<AntiMatter> is a lvl 10 guild looking for dedicated members for our Main group and our 2nd raid group. We are 8/8 in normal and 1/8 heroic, with more to come this weekend. We raid at 7pm server time on Saturdays and Sundays, with our 2nd group on Sundays.

Spots open are:

Main group:

1 Off tank
1 dps - spriest, feral cat druid, or a rogue (with or without daggers in any stage)

2nd group:

2 healers - shaman, druid, or pally pref.
2 tanks, any spec
1 ranged dps

If you are curious about anything, information, other spots open, or if you'd like to join, pst any player in our guild and we will invite.
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