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90 Draenei Shaman
(These rules are originally for the Healer OT thread, so many rules don't apply, but it was posted in previous threads, so here we go!)
Since I haven't seen Abeille around in a while, I'll post this in her honor (Her words, not mine. I take no credit):

Hey! The following is the officially unofficial member's list for this thread :P
This is just something for fun which started from the previous thread. I'll be updating it all on this one post instead of repeatedly posting.

You can choose to have almost any title and member number. Just stick to the following rules:
1) Keep 'em titles decent. If you want to be funny or serious it's your call; but let's not start off a war okay?
2) No take backs or changes! You post it down and I put it in the list then it stays there.
3) Only one title/number per Healer toon (exceptions must have valid reasons).
4) No overlaps! If it's on the list then choose something else.
5) Member numbers are a maximum of 8 digits only.

Okay here it is in numerical order:

Head-desk Healing Specialist Grishmak: #00000001
Risk Manager Pruflas: #00000003
Treasurer Abeille: #00000004
Morale Officer Oldwolfe: #00000007
Buffyria the PUG Slayer: #00000008
The Wise Nataleiya: #00000009
Life Grip Coordinator Koban: #00000010
Professional Altoholic Kneanderthal: #00000025
Lightwell Distributor Akaeya: #00000069
Mascot Zrod: #00000078
DPS Head Knocker Sylvanestra: #00000088
Masochistic Wipe Preventer Assann: #00000627
Professional Chain Heal Spammer Twiist: #00009216
"Rider In The Sky" Radiant Light - #01100101
Counselor Chainjoi: #08269519
Grant Support Oominous: #08675309
VP of Spamming One Button Eriatus: #11111111
85 Draenei Priest
Another one on my baby pally. LBRS. Tank is a warrior using a 2hand. Wait what? Yup. Level 63 Fury warrior with a 2hand sword. Runs around like a chicken with its head cut off, falls down easily avoidable holes, and of course can't keep agro. I ask them if they have a prot spec

"i no no"

Well !@#$. I switch beacon to the DK, who quickly switches to blood presence until we can kick the warrior. Warrior happily goes off pulling random stuff while the rest of us go to the first boss. Of course the warrior hasn't gotten any heals since the beacon switch, and seems to be maintaining themselves at 15% hp. Or they haven't noticed. Or are drunk. We head down a floor and start fighting a group. Warrior charges a pack on the other side of the room. Dies.

"i did"
"i diededed"

I cast rez as I start the vote kick. It passes as he valiantly charged into the SAME pack that just killed him. We 4 man the rest of the dungeon until we get a tank for the last boss.

The kicker? The hunter had the courage the inspect the "tank". Half int gear, the rest pvp and crit gear, with Hypnotist's Watch
85 Goblin Shaman
Been doing quite a few End Time runs to try and get my helm to drop. One of these days *shakes fist*.

Had quite a special group yesterday. On Baine, nobody would throw the totems back at him, so I ended up traveling to all 3 platforms to do it myself and to add insult to injury that being the only thing I did I was second in damage to the tank. By the time the boss died we were all in the lava

Fast forward to Murozond. Nobody willing to do the Hourglass so I'm resigned to doing it myself, at least I know it will be hit correctly. Tank pulls, immediately the dps all line up by his face. Er, what? The other four members of the party eat every. single. breath. Not to mention I'm the only one at ranged so I have to dodge every swirl, then run back and forth to hit the hourglass. I was waiting 10-15 seconds after each bloodlust ran out to hit it and we only managed to down him on the last hourglass.

Also had a really bad tank in Well of Eternity who could absolutely not hold aggro on anything. I tanked one of the adds on azshara and the poor hunter facetanked the other one. Then get to Mannoroth and the tank kites all the mobs out of range of tyrande's circle and begins to tank them. I tanked all the adds during the fight after tyrande went down while flame shocking down the dreadlords myself between spam heals.
85 Blood Elf Priest
The kicker? The hunter had the courage the inspect the "tank". Half int gear, the rest pvp and crit gear, with Hypnotist's Watch

Stop, you're killing me. Bwahahaha.....
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
omg sounds like the tank warrior I got the other day he didn't even try -_- and when he did, he dpsed instead of trying to get aggro. I didn't inspect his gear lol. Everytime I see a tank warrior I cringe
90 Troll Shaman
This one was more funny than anything. Healing Vortex Pinnacle tonight (man, will I be glad when I hit 85 and have more options) and we got to Asaad with no problems. First grounding field starts forming, and everyone but the hunter makes it in fine -- he never stopped DPSing, never so much as moved. Sorry, but I was burning enough mana keeping our undergeared tank alive; I can't waste it healing something that stupid. The second grounding field comes around, and this time our rogue, who apparently doesn't learn from examples, doesn't bother getting in it. He dies too, and we end up finishing the fight with two DPS out of commission.

