contact Gotmilf, Highprophet or Blackangus)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Quarantined ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| The Blood Horde --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |░░| |▓▓| The Relentless --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| The Smash Co ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Thunderhoof Clan --- (Tauren only)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Tokidoki Killers --- (contact any member)
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Veco is for Fite! This realm has a robust, but not zergy, world pvp scene. Many guilds have decided to defend a particular territory. If you're looking for some fite, start pinging one of the outposts listed below:

Alliance Claims:

<Coven> - Surwich (Blasted Lands)
<Guardians of the Light> - Lakeshire
<Hallowed Remnants> - Honor Hold
<Knights of Dusk> - Darkshire
<Order of the Dragon> - Kirthaven and Thundermar
<The Gathering> - Aeire Peak/Wildhammer Keep
<The Vigil> - Wetlands and Loch Modan

Horde Claims:

<Blacktooth Grin> - Stonard, Dreadmaul Hold and Fort Desolation
<Dark Clan of Fenris> - Fenris Isle, and all of Silverpine Forest
<Gerudo Cartel> - Desolation Hold
<Grunts> - Will respond to any ping
<Indifference> - Grom'gol, Stranglethorn Vale
<Thunderhoof Clan> - Thunderbluff
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There is a wide range of PvP activities to be found on Veco (wpvp, RBG, arenas). I wouldn't say that it is "high-end" in terms of rating (might have the token 2.2K rated player here or there), but it is an aspect embraced by the community.


As indicated above, certain guilds claim particular towns/keeps/zones to guard against attack. If you are looking to stir up some trouble, ping one of those towns and have a bit of patience for defenders to organize.

City and town raids continue to occur. There are large organized events and random skirmishes.

Oddly, Cross-Realm Zones still has not been enacted for our server. We can only invite people over via realid/ tag. But, there is still plenty of killing of native members.

Who needs help? I used to say Horde, but they are becoming more organized and actually instigate most conflicts. Guilds like the Blacktooth Grin and Dark Clan of Fenris lead the fight for the Horde in many engagements. As of the November update, I would say the sides are equally balanced, with more co-ordination on Horde.

And remember: WPvP is at its finest when you lose as many times as you win. It's not an ego thing. It's community building when you eviscerate your enemies and then have your head lopped off by some dirty goblin.


Veco embraces RBG play. Each faction has RBG teams participating in MoP. Teams are currently fighting upwards to 1,900 rating so far, with 2.1K experienced players. More activity is expected when more players are fully geared for this.


Not my forte to talk about, but from my understanding, there are many active raiding guilds for various skill levels. displays the rankings of the various raiding guilds that Veco boasts: Venture Co-US&w=&a=4


Veco has a bunch of RP drunks, as Tavern Nights appear to be fairly common (sponsored by Knights of Dusk and Guardians of the Light). Other guilds with RP components, such as The Gathering and Blacktooth Grin are active. Almost all guilds with an RP slant are also active PvPers. Order of the Dragon is another "jack-of-all" trades that sponsors RP as well, and most of these guilds work well with each other.

For Alliance players, a stroll between Darkshire and Lakeshire might be worth some random RP moments.


Veco is "medium population". There are some very active guilds (15 to 30 players during prime-time), and we would be happy to direct you to one based on what your interests are.

During Cata, there has been some off-server migration to the RP-PvP hub of Emerald Dream (which is now an overcrowded dump based on my recent experience). The population loss has now stabilized, and guilds are building up for MoP.

For the best play experience, find guilds with dynamic leadership that are being pro-active. Guild strength is becoming the most important aspect as general realm population becomes less important given the cross-realm integration (zones, realid/ tag).


This is a great, friendly community. Most guilds work very well with each other, and there is much cross-faction respect, despite the "Fite". I think most players recognize having a healthy realm is more important than driving one faction down. Always trolls, but Veco is pretty tame in that regard.

Some players do leave Veco, but eventually come back because of the community.

Chat Channels

Here are some player created chat channels:

[A] CalltoArms: used to organize cross-guild PvP

[A] VeCoRP: used to gather as many of the roleplayers together to chat about and coordinate in-character meetings in a relaxed, out of character atmosphere

[A] HeartoftheMountain: Current Tier Raiding/Achievement Run opportunities (RPers strongly encouraged to join)
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Alright, I basically went over the old guild listing, and deleted any guild that had zero activity this week. I am happy to add guilds back if I made a mistake in that regard.

I also added Hallowed Remants, The Syndicate, and The Gathering. Let me know if I got your entries right.

If you are aware of any errors in the listing, please let me know in this thread. In addition, if there is any information that you think I should share here, please speak up, and perhaps make an initial write-up on it.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Renegades Lvl 25 Guild (Always active)
You can find us hanging in Dwarf district of SW
Mostly PVE but has members than join in on pvp ( Like myself)
Contact any member ingame. We have a site but not sure if we want to advertise it to everyone.
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Added and buuuump for sticky.
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Hallowed Remnants claims Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula.
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The Guardians of Azeroth - RP/PVE/PVP - Contact Braellyn in game
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100 Human Mage
The Violet Command, lvl 25 - RP/PVP - Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord - Contact Viderimens in-game.
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Need more Horde listings. Perhaps someone can do some legwork and report back to me. Also, should I include guild level? I'd rather not in order to help the smaller guilds. :P
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Thanks for the quick turnaround Charax...but my name is "Braellyn" not "Braellin"...wouldn't be a huge deal for me normally but I'd hate to have someone contact the wrong person by mistake due to a misspelling of my name. Would you mind fixing it for me please? Thanks so much.
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<Tranquility> - PVE - Claims the "Box" in front of Trade District AH -
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90 Worgen Death Knight
06/18/2012 11:29 AMPosted by Viderimens
The Violet Command, lvl 25 - RP/PVP - Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord - Contact Viderimens in-game.
Seems to be <The Enclave> renamed.
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90 Gnome Mage
Make sure to add Bucktooth Grin. We claim Fort Triumph and Refugee Point. Also anywhere we see getting hit. Thanks
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06/19/2012 01:23 AMPosted by Pipwiz
Make sure to add Bucktooth Grin. We claim Fort Triumph and Refugee Point. Also anywhere we see getting hit. Thanks

RP, PvP, PvE? And if someone wanted to join, who would they contact?
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100 Human Mage
06/19/2012 12:33 AMPosted by Zerò
The Violet Command, lvl 25 - RP/PVP - Westguard Keep, Howling Fjord - Contact Viderimens in-game.
Seems to be <The Enclave> renamed.

Good footwork, detective Zero. Have a cookie.
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90 Night Elf Warrior

Seems to be <The Enclave> renamed.

Good footwork, detective Zero. Have a cookie.

The foundation was actually Naegele's guild of <Subversion>.
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Alright, added my take on PvP/PvE/RP etc in message #3. Happy to hear others thoughts on that, and willing to make modifications based on your feedback.
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90 Worgen Druid
<The Council of Judgement> PVP/PVE Casual 8-10 on during the day, 10-20 during primetime. To Join contact anyone online, any questions should be directed at Kheridan, Trinki/Katyinka/Luvyna. or Juarez.
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