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I gotten all on different characters besides Alani and I'm a heavy camper at times, but not sure when has the last spawn was. So if you could tell here when last spawn was, that would be great. Might help out a camper.

Thread for Aeonaxx/Time Lost/Poseidus/Alani etc. Post here if you killed one of them recently, because well some people don't wanna be camping poseidus 2 days after he has been killed.

Even though this server is pretty much dead some wanna know when was last spawn etc

So if your kind which you most likely arent if your on these forums then post here when its been last killed.

Updated: Dec. whatever this day is

Poseidus: Last week
Aeonaxx/Blood seeker: Bloodseeker yesterday. Gonna ask my friend for the screen again since he gave it to me yesterday and skype logs reset
Time Lost Proto Drake/Vyragosa:
Camel Statue: Bumped, not updated

Also world bosses will be listed on last kills.

Galleon: (Apparently yesterday. no proof)
(dunno any other bosses besides sha which spawns every 30 min)


Skoll: -
Loque'nahak: -
Aotona: -
Arcturis: -
Banth'alos: -
Magria: Dec 6
Stompy: -
Hexapos: -

Post date (and time if possible) so we can have a better view on when the next spawns will be.

These are last known kills. If someone here doesn't put valid proof I'll mark it as (Unproven) and put the last proven one aswell.

You can request Npc's to be tracked as well, like hunter pets if they're that rare. Not sure if any are though haha.
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i killed ALL the bosses yesterday, so everyone stop searching
just trying to help you guys there
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e: mobus is up right now, editing.


e3: Vyragosa corpse

and manwarrior my friend got aeonaxx as soon as I showed him about how to get him.

e4: figurine
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Downed Aeonaxx after like 1 hour of camping /flex
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06/17/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Manwarrior
Downed Aeonaxx after like 1 hour of camping /flex

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Bump, not on server anymore but will be still updating thread.
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vyra last known

didnt take screen of last figure
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Bump. Gonna start updating alot now, but for those going on others servers (in this case Tich CRZ: Yesterday:

Anyway, request some rares to be put on the list. Alani doesn't really need to be put up considering he spawns alot, wouldn't wanna get shards and have to camp, hah

Aqua, Smite and I think shell guy are on a 1 aproxximated spawn time
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I'll letcha know if I happen to kill anything out of the ordinary or see galleon then.
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Vyra corpse:

Adding some pets list soon
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