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Last Updated: June 16, 2012

Purpose: This thread is intended to help people on our server and those wishing to transfer. This is not a progression thread. But, since I am taking over progression for T14 I wanted to create an information resource guide. I first will list alliance and horde guilds with raid times, contact information, and general knowledge. Then, I will break down raid times for quick reference. Last but not least, I will list a commerce section. Do you sell profession packs, mounts, or clears? Let me know and I will post it. It is the responsibility of each guild to provide current and accurate information. If your guild is not listed and you would like it to be, please see how to go about it in post number 8. My goal is to update this on a weekly basis.

*If you have additional questions, please see the Q & A section. If you have any comments/suggestions come find me in game or post here. Thanks to Deathpony from Malygos for creating this kind of thread! Most descriptions and q/a have been written by him and copied over for easy use. I realize Khadgar already has a guild information sticky, but it hasn't been updated since February. I'm copy/pasting information from the previous thread but it may be outdated. Please post here with edits. Only guilds with working websites were copied over.

Table of Contents
1.....Update Date, Purpose, Table of Contents
2.....Alliance Guilds
3.....Horde Guilds
4.....Raid Times Quick Reference Finder
6.....Guild Types Defined
7.....Loot Types Defined
8.....How to Add Your Guild and/or Commerce
9.....Q & A
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Contact: Throrinfoe (GM), Docmanhatan (Recruitment Officer)
Raid Schedule: MWSu 8:30pm-12:00am
Raid Type: 25m Raiding
Information: Apatheia is a casual, yet serious three day a week raiding guild with focus on current end game progression. We are one of the oldest guilds on the server, with many players being in game since vanilla.

Challenge Accepted
Contact: Eratub, Yohano, Holyavenger, Deangood, Morgrid
Raid Schedule: Tues, Wed, Thursday 9:30-11:30 EST
Raid Type: Hardcore 10m PVE
Information: Top 80 US pre nerf and server first raid team!

Contact: Eisenstein (GM), Diseased (Co-GM), Bearfist, Forestspirit, Garundal, Stardaze, Volathis
Raid Schedule: Evening- Tuesday/Thursday 8-11PM, Late Night- Tuesday through Thursday 1-4AM & Monday 1-4 AM
Raid type: Progression Based with 3 Groups (2 evening, 1 late night)
Information: We are a friendly and supportive guild with friends and family to match.

From the Ashes
Contact: Kossak
Raid Schedule: TuWTh 8:30-11:30
Raid Type: 25m with some PVP

Contact: Fromtheashes, Heeyahoy
Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Thursday 8-10pm until our raid group is filled for Heroic attemtps
Raid Type: 10m
Information: Currently filling out our raid group to move into HMs, have a great core of raiders that I would love to add you to.

Seriously Casual
Contact: Calemotry (GM)
Raid Schedule: TuWSu 8:30-11:30pm
Raid Type: 10m Hardmode and Casual Raiding Guild
Information: Seriously Casual is an end game casual raiding guild with an emphasis on 10 mans. Currently we have 2 separate raiding teams within the guild. The Serious team is pushing heroic content and a casual team witha more relaxed raiding atmopshere. If we sound like a guild you may be interested in check us out and apply at our website.
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Contact: Xxl, Efften, Edynn, Minato
Raid Schedule: Wed & Sun 8-11pm, Friday 9:30-1am
Raid Type: 10m Progression
Date Founded: June 2008
Loot: EPGP
Age: 18+, but raiders range from 22-36
Information: A tight knit 10m progression team.

Contact: Kilrajin, Arthurdent
Raid Schedule: WSu 8pm-12am
Raid Type: 25m Raiding
Information: Havoc is a one of the few remaining horde 25-man raiding guilds left on Khadgar. We've called Khadgar our home since Classic Molten Core days, and we're still going strong 3 expansions later. Our raid schedule and atmosphere generally cater to college students and working adults (18+). You can expect a core talented, mature raiders that always bring 110%.

That's What She Said
Contact: Grynch, Luckyforme, Shaftwell, Billbrasky
Raid Schedule: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday 9pm-Midnight est
Raid Type: 10m Casual Raiding.. and it works!
Founded: 4/2010
Loot: Points System
Age: Prefer 21+ but willing to make exceptions based on interview.
Information: TWSS is founded on the idea of having fun while raiding. We keep a casual atmosphere but expect our raiders to be capable and knowledgeable.
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All times are server time (EST), unless otherwise noted.

