Ursin is too underpopulated!!

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Several of my characters (my best too) are on the realm Ursin. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be online, and some quests, like Hellfire Forfications (capturing 3 posts in Outland), are impossible because the capture points in Outland have stayed Horde for as long as I can remember due to no Alliance players being active in the Outland. Please, Blizzard, either merge Ursin with another server, offer free transfers to the server, or at least grant me and my friend server transfers for our high-level characters. WoW is an MMORPG, but it becomes more like another dull RPG when nobody seems to be online. My character you see here, Xboxer, I paid $55 to change my faction and server to becoming Horde on Ursin. I DO NOT want to pay that heavy fee when I'm saving up for Diablo III. In case you're wondering, my definition of merge is having two lower-populated servers combine to make one, more populated realm. I have suggestions for how if you merge you could fix some problems:

Player and Guild Names--The highest level player gets the name, the other people who have the same name get to change their names.

Players with over 10 characters with the two realms being combined--Player chooses 10 characters to be on the realm, and gets to transfer the rest to other servers

Arena team names--roll a virtual die, like in dungeon looting.

People who have active subscriptions but haven't logged in in a long time (like military)-- They could not be the priority in choosing names and be offered perhaps an item or gold so that a more active player could venture Azeroth (and outland) with the same name.

That is my thoughts. I started playing WoW again, but it's always sad seeing such a barren world. Please, Blizzard, do something about this. I play Skyrim and Diablo for the solitude, but I jump on WoW (at least when my brother isn't on) to do something more social. Thank you to whoever reads this. :D

If you support this, please say so in the comments and on the General Discussion forum, where it is more likely to be heard

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85 Night Elf Druid
o probably because the servers new
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85 Draenei Shaman
you paid $55 to xfer TO Ursin???
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81 Undead Warrior
06/21/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Rbombxd
o probably because the servers new

why do people say Ursin is new? I've heard this too, Ursin was around 3 years ago when I played..it's super old and super dead now.

I agree w/ server merges. I think the worlds should all be VERY heavily populated, and the way to do it is to remove all this instant travel and make cities an attractive place for people to visit w/ their characters.

But seriously Ursin is dead, I'm not buying cataclysm because I don't want to pay to xfer my characters to another server just to enjoy lvls 80-85
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No ursin came out in Cata duh.
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81 Undead Warrior
06/22/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Perhaps
No ursin came out in Cata duh.

is this sarcasm? caz i swear ppl on our server say tihs too..but it's not true lol, Ursin is an old world server, it's HEEELLLAA old..

and now it's dead/underpopulated/needs a merge
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90 Worgen Hunter
nope srry new server u heard wrong
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these are the kind of fail trolls Ursin has to offer; also everyone sucks and they're stupid. KBYE
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Yes those who say ursin is new is trolling i've been on ursin now since day one, when this game started. This is my home and shall be no matter what. I may move around but i always come back to Ursin. :) I love the players here.. Well most of them that is cept for one or two.. ha ha ha
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grats ursin 2 weeks old!! keep it up all
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There was a time when Blizzard tried some kind of experiment. This is where they do the "recommended" tag, and it coincided with a push of new players. So, suddenly, and for a couple weeks, we were flooded with newbs and rerollers. Newbs is ok mostly- some might be good some day. I gave away a lot of bags in Teldrassil. But the rerollers were nuts. They mostly thought that Ursin was new, and were SHOCKED AND ANGRY that some of us were max level already. Maybe it displayed as "New" for them, or something, I really don't know. I suspect they were just !@#$%.

Anyway, Ursin is almost three weeks old, gogo!
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90 Gnome Priest
It's growin up so fast
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81 Undead Rogue
This is not true I have been on ursin since burning crusades. YOU are wrong!
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90 Human Rogue
No ur dumb, ursin is 3 months old now
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