'Casuals' : Unique Guild Opportunity Proposal

EDIT: 6/19/12 9:19 PM Realm time...<Rules of Engagement> guild formed.

(Warning this is a long post, I'd say if you are more casual player who is unguilded read on, if you want to be part of a HARD CORE guild -- this is not going to appeal to you)

First My Background (so you at least know I'm not completely inexperienced)

First the intro stuff. I'm brand new to Rexxar and I only have off and on experience playing horde side at all...BUT I've been playing wow since very early 2005. I used to be a raider. I am in my 30's, I have a lot of experience with gaming - started when I was 8 , through the years I got involved in guilds in various games -- some as GM, some as co-gm, some as officer -- most as just a member.

Guild Proposal : Most of you will laugh at this or hate this, but believe it or not I'm serious....

I'm fed up with the standard guild mentality which usually goes "recruit anyone to get our numbers up, we just want to have a huge guild fast. Next - level the guild level the guild level the guild...we HAVE to get to level 25 NOW! Finally - no its fine for you act up and we will tolerate you being a jerk to other members, because we really just want to have huge numbers to brag about so we will tolerate a lot from our members (especially when we are small)...."

It came to me after many play sessions on more than one server....there's just got to be SOME other group of players out there that feel the same as me. Here's what I want out of a guild:

- A guild founded in the idea that its the quality of the person behind the character that matters more. Because after all -- game skills like learning how to play better and have more dps can all be studied or taught. You can't really teach someone to not be a jerk off.

- A guild were there is no specific stated goal as in "We are a raiding guild" or "We are a pvp guild"...but rather where the stated goal is we are a "Community", play what you want - feel free to start a raid group within our ranks, or a pvp group..feel free to create a events. The concept is the guild is more or less a guild by the players for the players type philosophy.

- Another idea I'm striving to see into reality is participation. The environment I would like to see is where the members are truly active in the guild and helping others. Let's be honest ALL guilds just about preach it in their ads to get you to join, I can't tell you how many I've joined and then observed how maybe 2 people out of ever 10 TRULY honest participate, then people gquit from within hours or mere days with the complaint "This guild is boring you guys do nothing"...then I note "funny that person didn't contribute at all."....This idea is have nothing but quality like minded people be part of the guild so participation is high. Participation and helpful members is the life blood of a successful guild. When members don't participate, the death knell for that guild starts to sound.

So what am I prepared for to make this idea happen?

- I fully and completely know MANY players will respond negatively to this idea if at all. I'm aware most people (as in 90%) like the easy road of just joining a guild with hundreds of members that is level 25 and then just putting up with whatever to get the perks of being in a level 25 guild with...hundreds of members. If you are that type, you will NOT like this idea or guild at all. Quite frankly though if you are that type, I don't want you either. :)

- So Here's the big shocker and why this guild would be very hard to get going:

My idea is to NOT CARE ABOUT NUMBERS!! My idea is to actually be PICKY about who to let into the guild! My idea is to have no concern over "Holy crap there's only 5 members for the last week (or month) or dang we are still just level 1 after 3 weeks!".

I'm prepared for very slow growth, so long as the members (lol - if any) that buy into the same vision are dedicated and quality players it'll be worth it.

--- Bottomline (since this post is HUGE already).....I need to know if *YOU* support this idea and would like to work on it with me? I have thought this out a lot -- I have many ideas written down. I need support , I need people willing to run this guild with me. PST me in game, reply to this forum, or send in-game mail (preferred method) if you are interested.


Again sorry for the HUGE post.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Basically this is what a guild should be about, at least in my opinion. Having been a part of a large guild that ran ToC & ICC each week, I know how much fun that can be, and also know the drama it brings, which is why I transferred to Rexxar and formed a "friends only guild" that was free of drama. It was hard going cold turkey from raiding though...

I have been away from the game for about a year. Just re-subbed this week. My guild is small and half the members are not subbed at the moment. I think at the moment there are only 3 of us that login, and we are very casual. Sometimes I wish for the days when I could hop into a guild group and run a 5man heroic without even thinking about it. These days I am content with doing very basic stuff, and realize that this is ok.

I never entertained the idea of having outside members (outside of friends). It always runs the risk of bringing in drama for sure, but also presents an opportunity to bring in more players that feel being casual is ok. That it is ok to not have to run dungeon dailies each day, or each week for that matter. I used to not feel that way, but I think having been away for a year has shown me that doing other things not related to gear grinds can still be fun.

Heck, yesterday I camped and scored my 2nd Time-Lost Proto Drake, and had a blast!

Good luck with your idea bud. Hope more folks like us come out of the woodwork and join the cause. If you do form a Horde guild post what it is here. I will join it with my Belf Hunter I play rarely and casually. ;-)
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85 Undead Rogue
I agree 100%. I love to raid, and pvp. Sadly with most guilds if you are not in the "in crowd" you don't get the opportunity to run with them. This functionally cuts off most of the guild from actively participating. I would love to be in a guild where if someone had a random whim to do something, that other members might jump at the chance to join them.

Hit me up in game if you get something going.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
This is pretty much what I've been trying to do for several weeks on Rexxar.

Most people who have been around since ICC will support me when I say I have always lead my guild to a higher standard of conduct, purging it of trolls or anyone else who brings a bad name or reputation to the guild. We have always, and will always have our raid team but I have been working hard to expand the guild to players who are active, mature, and want to be apart of a bigger community.

