<Gwen Stefani> GDKP HDS25 run 630 server 7/1

85 Human Warrior
Current Scheduled Run:
Location: Dragon Soul
Raid Size: 25man
Date: SUN, July 1st
Time: 6:30pm invites, 6:45 1st pull

Previous Pots:
239900g - 6/17/2012
208000g - 6/10/2012
297750g - 6/03/2012
330450g - 5/20/2012
568550g - 5/13/2012
360500g - 5/05/2012
350500g - 4/28/2012
349000g - 4/21/2012
585000g - 4/14/2012
289000g - 4/07/2012
274000g - 3/31/2012



• This is not a “carry” run. Everyone is expected to perform at an acceptable level, as judged by the raid leader(s).
• An individual’s gear is not an indication of their expected performance. Skilled players playing mirror alts or roles that they are adept at will be considered for a place on the roster. They are bound to the same requirements as everyone else.
• Anyone determined to be intentionally impeding the run in acts of including but not limited to: not participating in the clearing of trash, the completion of encounters, being unavailable for contact, being unresponsive through in-game contact or through 3rd party programs, or hampering another individuals’ raiding performance (i.e. using Hand of Protection on physical DPS when unnecessary).
• In the interest of maximizing the efficiency of the GDKP, anyone found to be impeding the progress of the run, will be fined 2,000g. IE: Not moving for the ball on Zon'ozz, dying to Hour of Twilight or Fading light on Ultraxion.
• In the event that an offense is more severe than the norm, warranting more than a fine, alternative action may be taken by the raid leader(s) removal from the raid, a ban from further attendance, or other penalties.

Loot & Distribution

• All bidding will be noted automatically by the GDKP addon and all sales will be recorded on a spreadsheet that will be present to everyone at the conclusion of the raid.

⁃ Initial Bid Starting Points - Increments of 500g on subsequent bids on items

⁃ 397 2500g
⁃ Tier 2500g
⁃ 403 3000g
⁃ 410 4,000g (temporary price while starting heroics, possibly slated to go up)
⁃ Heroic Tier 4,000g
⁃ Mount(s) 20,000g
⁃ Patterns 1,000g
⁃ Essences will be auctioned off as a whole (usually 8-11 in total).
⁃ Clusters 5,000g - The winner of this bid at the beginning of the night will receive all of the clusters from the run.

• An initial timer of 15 seconds will begin when an item is opened for bids, resetting to 15 seconds when a bid is made)
• All mounts, patterns, BoEs, and essences are subject to bids at the end of the run.

Distribution of the Pot

• Funds collected from bids during the GDKP will be distributed to the members present after the loot distributed after the final boss of the run has been killed. Attendance during the previous encounters of the run is irrelevant. (Extended DC's will be kicked and replaced, no portion of the pot will be rewarded to AFK or DC'd members).
• All raiders eligible for a cut (see above) will receive 1/25 (4%) of the accrued funds. In the event that a raider is present for the final boss kill but cannot stay for the distribution of gold, their portion may be mailed to them. Raid leader(s) must be notified if an individual requires their funds via the mail.
• In the event that there is more gold accumulated than the raid leader(s) can hold, a proxy will be designated to hold the excess funds, or the funds will be deposited into a guild bank owned by the raid leader(s).

Pot distribution will be will be take care of after all of the loot has been distributed. Once you have been given your gold (distribution will start with Group 1 and end with Group 5) you will be removed from raid to make sure that duplicate gold is not given. If someone repeatedly opens trade for their gold before it comes turn to pass you gold, your gold may be forfeited and applied to the next weeks gold pot.
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85 Human Warrior

• Equipment
⁃ A minimum item level of 378 (lower gear levels accepted, but you must have, and be willing to spend more money)
⁃ All items must be properly gemmed/enchanted, even if you are undergeared, you should be willing to make some sort of effort.

• Experience
⁃ Cleared atleast 8/8 LFR, normal or heroic Dragon Soul experience is a bonus.

• Wealth
⁃ As long as you're bidding, don't care how much money you have.
- 300g "entry" fee, to cover the cost of flasks and fish for the raid as they will be provided by the raid leader.


A new thread will be made each week, for new sign ups for the GDKP. The following information is expected to be included in your signup post:

Character Name:
Amount of gold being brought to raid:

Invites will be sent via in-game Calendar, it is your own responsibility to accept the invite.We will try our best to bring first come first serve but we have to ensure that an optimal raid composition is compiled to kill 8/8.
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85 Human Warrior
Tank: Zlanec - DK
Tank: Clawthie - Druid

Healer: Kittaya - Paladin
Healer: Bubblethis - Paladin
Healer: Jambï - Paladin
Healer: Moonspeaker - Druid
Healer: Kournikova - Priest
Healer: Fandra - Priest
Healer: Lunáre - Priest
Healer/DPS: Vêndêtta - Shaman

DPS: Sanduskied - Rogue
DPS: Beertrain - DK
DPS: Dindrath - Warrior
DPS: Ripscar - DK
DPS: Quarts - Rogue
DPS: Deathd - DK
DPS: Varos - Warrior
DPS: Yin - Druid
DPS: Brazlen - Rogue
DPS: Hitmonsham - Shaman
DPS: Trixide - Mage
DPS: Boatload - Hunter
DPS: Nh - Priest
Edited by Lorgrum on 7/1/2012 3:55 PM PDT
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85 Human Paladin
400 Feral Kitty/bear (let me know in advance if I am tanking)
Lots of it
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90 Human Rogue
Professional Ninja
If I don't have enough cash I steal it
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100 Human Death Knight
Dk Dps
45k +
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Balance 397/ Restoration 393
8/8 Regular DS
Have downed 5/8 Heroic on Main
Know 7/8 Heroic on Main
35 K +
Edited by Zlanec on 6/28/2012 10:08 PM PDT
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90 Night Elf Priest
Shadow Priest
more than you can afford, pal
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85 Worgen Warrior
Arms Warrior
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85 Draenei Shaman
H pally
Edited by Slopoke on 6/27/2012 8:56 AM PDT
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85 Worgen Hunter
Ele/Resto Sham
Edited by Enygma on 6/27/2012 8:59 AM PDT
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85 Worgen Hunter
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90 Human Warrior
if you have room for my rogue id like to bring him in for a vial.
Edited by Mashedy on 6/27/2012 11:34 PM PDT
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90 Human Paladin
Holy Pally
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85 Draenei Death Knight
Fire Mage
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90 Human Paladin
Quarts the Amazing
Some item level
Some amount of gold
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87 Human Death Knight
about 35k ish
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85 Human Warrior
in game calendar invites will be sent out tonight, thank you for all the quick/early signups, we will be trying Zon'ozz and Ultraxion heroics....we will still implement penalties for failing to click button on ultraxion but it will start out at 250g first time, 500g second time and 1000g for 3rd/4th time...if you do it a 5th time, you'll be removed from raid.
Edited by Lorgrum on 6/28/2012 4:04 PM PDT
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85 Human Warrior
Ingame calendar invites are out

Ele/Resto Sham

Vendetta is a DK on blackhand...I need the toons correct name.
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