I think they both got the point, though; neither of them had anything bad to say to me afterward.
Just had an End Time with....and interesting group. First group, Prot pally, fury warr, unholy DK and a Hunter. Baine was fairly uneventful, save for a panicky moment with too many people dragging their feet between the first and second platform but I healed through it. Afterwards however, tank rages at not getting the drop he wanted(didn't even drop at all) and rage pulls a sylvanas trash group and drops group. The warrior leaves too and trash proceeds to murder us, despite the DK trying his best to tank them and protect me.

We get 2 Dk's as replacements, the tank is wearing mostly PvP gear and is new...but I accept the challenge and we dive in. I have to explain Sylvanas to the group, and it seems like it went ok.....nope. First highborn phase, the tank get caught in the cloud, same with the hunter, both go down, then the second DK tries to get out of the arrows by running their full length...comes out with hardly any HP and gets hit with a bleed asap and dies. Same unholy Dk from before goes blood pres and we begin to do the boss, next highborn phase I bubble myself, stack DA a bit, throw PS on myself and charge through the cloud, Life Gripping the DK through too. As luck would have it, right as I do that, with about 10k HP left, Sylvanas drops the arrow pool under me, killing me instantly.

Next try, we get her down flawlessly.

Morzond trash is then a total...pain. First, the hunter Ice Traps a suppressor ... THEN he shoots it! Next thing I know, three people are taking different things, the tank cant peel fast enough, and FH gets a Second trash pack, hunter ice traps and doesn't break it, but then someone facepulls the rest, and suddenly the tank is running around with the two big guys beating her in the back while the untrapped suppressor is shooting at ME. Tank dies due to BH spam not being enough then each DK has their own big guy and the hunter has the formerly frozen suppressor....I am also getting shot at by a suppressor still... 5 min later, everything has been killed and I rez the dead tank.

Tank doesn't know Murzond so I explain where she should stand, what order to use her cooldowns in, etc....and she does it...but on the third and forth hourglasses the huntard drops a void zone UNDER HER FEET.....and she doesn't move, leading to some interesting healing spam... Finally manage to kill him after the huntard dies in a swirl, no more HG's left at 5mil HP and I pull the tank over to a safe spot, say "Stay" and the boss is moved from the chaotic swirl area that was formerly the melee area.... I then handle the swirls myself and no problems occur....easy kill...after the huntard died anyway....

Rez the huntard, the dagger drops, and he needs....then drops group when he wins..... Yay PuGs!
90 Human Priest
Just getting to Outlands healing yesterday. This forum is spot on. Give a DK Death grip and It must be used. Give them vanilla blues and they are "gods" in their own minds.

First instance: I casually inspected the tanker DK after he insta-pulled upon entering the instance. (Did I get to collect the quests....noooo, why would I like more exp?) DK Frost in Frost presence -"Blood Presence is suggested for tanking" -no response. Tank yo-yos through the instance with me pumping mana into the DPS that are pulling threat off of him. Warrior asks him about it, DK says "I don't have Death and Decay" . I retort with "Do you at least have Blood Boil?" he uses it about 4 times the rest of the run. Run ends, the Ramparts is blessedly quick, with effectively 2 tanks mostly pulling two different sets of mobs. No one dies so I chalk it up in the win column.

Second Instance: My wife's massively heirloomed tank, these have been cake walks for me. If there is a mob or aggro issue she hears about it from me instantly and we discuss pull options for fun. (Go BIG! I've got you!) Anyway this is her first instance in Outlands with this tank. Battle Shout, Charge, Rend, Thunderclap all lined up to go. She gets to Rend but before she can Seed the rend with Thunderclap the DK yanks away the mob. Fine he wants that playmate so badly he can have it I tell her. In /P I say "Death Grip is a really cool ability just stop using it since you are not the tank." Snippy, but I wanted to make certain he got the message.

