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85 Human Priest
Finally have one to add to this thread. Healing on my shaman (level 82, almost done!), normal Throne of the Tides. DK tank and a mix of dps. First pull, eeeeveryone has aggro aside from me. Kinda had me suspicious, but I stuck with it and it wasn't too bad for the next few trash pulls.

Trash on the way to the first boss, I hex one of the casters so it stops shooting me. We kill the rest, he keeps going without killing it. He runs all the way into the doorway, and ends up pulling the next group along with the big pat. Drop Spirit Link, heal my butt off, we all survive. The caster from the last pack comes back, I hex it again, he AGAIN ignores it. Pulls the boss, goes alright until the first set of adds. I and several other die due to random aggro. At this point, one of the dps says, "do you have blood pres on?" My first thought is, "uh-oh." Sure enough, no blood pres. I Ankh, manage to pretty much keep the others alive as we limp through the rest of the fight.

Res everybody and head to the second boss. Tank still doesn't use Blood presence, and the feral druid gets three shot. The tank stands in probably every little shadow thingie, so he's taking a bunch of damage, but we get through this one too. After the boss dies, he finally puts Blood pres on. Him and the replacement feral get themselves killed on the elevator, I res, we move one to the last set of trash. Backtrack to right after the second boss, I mentioned something about him finally putting on Blood pres, this is the first thing the druid sees. The dk mentions he's new when he falls to his death, and the druid says, basically, "you seem to be a noob in general." The dk's response was pretty awesome. "it's just that I don't play often i have a life." Because that's an excuse for not only not being a great tank, but not asking any questions about doing it, I would have tried to help myself if he had.

Apparently butthurt, the tank then proceeds to charge down the hall, pull all the patrollers, and leave. Very nice. Run back in, get a new tank, and clear through it. Last boss, I think an entire new group from the first group, 2 dps stand in stuff and die (over 60 stacks, I can't and won't heal that), tank leaves during the second phase, but the mage and I finish it off. Even complimented by the mage, didn't really make up for the run but it was still nice. This is probably the first dungeon, aside from maybe low level dungeons, since back in 4.0 that I've actually been frustrated in. Bleh.
90 Tauren Priest
This happened to me two days ago:

Doing random HoTs and get Hour of Twilight. It's this guy, a cat druid, and a dk for dps. Warrior Tank and paladin heals. I'm not in the habit of inspecting people unless they are total screw ups so I don't think anything is amiss.

Trash to Arcurion goes fine but on the boss I'm pulling aggro off the tank even with fade on CD. I go down with Arcurion at less than 2% health and everyone else stays alive. I get rezzed and we move on.

While wewait for Thrall to catch up healer comments that tanks health is pretty low at about 130k without my fort buff. Tank says it's fine for HoTs (I've never tanked so I don't know what's normal). We move on and take out the two rogues... and I get killed on the next trash pack because I pulled aggro on the caster and then the ranger, still using fade. Get rezzed move on and on the second to last pack healer gets ice trapped right off the bat, tank dies, cat dies but me and dk manage to finish off the last of them.

Get to Asira and this is where everything goes to crap. The tank starts jumping around and constantly moving. Me and heals are getting silenced left and right and when we aren't silenced he won't pull her out of the smoke and I manage a whopping 2k dps thanks only to my dots. Healer is yelling for him to stand still and tank responds "I know the fight." Of course, we wipe because the healer can't heal the tank. We reset and the healer tells him he has to stand still so she can stand behind him. Tank's response, "I didn't know that." I pipe up with "so what you're saying is... you didn't know the fight."

Apparently tank doesn't like getting told and starts a vote kick on the pally. I decline but the other two kick. Requeue gives us another pally and tank immediately says he has to go repair. New pally asks if we're having problems and the other three immediately start complaining about the old healer and how annoying she was. I pst the new pally with what actually happened. Round two is only better because we managed to kill her but the tank still won't move asira out the smoke but somehow we kill and healer whispers to me that he was silenced the whole fight.

Spawn trash goes fine because it's pretty difficult to tank it badly and we make it to Bene and start the fight. Somehow pally gets killed by the wave while in the water bubble and I start spamming gheals on tank and he's surviving until i try to heal a dps and can't retarget him. Tank dies, we wipe and reset.

