Arena Masters?

85 Night Elf Druid
Man I really hate to try this but I have nothing better to do with Summer finally arrived.

So before my forced year subscription with this game finally comes to a close, I'm thinking about actually trying for arena master. As unaccomplished as that achievement is, I am OCD as all hell and this druid deserves it as it is the only feral I didn't delete after 2 seasons.

So anyway TL;DR if I come back and get gear and play serious like I haven't since s6, who is down for some 2200 5s action? I'll play boomkin if I have to, so long as it is a 0/35/6 boomkin spec that stacks agility.

P.S. I'll pay you all the gold I have on this server, but I honestly have less than 100g on this server lol
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90 Human Mage
Good luck finding a team. It's going to be hard on this server. =O.
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85 Night Elf Druid
Yeah I know it is, but 2200 isn't really too hard to get when you have a team of people that want it.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I'm down. But I only have a month to pull it off. Probably not a good idea to have 2 druids, but I can come on my other characters.

Best choice might be my hunter. I play him the best.
I could bring my lock if you really need it for the comp but he's my least proficient class.
I could bring my warrior.
I have a FDK, not interested in running as unholy, I don't find it all that entertaining.
Or if you need heals I have a resto shaman I could heal it up on.
If you really wanted it though I can bring my druid (moonkin).

If you want someone to run 2's or 3's with to build a little rating for arena gear lmk, I can run some stuff with you. Could do rsham feral 2's for some easy points. Or with my hunter, or dk... i guess any character really... Or I guess we could keep doing those 3's with spongletron and my hunter.
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