Aeonaxx on Misha

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Has anyone seen this son of a gun at all? I've been camping him for he past 2 weeks and have yet to see him once, haven't even seen this Bloodseeker I see people on other forums talking about. I have NPCScan downloaded and it hasn't went off once. I camp the different spawn points for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour, go do something, come back and do it again. So back to the earlier question, has anyone seen him? Any help on time seen or just anything in general would be much appreciated.
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Now you know, it's funny. Last time I asked one of my buddies to help me he apparently spawned, I heard no word of it, they killed him and took the mount. Pretty pissed, but oh well. I'll find him eventually.
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I have been out for quite some time also with wow sitting and running non stop pretty much all day, every 45min or so i fly to check other random spawn points and have not seen him or the bat but at some time early this morning the world boss was killed, so guess i am just gona keep at it
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Kumasuga was lucky enough to score that mount (think he transferred). Keep in mind that if this mob is pulled and someone fails at it or w/e (Don't hold me on this), I guess he despawns. : / I could see that happening on Misha ... alot.

Just camp your toon in one spot, Keep master volume up and turn the Sound, ambiance, etc. down. Alos turn on "Sound in the background" NPC scan will sound off this way without you having to deal with all the other noise. Doing this, you can spend time reading or watching videos. You could go even furth with an autoclick program and just set it up like above and go to sleep. Turn your speakers up and .. be ready to run to your PC out of a dead sleep and win. LOL.

IF you really want it, these are the things you have to do. Good luck!

EDIT* (Also use "NPCscan overlay" if you haven't yet to know where to park and camp.)
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Ganøn has found it about 3 times while farming herbs. The first one he learned, second he destroyed, and third since I was online he waited for me to get there. Unfortunately, I was still too far out of range when Aeonaxx died so I was unable to roll for him. That one got destroyed too >.>

The first two times he did find him were only 7 hours apart. It says that the spawn timer is about a week or so, but the 7 hours kinda took him by surprise.

Don't give up, you'll find him out there :D
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