DK repeats the DG fun about 3 more times before my wife just tells me to let him die the next time he does that. I nod and switch to straight and not smite healing. He spends about 2/3 of the instance at bit higher than half health, mostly through blood strike I think. Kicker came when he tried to DG the Boss away from her (of course the DG fails but it got his attention). Before she had obtained aggro on him. We calmly waited until the DK was smooshed into the ground, picked up Aggro and flattened the boss in turn. She told me not to rezz him. I left his corpse in the instance.

There should be an instance training manual in game for the DKs.

100 Tauren Paladin
Doing heroics and tank is in all 300 or less greens (mostly dps gear) and a couple 377 crafted pvp pieces, and at about 110k. "It's just a heroic, my gear is fine for tanking."
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Not sure if we can talk about raid pugs too on this thread,

But last Sunday i was out of stuff to do and decided to join a DS pug, on Ultraxion, with this shaman. The group did well most of the encounters, but both the Raid Leader and his friend were obnoxious people. I stayed because really, I was bored and there were no other pugs forming up on my server that day.

We did the 4 last bosses with 2 healers, but I was healing more than twice as much as the resto druid. I don't care, because that was no reason for wipes, but the RL and his friend were being self-centered about their dps performance and blaming others for "low dps" (they were doing fine really, ugh).

They ended up kicking a fire mage for doing 18k dps (am I the only one that hates dps meters being used for unreasonable purposes?), and then the RL went back to SW to pug one caster. And so did his friend because he had to gem and enchant his AWESOME new piece of gear. Well, I was just standing there at the maelstrom platform, before the Madness encounter, and could use some repair and time to get the 3 gem tokens from inside the temple, so i asked "5 min break then?"

"Five minutes break MY A**" (Actual RL friend's quote)

Well, my desire was to leave the group at that exact point, but really, a group that can kill madness is really rare to find, and an epic gem token with a chance of getting gear would be nice. Anyways, they pugged a shadow priest from the top guild on the server, filled with heroic gear, so no surprise when his dps went really high. Anyways, fight went well, I did 23k hps (not bragging or anything, will use this info later), no gear dropped from me but i got a queen's garnet =D

Well, all the essences were obviously ninjaed by the raid leader, as i later discovered on trade chat when he kept spamming his need to sell all of them. Apparently he gave half of them to his friend (because neither of them got any gear on the entire run) and one for the Shadow Priest as a thanks for his presence and awesome dps. I argued that I did a great healing too and got no gear either. His response? "Irrelevant. I did 8/8H on 3 different toons. This game is hard. Your healing was decent, not bad but not impressive."

If someone can find any sense on his response or its relation with the decision to ninja essences please send me a message, because I can't. Anyways, I'm not pugging in raids anytime soon, which is sad because my guild is on hiatus and is doing just one raid per week, and I got like 5 toons to raid with :\
06/19/2012 06:22 AMPosted by Deverill
Not sure if we can talk about raid pugs too on this thread,

Any pug at all is welcome.
06/18/2012 05:20 PMPosted by Clocks
I tanked all the adds during the fight after tyrande went down while flame shocking down the dreadlords myself between spam heals.

save your elemental totems for then(by that point you know the tank sucks), draw heal aggro on a few, run to the portal spot where they spawn, drop both the earth and fire elementals
the earth one won't run off to Mano if something is hitting you when you summon it, and it usually will stay there afterwards
the fire one will usually be like "ohh AOE time"(I am beginning to think it's smarter than your avg LFR pug)
85 Goblin Shaman
06/19/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Anii
I tanked all the adds during the fight after tyrande went down while flame shocking down the dreadlords myself between spam heals.

save your elemental totems for then(by that point you know the tank sucks), draw heal aggro on a few, run to the portal spot where they spawn, drop both the earth and fire elementals
the earth one won't run off to Mano if something is hitting you when you summon it, and it usually will stay there afterwards
the fire one will usually be like "ohh AOE time"(I am beginning to think it's smarter than your avg LFR pug)

I normally save my earth elemental for the infernos after having been in so many groups where the tank fails to pick them up and someone gets gibbed (usually myself)

Decided to do one last heroic last night and get HoT as dps. First thing I notice is 2 dps and a healer from the same server. Healer just randomly afks half the instance without telling people so I'm forced to stop doing over half the damage and heal the tank so he doesn't die, I just let the rest of them take a dirt nap. They nonstop spam comments like "lol" "omg" "dude" "derp" On Dawnslayer they just run around in circles doing essentially nothing. Healer randomly disappears for about 5 minutes during the drake ride.

