FOUND! Grim Sabatons, Lofty Shoulders and

1 Blood Elf Paladin
Willing to pay pretty handsomely for them.

Grim Sabatons are dropped by a rare mob (25% drop chance) Doomsayer Jurim which pats along three paths outside of Shattrath

I've managed to find him twice, and both times he's dropped the cloth boots, and I'm sort of getting tired of camping him. While I will continue to camp him, if any of you have this item in storage or happen to come across him and he drops them, I am willing to pay quite well.

Lofty Shoulder Pads, which have a stupid low drop rare as well, and am willing to pay around 250g for those as well. (price on Grim Sabatons I'm willing to pay is higher btw).

I'm also looking for Double Link Tunic or Avenger's Armor.

Either reply here or send a message in game to my paladin Holyberry (horde side) to make arrangements, Alliance or Horde doesn't matter, I'll do the neutral AH thing and of course factor in extra gold for the neutral AH fees... I just want to stop farming for these!!!

<3 Combatnurse
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Hi I saw your thread and went to check my transmog gear and I do infact have your Grim Sabatons.

Im on kel'thuzad on this toon or Lionelhuttz (my main) prolly mogsybogues though.

Come msg me and ill come right over and trade them....

Id put them on AH but i dont want them getting snagged before you get them.

and the lofty gear is insanely low drop...farming for it is a nightmare. I have a farm spot in AQ20 that you might be interested in.... If and when we chat ill tell you about it.
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Mogsybogues, were you Funsizeog?? if so *GIAGANTIC AWESOMESAUCE HUGS TO YOU!!!* You TOTALLY made my day. Every single time I've killed that spawn guy I've gotten cloth boots.. if I even found him, so figured I'd appeal to the forums and seek help that way. That completely made my day :) May the loot gods smile upon you!!!!

If you're not Funsizeog, I still give you big awesomesauce hugs, simply for taking the time and checking and offering!!

Grim Sabatons down, Lofty Shoulders, Double Link Tunic or Avenger's Armor to go!!

Also I would be interested in the farm spot in AQ20, if I ever feel froggy enough to farm them hehe.
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90 Human Mage
lol ya that wa me :)

After seeing your Mog and seeing that you only needed the boots...I couldn't charge you.

Grats on the boots and Grats on the nice transmog it is very cool

The AQ farm spot is totally soloable as long as you got a friend to make a raid to get you in....

Here is the trick (love me now thank me later lol):
Skip the first 2 bosses (you can kill the trash in the first room but not the 2nd because the boss pulls when you pull his trash....

In the 2nd room you simply stay to the right and bypass the mobs so you dont get teh boss started. Once youve done that you will be at your farm spot the Qiraj Gladiators!!!

These Gladiators will respawn infinitly as long as you didnt pull the first 2 bosses.

I kill these gladiators for about an hour straight (thats about all I can take in any given session) and end up with about a dozen uncommon items....sometimes Exalted set, sometimes Glorious set, and in your case hopefully lofty shoulders.

But these Qiraj Gladiators are the source for good farming on old vanilla pieces.

It is extremely important not to pull the first 2 bosses for this to work. So If you would like to farm the Qiraj Gladiators over and over DO NOT KILL FIRST 2 BOSSES. GL on our loot :)
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90 Human Mage
Oh ya my good friend Overgrown just started playing again on this server.....

He is one of the nicest people you'll ever encounter (funny too) and once he gets his gear right he is a nasty good warrior.

If you get the chance to raid or anything with Overgrown do it!! I can't let a quality player like him go under the raider and he just came back this week after a 2 year hiatus! yay

***I made funsizeog to be a jr Overgrown...but he stopped playing and i was just stuck with a dumb name story bros ty pls

But now that he is back it has meaning again!!!
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Hehe yay! Thanks for that tip too! There's actually a few pieces for other characters that required AQ farming but I just didn't know of a super good way or efficient way to do it.. so I just never bothered lol.

I actually got the Lofty shoulders AND and Double Link tunic today too, thanks to my lovely friend Honeypants!!! <3 Much love to you both, as I don't know how much longer I'd be farming for those had it not been for you two! You both totally made my day!!! <3

Now... to continue farming for the other pieces... hehe

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