Tank proceeds to start the fight with the pally still oom...2nd wipe. Healer gives a parting "Stick to dps because you suck at tanking" and drops. I get back to the temple and i go to try to res the cat and the tank starts the fight again. He gets one shotted and I finally give up and drop group right before Bene can kill me.

Edit: spelling, content

Fixed. :3
100 Night Elf Druid
I really love reading these stories, and I finally gathered up enough courage to share one of my own. While very quiet, most of my LFD runs are usually passable/doable with me working overtime at the very least. Yes, I get the occasional un-gemmed, un-enchanted, and un-glyphed tank that's quite squishy, or low dps who enjoy warming themselves in the fire. However, I try (try very hard...unless I have a migraine) to take bad groups as a challenge and see just how much I can heal through. I'm very forgiving of mistakes; since, I make them too. So, I do tend to heal through alot for the challenge and simply to finish the dungeon which is how this story came about.

I can easily say that this was the worst and longest WoE run I've ever had. My first warning sign was how long the first demon took to kill. I looked at skada and saw the warrior doing 4k dps, so I inspected him and found...a lovely mix of tanking and blue crafted pvp gear with no gems, enchants, or even glyphs (our other dps was ok, though not great, around 13k each without the buffs as far as I could tell and tank at 10k). It was just trash though, and I've healed through very low dps many times before. I decided to give him a break and remained optimistic that he might do better on the boss (I regret that now...curse my optimism!).

Peroth'arn was a very long fight (longest I've ever had of his). The warrior's dps fluctuated between 5k-10k, and he loved to stand in the fire as did everyone else. Our warlock got the eyes, and somehow I managed to keep him alive (it was close). Eventually the boss died (It's hard for me to oom these days, but I was pretty low by the end), and I knew then that this was going to be a long dungeon (yet I stayed.../sigh).

Trash to Azshara was long, but ok otherwise. Then Azshara...oh Azshara...oh boy was this painful. I did the interrupts (I tend not to trust others in LFD with interrupting when I can do it, and everyone else was silent when the tank asked anyway) and healed my branches off. So much damage was flying around, people were standing in the arcane bombs and everything was coming to burn the tree down. Oh joy, Azshara begins casting obedience, and I switch to cat form, interrupt, pop back out, and heal like mad. Finally, it ended with no deaths and we moved on to Mannoroth...

Varo'then took forever to die, so long in fact that I started dpsing to help. I was shocked when I looked at skada (I know this fight buffs your dps, but still). I was out dpsing the warrior! He did 5k on Varo'then, while I did 10k! I almost lost him twice to fel flames and Varo'then was still alive when Tyrande called for help and the demons all made a beeline for the poor beaten up tree :( I stood right by the tank, but he wouldn't take the adds. I tried to type help (I need to make a help macro for this fight...this isn't the first time I've been eaten by the demons while on top of the tank), but with the damage on myself/fel flames killing the warrior it was just impossible. Eventually someone killed them and...and Varo'then was still alive!! What were they doing that whole time I was spam healing myself!? (to clarify they didn't kill the adds for a long time, just let me tank them)

Well, after Varo'then died, the rest went ok since the tank took the adds finally. However, I had continued to help dps and what do I see on skada...myself doing 22k dps and the warrior doing 10k with the buffs... I couldn't believe I out dpsed him again. And that concluded the longest WoE run I've ever experienced (and that place is long to begin with). I didn't have a migraine before, but I certainly do now :(

(one more thing): Out of curiosity I looked up the dps on the armory in that run and found something interesting. Our warlock had multiple pieces of spirit gear including...the valor spirit neck (there is a hit valor neck), boe spirit bracers, and...a...a...oh wow...a dodge valor trinket (Fire of the Deep)...he spent 1650 valor on a dodge trinket, I kid you not /sigh.

Sorry if this is a bit long-winded :)
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85 Goblin Shaman
I just had a super rough H SFK.

