Asylum - Warrior LF Late Night Raiding Guild

Hello my fellow WoW players. The Name atm is Asylum. I am looking for a raiding guild awesomeness. Ive been on and off in game for about 4 years now do to guilds I have been in falling apart or everyone just quits raiding. My gear may not be to par atm but that do to I have just made my return after 9 months of off time. Ive have been on the same server since Ive started this game.

Main : Asylum
Timezone : CST

Profs - Max JC and Engineering

Anyways, my open raiding times are Monday and Wednesdays at any time. I normally am open any days besides Friday and Saturday nights do to work and Tuesdays and Thursdays vary if I close or not (life as a server) BUT do not be discourage when I am on I normally am very social and love to joke around with people unless there is work to be done aka raids. I am mainly focused on a late night raiding guild atm do to work unless I get into a PST raiding guild since I am 2 hours ahead of them.

I do PvP from time to time but I am not the greatest out there. Just bought a razer naga and Im loving it. Also I am very open minded to guildies opinions about gear/gem/enchants do to I am always willing to try new specs/ideas with everyone for what ever works out for the guild the best. At this point and time I am not afraid to xfer servers or faction change.

But yes feel free to ask any questions or concerns in-game or out.

What Im mainly looking for in a guild at this point and time:
- A guild that has constant players/raiders on
- I know its hard to not get but a guild dramaless guild :P

Im not looking to change mains atm do to I just started my warrior as my main for when I came back after my break but I am willing to roll tank if the guild needs me to but I would prefer as that stay as my offspec which I am working on.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to be apart of your wow community soon. Also If anyone needs to get a hold of me in game my real ID is

- Asylum
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90 Orc Warrior
Go Arms.

Unless yer hardheaded if so

You can afford to Drop Some hit off your gear you would probably be safe to sit around 12-13%
Run some LFR and replace the LFG gloves with LFR tier
Your Expertise is too high , drop it to 26/26
If you have another normal mode weapon you can afford to sub out your offhand for it , the stats are worth it in the offhand due to less procs from gurth being int he offhand.
Valor Neck is best in slot get it
Valor Throwing Weapon is Best in slot ,get it
Anything 397 should have the right enchant on it
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Ignore everything he said and
and as for looking for a guild, this far into the tier you would be hard pressed to find a spot or replace a current group member in any raid team unless you had some good logs/gear or joined a !@#$ guild.
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Thanks for the input you two (not being sarcastic) I will for sure look into those things. but ya my exp is mainly gear and I already reforged out of it lol
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
Reforge light does all of your reforges for you and it is extremely accurate it even takes trink proc stacks into account (ie the ones from spine)for your reforges.
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85 Undead Death Knight
I remember whenever my rogue was in BTM, and I asked for the same thing...

Then I got invited to Nightfall, and raided with them... Ruined my life forever.
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85 Blood Elf Warrior
06/22/2012 09:40 PMPosted by Nefaious
Then I got invited to Nightfall, and raided with them... Ruined my life forever.

Better that than hsf.
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I remember when BTM was a decently respectable guild in some sort. lol
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