[H] Buying (10) Enchanted Elementium Bars!

85 Blood Elf Mage

I'm looking to buy ten Enchanted Elementium Bar(s), In hopes of completing my quest of obtaining my Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Wind Seeker for the Feat of Strength associated with it as my class is able to equip and use it! =)

As these are the last quest items needed, I'm paying very well in-game for these bars and am willing to negotiate to a very fair price. =)

If interested, Please feel free to send me an in-game message if I'm online or send a message to my character's in-box and I'll get back to you shortly.


- Teloraelin
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Additional Information for those who may be interested in assisting me in smelting ten Enchanted Elementium Bar(s) to complete my quest.

This kind of elementium is smelted by miners that have reached the skill level 300 or higher and who have learned the skill from Kirixix in BWL. (Level 60+ Raid) (See below for smelting information!)

To smelt each bar the following is required!

Arcanite Bar x 10
Elemental Flux x 3
Elementium Ore x 1
Fiery Core x 1

For those who may not have learned this recipe yet and wish to assist in smelting those ten bars for me to make some gold. Here's how you can learn the recipe in the game if you you're unsure as of how to at this point of time.

"This ability is learned from Krixix in Blackwing Lair. He must be mind-controlled and then the controller must target an appropriate player and use Krixix's 'Smelt Elementium' spell on that player to teach them this ability." - From http://www.wowwiki.com/Smelt_Elementium
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90 Orc Warrior
I may have the ones you need sitting in the bank what are you thinking for a price?
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85 Blood Elf Mage
06/25/2012 08:41 AMPosted by Scragitty
I may have the ones you need sitting in the bank what are you thinking for a price?

Edit: As I have collected most of the mats for the bars in-game now, I'm willing to pay around 750 gold for the remaining materials needed.

As for the creation of the bars I'm willing to tip around 1k gold total!


- Teloraelin
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