<Plays with Fire>- is a new formed level 12 guild; looking for progression in dragon soul. Alot of our members xfered over from a former guild in another server which was 5/8 H DS.
We transferred over and made this guild as our last realm was lacking population.
- We are in need of heals and dps.
Goals: Is to start raiding and start back into doing heroics.
All are welcome to join and another guild ds can be managed.
We are looking for serious raiders who love raid progression, and show up to most/all raids.
Our raid times are set for Thurs - noon (12PM) server but is resulted to change but should stick to thurs.

Please send a tell in-game- or you can send your application to me at wild20038@yahoo.com
Also available almost all times skype- Manbearpig145

Thanks for your time Stormscale
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