Hi im an arm warrior 399 ilvl just came back from 7month off and now im looking for a latenight guild or schedules on tues-wed on any server/factions where i could stay for a while and progressing savior and mist of pandarian.

well im playing that game for 5 years now , took some break for personal reasons but now im back to down dragon soul heroic and be ready for mist of pandarian , ive been playing an ele shaman * Satyres * for 3 years starting from Burning Crusade to ICC but when cataclysm comes out i rerolled a warrior so ill show you my Shaman's raid experience then my Warrior's ones.

PVE EXPERIENCE as elemental shaman : Naxxramass 10-25 , OS 3D 10-25 , EOE 10-25 , Ulduar 10-25 hm ( Alone in the darkness on time ) , TOGC 10 ( Tribute of Insanity ) , ICC 10-25 hm 11/12 ( Light of Dawn at 30% + Glory of the icecrown raider on time ) then cataclysm came up.

PVE EXPERIENCE as fury/arm warrior : BWD - BOT - TO4W 25hm 8/12 , Fireland 10 hm 4/7 before 25% nerf patch , Dragon Soul 5/8hm completed but ive done Warmaster to 40% and ready for HM Spine - HM Madness.

Im a serious player about PVE stuff because im not playing that game without a guild , most of the reason i quit its because i had no guild. my opinions about playing that game is you dont have fun if u arent playing with good players and progressing as a core.

Well guys just let me know if you guys are interested about me to join your guild i would appreciate to finally find a good guild with some cool people :) see you soon maybe