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100 Human Warrior
If you're new to this realm or to endgame in general, this will be the place to go to find the right guild for you. Due to the sheer plethora of guilds out there, this registry covers those that will focus mainly on level 100 content.

When adding or updating your guild, include the following:
  • faction,
  • type(s) of gameplay (Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PvP),
  • raid/RBG hours (server time),
  • guild master &/or officers, &
  • official website URL (optional)

  • Schedule hours are limited to raids or rated battlegrounds, information is subject to frequent updates. For specific progression/recruitment details, refer to & individual guild recruitment threads on the Azjol-Nerub & Khaz Modan forums. If you're unable to post on this thread directly, mail me (or Azjolcensus for Horde) in-game with your guild stats, it'll be up here in no time!

    Dates at the end of each first line indicate their latest changes. It is each guild's responsibility to update their information. Should a guild be inactive for a 3-month period & show a sharp drop in membership, it will be removed from the registry. Guilds labeled *NEW* are recently added & starting to fill their core groups. Please add a new post when updating entries instead of editing older posts.

    Thanks to everyone who willingly provided their guild info. Here's to a more active & open community!
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    100 Human Warrior
    ==Alliance Guilds==

    BerryTube - KhazModan (Mythic) 9/29/14
    Mon/Tue/Wed @ 6-9pm
    GM- Dumbrock-KM

    Coup de Grâce - AzjolNerub (Heroic/Mythic) 11/8/14
    Mon @ 6-9pm, Tue/Wed/Thu @ 6-9pm
    GM- Khelvanor-AN, Officers- Icywidow-AN, Merm-AN, Alakabam-AN, Unknowledge-AN, Leozod-AN, Allaandra-AN

    Darkness Disciples - AzjolNerub (Heroic/Mythic) 11/19/14
    Raid1 Tue/Wet/Thu @ 6:30-9:30pm, Raid2 Sun/Sat @ 6:30-9:30pm,
    GM- Pêêpañts-AN, Officers- Peeundeez-AN (peeundeez#1601), Peedress-AN (peedress#1720), Lileebrie-AN, Lexiste-AN

    *NEW* Hellions - KhazModan (Normal) 12/18/14
    Tue/Thu 8-11pm
    GM- Raulgamesh-KM

    Infiltrate - AzjolNerub (Mythic) 11/4/14
    Wed/Thu @ 8-10pm
    GM- Wiçkéd-AN, Officers- Alixeen-AN, Meshnarr-AN, Icymana-AN, Forgeheart-AN, Dorase-AN

    Infusion - AzjolNerub (Mythic) 12/26/14
    Mon-Thu @ 7-10pm
    GM- Decix-AN (Decix#1306), Officers- Pinion-AN, Fridgie-AN, Traxamillion-AN, Shivalover-KM

    MERCS - KhazModan (Normal/Heroic) 12/18/14
    Mon/Wed @ 6:30-9:30pm
    GM- Brewshido-KM, Officers- Discodan-KM, Xanndra-KM, Blakus-KM

    *NEW* Merp - KhazModan (Normal) 12/17/14
    Tue/Wed @ 6pm
    GM- Mowri-KM

    Midnight Carnival - KhazModan (Normal/Heroic) 11/3/14
    Tue/Thu @ 6-9pm
    GM- Mommyfortuna-KM/Amalthia-KM, Officers- Dallaa-KM, Razzly-KM, Selené-KM

    Oathsworn - AzjolNerub (Normal/Heroic) 8/3/13
    Tue/Thu/Sat @ 6:30-9pm
    GM- Jevrien-AN, Officers- Icefall-AN, Mardread-AN, Rasp-AN, Tipheret-AN

    *NEW* So Fancy - KhazModan (Normal/Heroic) 12/4/14
    GM- Stikman-KM, Officer- Scootage-KM

    The Anzacs - AzjolNerub (Flex/PvE10) 3/22/14
    Tue/Wed @ 10pm-1am
    GMs- Ravenlight-AN, Robbert-AN

