Private Server.

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Are private servers illegal? I looked it up but could never find out. It's because I have seen so many people make private servers. Just about everyone that posted a WoW video on youtube has one I bet! xD
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85 Human Priest
I don't know about everyone "making" private servers. But there are a lot out there, and a few very popular ones.

Although I'm 99% sure they are technically against the ToS.
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85 Gnome Mage
Private servers are against ToS.

The reason is because private servers are not operated by Blizzard-- thus the players who play on them do not profit the corporations to which blizzard is the subsidiary of.

There are multiple private servers you can join. However, if a private server becomes too popular, then blizzard will see it worth their legal resources to pursue a court injunction to have the private server host shut down.

But, just like the pirate bay, the server host/s MAY be well networked in multiple countries, and can outsource the hosting of their private server to another country. This makes enforcement of such court judgments extremely difficult to legally pursue-- as asking a foreign judiciary to enforce a U.S. court's judgment can be extremely difficult (and costly).

Thus, many private servers are not worth the resources to pursue legal action against.
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And about 80% of the content (that actually matters) is completely broken on them. It's more of an exercise in reverse engineering. The developers that take on writing the code for these "private servers" are very much against running one publicly and even more so about making any money from doing so.

Basically, it's just taking something apart to see how it works when you put it back together again.

And yes, very much against ToS.
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85 Gnome Mage
Yep. Private servers are commonly run by amateur programmers who want to experiment. So the vast majority of private servers are *extremely* buggy (mainly due to the "putting back together" phase that Torodenegro mentioned).
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85 Goblin Hunter
They are illegal because people sell items on them - thus blizzard is losing profit (against tos).
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holy pointless necro batman
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