45 Tauren Paladin
Just got a message from work - one of the girls hurt her knee and is going to be out for a week, so they're trying to fill in shifts. Not sure when I'll be back today, so don't wait around for me!
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90 Blood Elf Mage
I think it says a lot about the activity level of our realm that we can use our forums like this.

*looks at realm name, erases the L* There, I think that's more appropriate.

(not that I'm complaining, mind, I generally like the peace and quiet)
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90 Gnome Priest
No worries, though I wish you could have come with me. They've added in a lot of great toys from the quests that you get to keep!

The Turnip Punching Bag - essentially a portable training dummy that last for 5 minutes and has 750 million HP. Has a one hour CD, dangit

The Turnip "Paint" Gun - throwns a ball of orange "paint" (you don't want to know what it really is) at a friendly target and turns them orange for 6 seconds. 5 min CD

There's also a Watermelon Bomb trinket. Pretty much your typical has a stat and a proc trinket except it also has an on use - thrown a Watermelon at non-player enemies to cover them with a sticky watermelon goo that snares them for 3 secs. 5 min CD
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45 Tauren Paladin
Oooh, those sound like fun.

I'll probably be on shortly, though if the realm is back up, I'll probably go back to working on my fishing achievements.
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