Greatest SS forum drama

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SB was good fun before kloun took over ~.~
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i still think some of the best drama came from DxM.

Right around the time SSC and vashj were getting cleared up a group of players xferred to SS. I don't remember the name of the guild they formed but they were claiming it to be the new ally powerhouse. Shiggity, a member of DxM and the xfer group GLeader - a warr - ended up hating each other.

The xfer GLeaders gfriend also happened to play and was in their guild. Shiggity ended up not only ss'ing cyber sessions he had with her where she talked !@#$ about her bf the GLeader, but also got her to send him naked pix...both of which he promptly put on the forums and allowed the whole of SS to laugh at those 2.

good times

also tiny hands ruinerr lulz
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What made old SS so fun, for me anyways, was when Bg's were server only and world pvp happened a lot...had some fun times. Which made the forums active and such. SS is so empty now :(
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I miss the world PvP that happened back in BC. I distinctly remember a hour long battle in Nagrand that started because some dude from Live to Win ganked me and my friends alts there... both guilds and everyone else showed up there and slugged it out. Like the equivalent of both dugouts emptying out at a baseball game. Good times.
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Sinister Blewbs.
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It was the guild whose guild leader was an adult paper boy...What was their name??? That was so funny! Back then this thread would be 15 pages long or on the 3rd page by now. There were probably 50 different people trolling here ans it was fun...Then the bans came and ruined everything...

Why do they need an authenticator just to post? So dumb...

Breagen Dearth... dude was an adult paperboy with a smoking hot wife.
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07/06/2012 02:13 PMPosted by Minimag
SB was good fun before kloun took over ~.~

SB was never good. It was, at times, not terrible. There is a difference
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