Sadly I am a full time Masters student and most new people don't know anything about Progenitus, myself, or what I have done and are striving to do because I took a few months off to focus on school. This leads most to believe that Progen is "just another" guild recruiting anyone and everyone and ignore what I'm trying to do.

I'm interested in talking to you about this further as I think we can help each other achieve the same goal.

You can check out our website, Progenitus.us, or my post on the guild recruitment forums that is getting some responses:
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Hey guys thanks for the positive feedback - at the very least i know I'm not alone in my thoughts.

As to the raiding...yeah isn't it weird how time changes things so much...from '05 - '07 especially I probably logged 40 hours a week into this game and was stoked about raiding. I raided even up through early last year, but now its almost non-existent.

Life for me was a lot simpler when WoW came out, now I have tons of stuff going on outside of game which is why my tolerance for the same old same old from guilds is probably so low these days.

Anyway, I'll keep in touch through these forums if any of you are interested in checking out the progress. Offspringx thanks, I'll hit you up in game hopefully tonight or tomorrow - this weekend I'm going on vacation its a huge family deal and my gf and her kids so lots of planning and packing crap right now .. :)
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85 Undead Rogue
Sounds good Stuu. If you don't see me on within a couple of days just in-game mail me. I've been spending alot of time on my druid alt lately leveling pvp. :)
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30 Goblin Mage
Are you reading my mind?

Seriously, everything you said could have been written by my boyfriend and me. We are looking for almost exactly the same thing. We actually decided to reroll horde on a new server and Rexxar is on our shortlist of servers to go to. We both used to do the hardcore raiding scene several years ago but real life has taken over and raiding just isn't as important or appealing as it once was. Now what is important is the social aspect of the game and finding a cool group of people to kill our free time with.

If you do decide to do start a guild or something we would be very interested. I'm not really active on any characters at the moment since I'm returning from a break but I'll keep an eye out on these forums and contact you if you do start something up.
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Excellent. Thanks for your reply, well the guild isn't formed yet - so first order since we have a few liked minded (I'm counting you as two - since you did say your boyfriend and you) we need to get the guild registered and created I have a name in mind but don't wish to share it on the forums in case someone else goes "sounds cool think I'll take it"...

Let me know how to contact you guys in game once you get characters established or you'll find me as "stuu" in-game, I have no specific play schedule but its usual that I'm on at least for some time every day for at least an hour or so.
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The guild is formed. The name is <Rules of Engagement>. Just updating this info here as my first post is huge.
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85 Undead Rogue
Not bad, sounds kinda pvp oriented (and I really like pvp :) ). Stuu do you have other toons on rexxar?
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90 Draenei Death Knight
I sent you in game mail Stuu, from my alt hunter.
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06/20/2012 07:29 AMPosted by Offspringx
Not bad, sounds kinda pvp oriented (and I really like pvp :) ). Stuu do you have other toons on rexxar?

I'm brand new to Rexxar , barely a full week on server. This is my highest toon. I'll probably create a DK only because I could use one to score me quick gold since he's auto 55.

Yeah I actually had two other names in mind but both were taken, so Rules of Engagement was my third choice. Its a play off the fact that we do have standards (aka "rules") for our member base to conduct themselves well, and then engagement as to how to play/engage the game.

Ran 3 guild dungeons today , I was in 2 of them...we had a blast so right now the members we do have are working out great.

Definitely a lower level guild -- I think we are all re-roll toons on Rexxar, as the avg character level is high teens - low 20's atm.
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06/20/2012 08:04 AMPosted by Charizmatix
I sent you in game mail Stuu, from my alt hunter.

yep...welcome to the guild!
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85 Undead Rogue
Hmm, see now i'm trying to decide how I want to do this. I definitely want to join up, but the alts I have at that level have stayed at that level for a reason....i'm bored with them. lol
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06/21/2012 07:14 AMPosted by Offspringx
Hmm, see now i'm trying to decide how I want to do this. I definitely want to join up, but the alts I have at that level have stayed at that level for a reason....i'm bored with them. lol

Well I can understand , I'm not new to the game, just Rexxar. So I've been in your spot before on the alliance side.

I think the attention we are getting right now is from blizz setting this as a "new players" realm. I mean in our small member base so far several are leveling up at a good clip..but it probably will take a few weeks before any of them are in the 80's.

You are welcome when you are ready even if that's not now. Likewise if you get pulled into a different direction and never join, I do appreciate your interest.

If you ever do get a lower toon playing on Rexxar look us up :)
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85 Undead Rogue
I would really like a fun place for this rogue. But I do have several others that I could bring over as well. Are you guys doing low level BGs? If so I can bring my shaman or lock over.
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06/21/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Offspringx
I would really like a fun place for this rogue. But I do have several others that I could bring over as well. Are you guys doing low level BGs? If so I can bring my shaman or lock over.

We haven't started bgs yet, but we do guild dungeons run often. Granted they are the lower level dungeons right now, but we run them a lot.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Hey awesome idea here!

I'm seriously considering moving to hoard.

What time do you guys usually play?
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28 Blood Elf Paladin
This is exactly what I've been looking for. The guild I'm currently with is so boring. I joined because I was "ninja invited". I think I'll join this guild. I'd rather be part of a community than some stupid club. :-)
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31 Worgen Warrior
Well I may have to roll hoard. this really is a environment I would like to be a part of
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