    Valley of Death - AzjolNerub (PvP) 1/2/14
    RBGs Sun-Sat @ 6pm
    GM- Kickstandtwo-AN, Officers- Meltgibson-AN, Appolias-AN
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    100 Human Warrior
    ==Horde Guilds==

    Bane - KhazModan (Normal/Heroic) 12/14/14
    Sun/Mon/Wed @ 8pm
    GM- Diadema-KM

    Centuria - AzjolNerub (PvE25) 8/6/13
    Group1 Sun/Tue/Thu @ 7:15-10pm, Group2 Mon @ 7:15-10pm
    GM- Zdravsvuite-AN, Officers- Norice-AN, Canaan-AN, Deity-AN, Magiho-AN

    Serenity - KhazModan (Normal) 12/16/14
    Tue/Thu @ 9:30pm-12am
    GM- Longstride-KM

    Speciation - AzjolNerub (PvE10) 10/25/14
    Sun/Mon/Tue @ 7-10pm
    Officers- Actaea-AN (Actaea#1307), Disturbing-AN (Disturbing#1492), Kentauri-AN (Kentauri#1750), Malburt-AN

    The Devils Advocates - AzjolNerub (PvE10/PvP) 4/19/13
    Raids Sun/Tue @ 8:30pm
    GM- Minataurlord-AN, Officers- Ungermax-AN, Magevenom-AN, Bigblack-AN, Blackspiral-AN
    Edited by Hengrad on 12/19/2014 11:23 AM PST
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    100 Human Paladin
    Good work Hengrad, This should be stickied! :P
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    97 Undead Priest

    For sticky!

    And we all know that if I report something, things happen!

    Edit: Clearly my abilities to report things and have things happen have been overly exaggerated... This post has been sitting unstickied for far to long!
    Edited by Poena on 6/29/2012 9:12 AM PDT
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    90 Pandaren Warrior
    True dat! XD
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    90 Dwarf Warrior
    Officers for Infusion: Karst, Fridgie, Scyon, Tanithe.
    Also please have www. in front of our website for the correct redirect.
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    90 Orc Warrior
    Thank you sir for the hard work, looks very good.
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    85 Human Paladin
    Officers for Discerned Reality: Gelete, Badmanwalkin, Jontherevel, Ricott
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    Well thanks for adding Friendship is Magic down for us. Officers are Demongorgon, Emmawatson, Silentchaos, Fearfuul, Ahro, Blönde.

    We have a full clear on DS10 as well, but we haven't tried heroic yet, so I guess that considers us a mixed guild.

    Also, we roleplay... a lot. Would be nice if you tossed that in there as well.

    Thanks, and good job so far!
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    87 Gnome Warlock
    Raid times for Do or Die are Sun/Mon 7pm st

    Thanks for all your time and effort Hengrad. You're a true embassador for the realm.
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    90 Worgen Mage
    Learn This or Wipe

    GM = Lolwraith

    raid time = N/A

    Guild currently has some plans to be a friendly/dungeon guild.
    Edited by Darkwraith on 7/3/2012 9:24 AM PDT
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    Friendship is Magic (PvP/PvE/RP/RPvP/RPvEvERPvPPvPBS)


    Also, we raid DS on Tuesday mostly. But that's about it for our schedule.

    Thanks again.
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    100 Human Paladin
    Officers for Infiltrate: Livinglegend, Kcinbocaj, Amonistron, Sobura. Website:

    Keep up the good work, suprised this isn't stickied yet.
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    90 Pandaren Warrior
    Officers for Shard : Thatius, Oedipa, Simius, Valerinde
    Edited by Thatius on 7/6/2012 10:00 PM PDT
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    Sticky this, please!
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    90 Tauren Druid
    Officer for Aeonian Order: Zuliss

    Also, sticky!
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    96 Night Elf Priest
    Thanks Hengrad!! This is very helpful! Sticky requested!
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    97 Undead Priest
    Bump. Thumbs this thing up folks.
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    100 Draenei Mage
    You don't tell me what to do! /thumbs down
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