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1) What is the Horde/Alliance ratio like? Please answer with Total amounts of population per faction wherever is possible.
2) How is the PvP here? Do you see oftenly pvpers doing premades in trade chat? Do you know friends that belong to PVP active guilds?
3) How does this Realm stand in terms of raiding? Please list guilds that clear content at high speed, and end up selling heroic final bosses mounts / items, if possible. Is it possible to pug Heroic Lich King without failing on any given Tuesday afternoon?
4) How is the Realm economy? Price on Vial of sands, Elementium ore, Inferno rubies, Queen’s garnets can be a good reference, include other prices you consider relevant.
5) How is the roleplay here? I’m not a roleplayer but is always good to know if a realm is for roleplay or not.
6) How is the community? Do you have people playing since vanilla still here? Guilds that have maintained their raiding progression in the top 10 in the realm for 8 years now (I think this question might need grammar check, excuse me if that’s the case)? People in general are open to discussion in an intelligent manner?
7.) What does the server need most? Creative answers are always welcome here.
Thanks for answering to my 7 questions.
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90 Human Paladin
1.The horde/alliance ratio I hear is incredibly imbalanced, but world pvp is dead atm, MoP aside, and who wants to be interefered with when questing during times when friends simply are not available? I am not mathematically knowledeable such that specifics and substantiation regarding the matter cannot be provided by me at this time, my sincerest apologies.
2. While I am not on 24/7 such that I cannot provide you with comprehensive or entire detail regarding the poliferation of pvp premade activity in trade chat, I would posit that there certainly are a moderate number of premades formed, though likely not a copious amount. Having not joined every premade advertised in chat I cannot guarantee that each became fully formed and were wildly successful, and I cannot promise that the people involved liked each other so much and played so well together that guilds were formed and life long friendships forged. I do know friends that are in active pvp guilds, this clearly indicates how well connected I am, and how incredible an in-game social networker I clearly must be.
3. This realm has vodka, clearly we are incredible on the whole/in general as a result. There are many guilds that possess tolerable to outstanding competence in raiding. You will have no dificulty find a good fit for you and your undoubtedly flexible schedule. I personally pugged heroic lich king, though it was a 10 man. It was quite enthusing, and also successful. Clearing end game content and final bosses is certainly done by no small, but no ridiculously gargantuan number of guilds (think big numbers used to accommodate those with deteriorative, ocular issues). Mounts certainly could be sold, why not? Can you think of a reason? I can't. I would recommend that you reference the progression forums, which will give you some insight into what guilds have progressed how far, etc.
4. I cannot speak veraciously regarding the state of the economy. Lazyness and torpidity you say? I say disinterest is nearer the mark.
5. Roleplay seems more or less strictly reserved for the purpose of ridiculing another person, and typically does not involve roleplay in the sense you imply, but imitation of the person subject to said ridicule.
6. The community is on the average reasonably congenial. There is amiability to be found, as well as immaturity driven hostility. The usual. There are people that have been playing since vanilla, though I am at a loss as far as providing a total list of names is concerned. Forgive me this atrocity, I beg you. There are a few guilds who have consistently progressed through content throughout the years/expansions, how very fortunate!
7. What this server needs most is you. How could it be otherwise?
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