Zone in and I'm actually happy it's SFK since it's 5 bosses and meant I could get my next pvp piece with just this instance. Prot Warrior tank, lock guildie of his, ret pally, boomkin and myself resto shaman. I say hi, but instantly the tank is off. Ok, right behind you sir! Well he doesn't stop at the first pull, which is actually somewhat difficult, he pulls the second pair of elite ghouls up the stairs, then continues on up and pulls the elite ghouls that pat as well. I mean, really? I spam heal like crazy just to keep his health neutral at 50%. I barely have time to inspect the tank while he's taking massive damage: No enchants, missing quite a few gems, but his gear is otherwise quite fine for heroics. Not sure, but I don't think anyone informed him he's not God. Nobody dies, so I'm not going to raise hell about it, but as soon as I sit down to drink the lock facepulls the next group. Now I should also mention at this point that the tank is doing by far the most damage, the rest of the group is just abysmal, the ret paladin and boomkin were lucky to combine for 6k on this huge aoe pull. Tank pulls the first boss, lock stands at the very top of the stairs and the boomkin actually stand on the railing above, so of course my aoe heals are worthless. First stay of execution is interrupted instantly, manage to keep everyone up, but then the druid aggros the group up top that we skipped. They kill everyone during the next asphyxiate.

Come back in and kill the boss with 5 stacks of his debuff on us, with bloodlust. Get to the courtyard, tank pulls a monstrosity, lock decides to jump in and aoe down the ghouls nobody has pulled which proceed to maul his face off. Proceed through the courtyard, each monstrosity is getting off 3+ fears before it dies. The tank decides servitors are not worth his time. The ret paladin is off to the side fighting a lone servitor who is actually drain life spamming him down faster than the ret paladin can dps it. Obviously interrupting was out of the question so I had to stand 40 yards from the tank who had already moved on to the next monstrosity to heal and dispel both people. The boomkin of course was still by the first boss...

Get to the door leading to the building. Tank goes in, and keeps on going and gathers up all the servitors and all the cooks. I comment, "really?" in chat and he says "i knew you could handle it." Thanks for the confidence boost there ace. So after I sit down to drink they decide to kick the boomkin, which I'm fine with, but really the entire group was so fail it barely mattered. Our replacement? A hunter who just hit 85, wearing cloth pvp shoulders, leather gloves and a tanking cloak which the tank proceeded to berate him about during the next boss fight.

The second boss was pulled by someone while the tank was fighting all of the trash in that room at once. I don't get paid enough for this !@#$. So what does everyone do? Completely ignore all adds, plus the new ones that spawned, while i spam heal and dispel my brains out.
The tank and hunter spend the entire boss fight arguing back and forth, neither doing anything other than auto attacking. Even after the boss dies I have to solo kill all the adds. Seriously. Thank you telluric currents.

Tank drops after the boss, surprisingly his warlock buddy didn't. In comes a new tank who is appropriately geared and enchanted and makes reasonable pulls. Except for a lag spike snafu just before the last boss the rest of the instance is completely smooth sailing. I could have hugged him through the computer.
90 Tauren Priest
So I queued for a Satchel, right?

Interesting how most horror stories start with that line...

I get dropped into Hour of Twilight just before Asira, only to see the tank badmouthing the last healer. One of the dps comments on how bad the tank is. I take a quick peek at his gear.

Yep. With enchants like that, pretty sure he might be trollin.

Me: Challenge Accepted.
Me: If all else fails, I'll heal the warrior.

So the tank charges in, and the first smoke cloud comes up, and the tank doesn't move. At all. Warrior jumps out, and I heal up the Warrior as the tank is dying. Once the tank dies, Asira jumps to the Warrior, and I keep him healed up the remainder of the fight. During the fight:

Tank: Nice healing.
Me: Nice kiting.
Tank: *insert traditional derogatory slur regarding sexuality here*

I'm able to keep the Warrior up with minimal issues. I just have to spam Flash Heal more often than I would. As soon as Asira dies, I put up a vote to kick on the tank, and it passes before the loot roll even comes up.

We get a Paladin tank, and the dungeon continues smoothly. smoothly as it can with me getting knocked off the platform on Benedictus because I misjudged the distance of the wave. Body and Soul + Guardian Spirit ftw.
So, still farming JP....get a satchel queue for Normal heroics, get ZA....first thing I notice on the first pull, I am top a fair margin of almost 5k to the next DPS, and the tank about even with me. Little inspecting, tank is in pretty good LFR/397 gear, warlock is in mostly blues(and tear of blood), hunter is in some 378's but not many, and the rogue is in FULL 390 gear...pulling 6k DPS.

Eagle gauntlet goes ok, a little slow, and I am still in the top 2 DPS..... Eagle himself, is a wipe fest. First Electrical Storm...the Rogue dies because I am the only one killing the stupid bird... And then from there, the lock gets stuck bouncing from bird to bird, and eventually moves out of range while the next Electrical Storm goes off.... Then the hunter gets stuck on the bird, stops DPS(at this point ,boss is still at like 3.5 mil...... >.< ) and it is everything I can do to break him out, heal him up, and keep the tank and myself alive. Sufficed to say, BH became a top heal quickly.