Second Shift (Between 7pm-11pm)
Drakken (Group 1)...........Tuesday/Thursday 8-11
Nocturnum........................Wednesday/Thursday 8-10

Third Shift (Between 8pm-12midnight)
Apatheia...........................Monday/Wednesday/Sunday 8:30-12
Challenge Accepted............Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 9:30-11:30
From the Ashes..................Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30
Havoc................................Wednesday/Sunday 8-12
Seriously Casual.................Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8:30-11:30
That's What She Said..........Sunday/Monday/Wednesday 9-12

Late Evening (Between 9pm-2am)

Graveyard Shift (Between 11pm-5am)
Drakken (Group 2)..............Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 1-4
Drakken (Group 3)..............Monday 1-4

Off Hours (Different Times, Different Days)
Dabu..................................Wednesday/Sunday 8-11pm, Friday 9:30-1am
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*Reserved Commerce*
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Question: What kind of raid type is my guild?

Hardcore guilds seek not to be just the best on a server, but place in the top percentile globally. They seek world firsts, and server firsts are a given. These guilds have a robust and extensive raid schedule. They usually have a hefty raid schedule meaning 5-7 days a week raiding on average. They have the strictest performance and attendance requirements.

Serious guilds are like hardcores but with a slightly looser raid schedule. They also generally have a slightly relaxed atmosphere outside of raiding, while the raids themselves are still very 'serious' in tone and nature. There is less overall intensity compared to hardcore. They generally seek to be first on server, but beyond that their sphere of concern falls short.

Dedicated guilds usually have a schedule similar to serious guilds. They enforce attendance but aren't extremely strict about it (guilds where you give advanced notice you can't make it, they don't gkick you for not being there, that kind of vibe). Dedicated guild members research their classes well and generally try and perform in raids, but generally with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Casual guilds ask people to show up, but don't particularly enforce attencance. They have a very loose raid schedule, that is more like a series of raiding guildelines for times to get together. These guilds are very easy to get in to and normally do not have an application or screening process.

Relaxed guilds pretty much just raid whenever people are on and don't have any set schedule. They don't care what you come as or your skill level, but more about the social interactions that transpire both during and after raids.

Question: What if my guild can't be clearly defined by one of these labels?

If you find your guild is more like the combination of two definitions, you can establish it as such. If you want your own definition, that is fine too. These are just general guidelines and are not mandatory. They just help people understand what your guild is all about.
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Question: What type of loot systems are there?


DKP - Dragon Kill Points

GDKP - Gold Dragon Kill Points

SLS - Shroud Loot System

EPGP - Effort Points Gear POints

SK - Suicide Kings

LC - Loot Council

MS/OS - Main Spec/Off Spec
Main spec free roll before off specs.

FR - Free Roll
Anyone and everyone can roll on all drops.
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Question: My guild is not on the list, how can I get our info on here?

If your guild is not listed, please submit an entry with the following format:

  • Your Guild Name:
  • Alliance or Horde:
  • Website Address:
  • Contacts:
  • Raid Schedule:
  • Raid Type:
  • Date Founded: (/guildinfo)
  • Loot Distribution System:
  • Age Range:
  • Information: (3 sentences or less)

  • Question: I have something to sell! How can I post it?

    If your guild is selling something please list what it is (title, mount, clear) and the price. If it is negotiable please list that as well. If you create profession packs, please list which ones you sell and their prices. This is not an auction house! If you have something unique (rare drop, TCG card, etc) please post it. If you're trying to sell a stack of wool cloth, please hearth to Orgrimmar or Stormwind.
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    Q: Why should we submit or update our guild info, or even use this resource?
    A: This resource is for people looking for a new guild from on server, and off server, and for those looking to create one by seeing when other guilds are already raiding. It is good for all guilds because it is another source of potential recruiting that further helps guilds acquire members that fit their raid schedules.

    Q: Why do we need to answer the additional questions about us?
    A: It is not only important to find a guild that fits a person's schedule, but also one that fits their frame of mind and play style. This helps increase the likelihood of a more appropriate fit.

    Q: We already have recruit threads, why would we need this resource guide?
    A: Unfortunately, the vast majority of guilds do not list their schedules in easy to find locations. There currently is no other website that provides guild raid schedules on a server side by side with each other for quick reference. This also becomes a permanent recruit tool for you without you having to do anything except for the occasional update.
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    Thanks! I hope its helpful for people looking for a guild or people just curious about current teams. At least I found something to keep me occupied until MOP, though I may need an Excedrin afterwards. ;)

    Let me know if you or your guild has any suggestions! I used your updated information from Holyavenger's post on the last thread, if its inaccurate please tell me.
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    Bump. Requesting stickys and updated guild info. Thanks!
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    Bump. Let's get this sticky to use for MoP
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    Fabulous job!
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    Very nice work Edynn. (: Now, just need that sticky !
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    Bump for MoP
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