We get to Benedictus and they decide now is a good time to copy paste spam the chat with "POWA" and such (hundreds of times) while waiting on the rp. I report spam all of them but for some reason this dcs me. Log back on and the fight has started with everyone about half health or less. Pop heroism start dpsing and push him into twilight epiphany. Now, I knew this would happen from the start, but surprise I get twilight shear as for some reason I always get it while dpsing. Healer of course does not dispel and I have to spam heal myself the rest of the fight so I don't die. I made a comment wondering, "why do I always get the awful healers that don't know what a dispel is?" as I dropped group and let my rolls time out.
90 Draenei Priest
Do battlegrounds count? I was doing a 5 man premade with a few people from Tichondrius when I broke off to follow a random warrior FC back to the base in Twin Peaks.

He stands on the cap spot and 3 horde rush in, and they are all pretty bad and I'm keeping my health up without too much trouble. It occurs to me after a bit that I'm not getting any kind of peels and I turn my camera to see the warrior on the cap spot just kind of standing there... then he starts killing the DKs GHOUL rather than the DK that is on me.

When 2 more rush in I die, the FC who now is without a healer, drops like a rock. Then bizarrely enough he /bg's with "Our Priest is Boss. Took on 3 horde at once" at the same time I typed in party chat "I seriously looked behind me and he was killing a ghoul instead of the three people on me".

Siiigh. He must have been so impressed he was taking notes instead of you know, helping.
100 Gnome Priest
Dungeon queues are getting stupid lately. After a 15 minute queue time on my 75 priest I finally get into Drak'theron. The tank drops before I even get through the loading screen.

I know better than to wait for a tank, so I shackle one of the mob on the first pull and start dpsing the other. The DPS catches on that I'm not waiting and join in. The warlock and hunter were doing a pretty good job of pet tanking a couple mobs while the ret pally would usually end up with boss aggro and anything else.

We did the whole dungeon without a tank, the entire time in the dungeon queue waiting for one, not a single death. At the end I looked at the timer: 22 minutes. Where are all the tanks?
Was healing Hour of Twilight other day, at first boss Arcurion. During that fight boss mechanic has a casted ability which can be silenced and last 20% health he does large aoe damage. Group comes in Bear Tank and Ele shammy are grouped together I ask people before fight to stay closer in range so aoe heals are more efficient. Fight starts, ALL dps are spread out... not one of his casted abilities is silenced and we wipe. Was giving it my all I mean 382 ilvl Blew all my cd's, everything. So I politely say people need to silence those casts and the raid damage is reduced by half, Ele shammy starts giving me lip saying "You arent healin enuff". 3, 2, 1 Lost it. I recount the dps + healing chart Ele sham's friend who was talking back !@#$ and swallowed his pride. 19k heals, Ele sham 6k Dps(ilvl 388) After that it was the Hazchezburgr's show, and i ran ti like a boss.
90 Blood Elf Death Knight
06/19/2012 04:16 AMPosted by Evangeline
There should be an instance training manual in game for the DKs.

Its people like what you described that gave DKs a bad name. I for one never death gripped anything except maybe once? but the tank was right beside me and could aggro him easily.
90 Draenei Paladin
I think I saw the most amazing thing in lfr last evening. Made my night and I still giggle about it. I queued on my alt priest for the second part, late night, for some abstract reason I thought it was a good idea, just to try get some shadow gear since I decided I will try out how shadow dpsing looks like. (I never dps.) We pull. Tanks don't really know very well how to deal with debuffs. One drops dead, the other drops dead, none of the b-rezzers think it would be a peachy idea bringing them to life again (resto druids included), we wipe. And then the 10khps resto shaman goes "We have 2 priests that are only doing 2.5k hps!!!" Mind that, the only 2 priests in the group were both shadow, both doing over 30k dps which is kind of ok for lfr. But I'll give him that, shadow priests really aren't the best healing class. :P
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