Hunter then dies to the third Electrical its my turn to get stuck on the bird....fortunately I can smite heal to kill it, and about 3 minutes goes by, with the bosses health SLOOOOWLY trickling down, but around 250k, bad luck gets me, and I die. Tank tries to kill boss, but he dies when the boss is at 20k health.

Warlock leaves, get a second hunter, and Eagle goes down with minimal trouble.

Bear trash does fairly well, save for the last pull, the tank got one shot at one point(seriously, full to dead faster than a FH could be cast!), leading to a wipe, but we rez, kill trash, and the boss goes smooth as silk. We decide to skip Dragon Hawk and Lynx, so onto Witch Doctor, which goes smooth, not too hard at all.

Then sh!t hits t he fan on Daakara, Lynx is up first, and every time the boss does its swipes, a DPS dies! The tank says he is Taunting but its not working(........), so, gradually, the Rogue, then the Second hunter, then the First hunter, and Finally me(WITH barrier + PS and PW:S up mind you....clothies aren't supposed to take that Sh!T) leaving the tank to spend 5 mins trying to solo the boss, but he dies on Dragonhawk phase and that's that.

Second attempt, swipes kills no one, tank taunts correctly, Dragonhawk was a breeze, and the boss dies....

Worst part of all of it? The tank says, right after that last wipe: "Better hurry this along, if I leave I doubt you will get someone as geared as me to run you guys...." and I just /facepalmed He did compliment my healing several times....but really dude, you are freakin DENSE at times....
Just a note on DK's again. Healing through Hellfire now, and the fresh DK's are really not good. I have yet to get a good DK tank, and have only seen one that was passable.
Last Dk tank had his minion out and when he was asked to go to blood, argued that he needed his minion.

We endured his run and I healed all kinds of fights that should have been wipes, all the while healing myself and several DPS on most every fight.

At the end, the tank told the group he appreciated the advice on changing his presence to blood and would do so before he tanked again.

At least we got through to one tank without having to wipe and let him die.
81 Gnome Death Knight
06/29/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Angikin
At the end, the tank told the group he appreciated the advice on changing his presence to blood and would do so before he tanked again.

Wait, presence and not spec? Oh boy ... At least it's a step in the right direction.

I also will soon get my baby disc priest to play with many DKs in the Outlands. Right now I'm just getting my engineering up (325 right now, aiming at 350 where I'll need to hit 65 to continue) before I continue dungeoning.

I've already done a couple of ramps but nothing too exciting.
90 Pandaren Shaman
Got a HoT yesterday. Was me, Warrior Tank, Ret Pally, Guildie Lock and Guildie Druid also came along. Zone in, first thing I noticed is the tank only has 186k health with Mark, and the Imp stam buff. I sigh, take a swig of my soda and begin the horrible run. First mob, Druid takes aggro, so I end up healing them and the tank cause he seems to only want to focus on one at a time. Fine, Moonkin gives and armor buff so it isnt that hard.

Tank manages to keep aggro on the next 2 mobs, and the first boss. I think, ok, maybe its going to go smoothly from now on. Boy was I wrong.

We begin the gaunlet to the second boss, with all three DPS taking aggro way to easily, because again, the tank is only focusing on one mob at a time. I end up healing 4 tanks, and go oom after the second mob because I had already used Mana Tide.

Third mob, tank goes down because I had no mana, Druid hits me with Innervate after I ask for it in vent, but I wasnt able to save the pally. I drop my earth elemental to keep mobs off me, and heal my butt off as my guildies take the mob down. Rez, appoligize to the Paladin, and we keep going. Next mob, nothing eventful. As soon as the fight is over I sit down to drink, and get to full mana just as the tank starts the second boss. He decides to stand in the smoke, so the Pally throws RF on, and starts to ret tank. Sadly, he was a better tank than the warrior. As we down the boss I see;

Warrior- Fail Healing. Cant even keep me alive.
me- you stood in smoke. Not only were you taking damage, I cant heal you in there.
Warrior- Thats cause you're fail. *insert "F" word here* noob.
Pally- It was your fault, she's actually a good healer to keep me alive.
*warrior has left the group*

We get a Blood DK, and finish the dungeon without issue.
100 Draenei Priest
Last nights DS raid, we had a new holy pally to the guild who wanted to come with. Flew across SW to look him over. The guy said he raids with the most elite raiding guild on the server, so I wasn't expecting what I saw.

