The expansion of House Dregoth

85 Night Elf Rogue
Celidain cast a glance at the assembled house guards and let out a low hiss before growling a few curses in several languages that he'd picked up during his time as a Guild Watch intel agent.

"I should bleed the lot of you out for allowing this to happen!" he said quietly as he approached the guard captain until they were nearly nose to nose. The much heavier captain maintained eye contact for just a brief moment in an attempt at defiance then quickly looked away when he felt the business end of a dagger tickling the soft part of his belly that wasn't covered by armor.

Celidain returned the blades to their place and turned to stalk out of the barracks room. When he got to the door he turned and barked a series of orders.

"You, get the mess in the great hall cleaned up. I want the damage repaired before nightfall and someone get a message to my brother! He'll need to come stitch up the wounded."

He watched as the room exploded into a frenzy of movement and stood still longer after it had emptied out.

"Good work." The voice called out from the shadows. Rodek Nightstalker stepped out into the light and nodded to his student with tacit aproval. "Now for the next part of the plan. Did you get those notices printed up?"

"The scribe sent word they'd be ready for me to pick up. Are you sure it was wise to do this Shan'do? If Lord Dregoth gets wind of this he may have us both jailed."

Rodek just shook his head as he explained. "He would never approve hiring more guards if he knew the real purpose behind them. However if security of the House were compromised he would stop at nothing to increase it's defenses and make sure those responsible were hunted down and made to pay."

The older rogue grinned devilishly as he turned to leave and made one last statement before disappearing into the shadows. "We gain much needed security here and have a chance to see our foes eliminated. We're not standing by idly while the Forsaken and the Warsong orcs continue their continued desecration of Ashenvale and the Hillsbrad Foothils."

[OOC House Dregoth is now opening it's doors to expand our ranks. We are currently looking for active players who enjoy to RP and PvP. We are involved in the Guildwatch and while participation will not be a mandatory requirement for entry we would certainly encourage it.

Anyone interested can reply to this thread or contact either Rodek or me ingame.

You can find me on any of the following characters: Celidain, Lorredain. Gerboozer or if I'm feeling particularly sadistic, Celibin.

Elune Edore.
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90 Night Elf Rogue
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