So hi, we're new here.

85 Night Elf Druid
First: The past
Myself along with 3 other friends just picked a random server to xfer to, we are all returning vets that quit after Dragon Soul went live, all of us were 7/7 pre-4.3 and have done virtually all heroic content getting kills somewhere between first and third on our servers in the past (sargeras alliance, malganis horde, illidan horde, KT alliance)

Second: The Present
We're entertaining thoughts of creating a raiding guild. This server strikes me as an older slightly lower population area much like my first server, servers like this usually have 2-3 very high end guilds that are also exclusive (very hard to join and not many people leave). This leaves a lot of very skilled raiders displaced. We'd be interested in scooping up those stragglers, as well as working with our core to create a raiding force aiming for the top.

Third: The Future
I would be our raid leader, I have pretty extensive knowledge leading raid groups both through progression and screwing around through farm content. We need to find out how much interest something like this would generate, if you are at all interested in something like this please post here.

For your viewing pleasure
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100 Human Warlock

I was expecting a video of one of your older kills or something, but that made me laugh.
Also welcome, kind of a dead server so slim pickings on raids but good luck!
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90 Undead Warrior
Try to transfer with more people in my opinion. Unless guilds start breaking up left and right you are going to have slim pickings here.
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90 Draenei Shaman
I don't think you'll find a lot of people to pick from here. The skilled people are generally happy with where they are. The only time skilled people move guilds is if their previous guild burned out and they need a new home, which is rare for the more progressed guilds. If you're interested in starting fresh and training your own group, it may be possible, but there really aren't a lot of stragglers in between guilds to choose from. You would literally be starting fresh.
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100 Dwarf Death Knight
Welcome to the server; hit me up ingame to say hi and chat some more.

If you're dead set on building a new guild from scratch, I can sympathize with you and offer whatever little help I can.

If you're looking for a home for MoP, Adapt has a history of sometimes hosting groups like yours. We're generally open to adding new like-minded folk to the guild, if they want to self-organize raiding that is fine; also, folk sometimes migrate into the main raid team if we happen to be looking for the right class at the right time). Our alt runs also are often looking to team up or beef up, etc.
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85 Human Hunter
I recently just xfered to this server also, It would be nice to join a new guild forming and be part of something. I find when guilds are just starting out people communitcate more. They're more willing to help eachother out and work together to level the guild. I personally think this would be cool. I know I'm 81 but that's just guild activity untill i reach 85. That's just my opinion, hope you see you around. (I stink at spelling so don't judge me on that. :P)
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90 Undead Warrior
Come on now. Why is the alliance getting all the new guys?!

Okay I have edited this twice. Someone give me a quick grammar lesson. Should it be Why IS or Why ARE? Does the THE need to be there. I have been out of school for too long. :(
Edited by Spectre on 7/3/2012 5:23 AM PDT
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90 Human Paladin
Come on now. Why is the alliance getting all the new guys?!

Okay I have edited this twice. Someone give me a quick grammar lesson. Should it be Why IS or Why ARE? Does the THE need to be there. I have been out of school for too long. :(

If you are speaking of 'the alliance' as an entity, a 'the' is necessary. Additionally, the Alliance is a group made up of multiple entities, therefore 'are' is the proper word you're looking for.

"Why are the Alliance getting all of the new guys?"

To answer that, who knows. Ask the pvp forum and you'll see the human racial is the reason. Ask anyone else and opinions will vary. Personally, trying to find things in horde cities gives me a migraine, so I stick to alliance.
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