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87 Tauren Druid
I started playing this game almost 5 years ago and Misha has been my home since day 1. I have come across alot of great ppl on this server. I have learned alot from those indiv. some are still on the server others have left. The trolls are still here some new and some old. Guilds have come and gone.

I come across a post or trade chat about misha being a bad server but those of us who have been here awhile have made friends and have great memories of days past. I look forward to more years on this server and enjoying the game and ppl who call Misha home.

If you have a story of days past on Misha feel free to post. Lets try and keep it funny, however if you feel the need to flame than take your own advise and leave.
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90 Goblin Mage

For me the few and far between Misha world pvp from BC to now.

One of my favorites was when I was alliance and Piano would raid SW everyday or Euphoric would should up as well.

Good times
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85 Human Paladin
I have only been playing almost a year on and off and one of My favorite experiences had to be farming for i think it was a black whelping... i was out there in the wetlands for two hours just searching and then my friend (co owner of The Mad Republic) came in on her gryphon, farmed for 15 minutes and found it... it was one of those laughing and crying at the same time moments.
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90 Orc Mage
I came over at the end of BC but was deployed during Sunwell/Naxx. My best memory of Misha will be Ulduar summoning stone PvP.
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100 Night Elf Warrior
Man, i have sooo many. I've been here since this realm started. Halaa battles used to be pretty awesome. The southshore battles where fun to. I remember being like lvl 30-40 and we formed a raid to to raid sun rock retreat of all places lol. We have 20-30 ppl all round lvl 20-40. A high lvl mage ?? to us named Rash came there and just wrecked us. I mean just wiped the floor with all of us. Good times.
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58 Night Elf Death Knight
Hruuk my friend what realm did u move to its erie
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90 Gnome Rogue
I started on Misha back when 2.1 was out. The best times were making that massive trek to SM as an alliance toon and returning with a pile of loot! :p

My best memory of Misha will be Ulduar summoning stone PvP.

This was always great fun, I do miss TBC and Wotlk Era Misha. Oh how things have changed :(
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90 Human Death Knight
I was an up and coming Resto Shaman in TBC, I didn't know much about much. I had a friend named Ranki on this server who was in some guild or another (King's Guard or Pantheon, something like that) that convinced me to come over and hang with him. I wanted to raid badly so I applied all over the place and got snatched up by Decerto. I had the worst gear in the world, a mixture of Kara epics and blues from heroics, as they were a tier above my gear at the time. I was terrified that they would see me play and boot me back onto the streets.

Well, years, accounts, and expansions later I always find myself coming back to Misha to see who is still around, calling it home once gain for MoP, and hopefully a while to come. Bear has been good to me and it always finds its way back to my mind.
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90 Troll Druid
I also started the night (or maybe a day or two after) the server opened. I was an even worse druid than I am now and refused to play anything but moonkin. I even got Hated with the Cenarion Circle to protest ferals. That backfired during the Lunar Festival.

Transferred to a backwater Horde PVP server for Wrath in the hopes that I could snipe a server first on Lich King, and I've been playing off and on ever since. But like everyone else in this thread--"just when I think I'm out they pull me back in" and I keep rolling alts on Misha. Misha's community is what made Burning Crusade my favorite expansion, from coveting Deathtohuman's Tier 6 to "bird halls" and "bear is server." Goofing off with Morguthat and putting up with Shadowyshade...

Finally broke down and started seriously leveling a monk over here, so it looks like I'm gonna end up back home one day.
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Holy cow I haven't seen you post here in years. If I remember right you were in the guild purple...

Were you one of the ones who started a guild somewhere else called "bear is server"? Correct me if I'm wrong. Regardless, welcome back. :)

Now what happened to shadowyshade... i wonder.
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90 Human Priest
It was on a different account but I used to love chasing down Piano on my Lock when she raided SW. You had to admire her determination!

does anyone know if Piano is still playing?
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Although I don't know what happened to piano, we had a few discussions about where she actually guilded and I could have sworn she was also in truthiness. Maybe someone in that guild would be able to tell you if I'm wrong or not?
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100 Orc Warlock
Same! I started out playing Ally and it was always a pleasure seeing Piano come into SW.

On that same note, Unhallowed (well, a few of us) liked to come into SW and take the bank hostage. I believe the 3 main culprits were eventually ported out by a GM and asked to never do it again and the bank has since been changed.
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90 Gnome Mage
Fun memories of learning to pvp vs each class/spec in Dal Sewers
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90 Tauren Druid
On my dwarf hunter I use to defend Alliance cities unofficially with Illwai back in BC. There was a blood elf mage or lock, can't remember which that use to attack major cities by himself in the middle of the night. It made the game entertaining because I could count on that belf attacking SW or darnassus every night.
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danng been a while since ive been on misha idk if anyone remembers me tho. toons names were punishment, muroa, supahtotem, swag, bauakua, totemlol
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danng been a while since ive been on misha idk if anyone remembers me tho. toons names were punishment, muroa, supahtotem, swag, bauakua, totemlol
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Fun memories of learning to pvp vs each class/spec in Dal Sewers

Those sewers used to be the best. You could always find a hand full of people down there looking for a fight.
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90 Tauren Druid
One of my favorite memories was on Netherspite in Kara. We kept getting our asses kicked until Autolux dinged 70 on his holy pally, came into the fray in greens and lead us to the win. One of those memories that always reminds me that knowledge of a fight will beat ilvl every time.

as to this server being bad, it isn't really bad. it's just not as good as it thinks it is. those of you too good to play with others in 'lesser' guilds are retarded. you're not that good. misha's top guild has tons of guilds ahead of it in progression on illidan and stormreaver yet I can join pugs with players from those guilds any time I want because even though they may be better players than you, their heads just aren't as big. I remember playing with people from decerto in don't tase me bro and them talking about in vent how they just can't pug with misha retards and I didn't know what to say until I rerolled on stormreaver and I learned that even though the players in top 20 guilds were way better than decerto players, they wouldn't snub them for it. get over yourselves a little and misha will become a better server and who knows, you might just find some diamonds in the rough to recruit to improve your guild ranking. especially now that speccing/rotation has been dumbed down so much.
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