333 blue neck piece, 377 pvp shoulders, 4 pieces of melee dps pvp gear including pvp dps trinket.

I asked if he had his "real healing gear in another pair of pants"

"Lol no this is all I got".

/facepalm. We made him tank instead where he kept saying he was "getting trucked" which meant taking so much damage I had to basically do a tank healer role and leave the pug druid handling the "raid". Siiiiigh. And he still died once or twice between spammed greater heal/mending/pw shield. Smite healing was out of the question.

I need a drink.
90 Pandaren Shaman
Last nights DS raid, we had a new holy pally to the guild who wanted to come with. Flew across SW to look him over. The guy said he raids with the most elite raiding guild on the server, so I wasn't expecting what I saw.

333 blue neck piece, 377 pvp shoulders, 4 pieces of melee dps pvp gear including pvp dps trinket.

I asked if he had his "real healing gear in another pair of pants"

"Lol no this is all I got".

/facepalm. We made him tank instead where he kept saying he was "getting trucked" which meant taking so much damage I had to basically do a tank healer role and leave the pug druid handling the "raid". Siiiiigh. And he still died once or twice between spammed greater heal/mending/pw shield. Smite healing was out of the question.

I need a drink.

Most of us do after groups like that, sooo

90 Blood Elf Priest
She may have thought she needed to mass dispel it for some reason.
I just had the BEST TANK in hellfire ramparts (on my baby mage)

We are obviously having a great run, the tank's pulling at a great pace, we even had a little excitement from pulling a little too much. Mr. Shieldarang is running ahead, avoiding some trash mobs, when I see our ret paladin stop ...... and I see him cast Exorcism ...
and I'm like "oh boy." and blink away

Sure enough, no heals go his way and the tank does not save him and he diiiiiies. The tank proceeds to SOLO those 5 mobs with his guildie healer. As they're rezing ....

BigSwordHero: why didn't u heal me
Healz: Tank pulls, not you.
Tank: U pull u die
BigSwordHero: the tank sucks
Me: The tank is great
Healz: queue as tank and you can pull all you want
BigSwordHero: why not just heal me
Me: Look, you need the tank and healz to get thru. So you gotta play by their rules. Tank's boss, you're replaceable.
Me: If she'd healed you she woulda taken aggro
BigSwordHero: she's a !@#$%
...... You can imagine how this goes on ..... this guy remains unconvinced of the value of teamwork. AND THEN ...

Tank: who else wants to votekick this guy
Me: I'll vote for that
<<This player can't be kicked for 5 minutes.>>
Tank: Then we wait.

And he sits. And waits. While BigSwordHero continues to alternately justify his actions and insult us. The (female draenei) tank gets naked and dances. I continue to bait our groundbreaking retribution tank until the 5 minutes are up and he is kicked SO FAST. It was beautiful. And I got to show off my best mog :D
90 Blood Elf Priest
Finally back after a long hiatus. D:

Finally back after a long hiatus. D:


90 Blood Elf Priest
Just did Ahune. Tank had 111k health, lowest of the quintet (me as the highest).

Dps was differenet though. Mage did 18k, Warrior was 2nd with 6k, and the rogue and some other dps were 4k.
90 Human Paladin
Did some LFR for kicks.

Both tanks managed to die not once, but twice before being even 3 minutes into Ultra.
We had 2 resto shamans, yet only one of them decided to go for the green crystal.
We made it to a HoT after timeloop was activated
Still managed to down the boss with only ~10-15 people still alive.

We then decide to take those two tanks into Warmaster... and both are promptly dead again before Warmaster even comes out. Manage to get Warmaster down with no tanks (although it wasn't pretty). Both tanks quickly kicked afterward and group facerolls spine/madness.
85 Draenei Priest
I was once called "bad healer" by an Elemental Shaman on Well of Eternity because nobody interrupted Queen Azshara, also after we wiped the same Shammy wanted to kick the Shadow Priest for not having the silence skill and started a vote kick, thankfully the kick failed and we were successful in our second try when the tank decided to be on interrupt duty.

Silly PUGs.

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