Thursday the 28th of June in the year 2012

100 Gnome Warlock
So, I'm sitting here in my office and as per my usual routine am eating my breakfast at my desk. Today we are having chocolate cake, an apple and fried chicken. One of the big boss folk wandered by and looked at me for a bit as I tore into a nice piece of chicken and he asks, 'Is that really fried chicken?'

And apparently he's not the only one who hasn't had cold fried chicken for breakfast, is it like a northerner thing or maybe just pacific northwesterners who don't eat cold fried chicken for breakfast?

Well, at least I've got fried chicken.

Nom nom nom.
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86 Night Elf Priest
The moment it has "fried" in the name, it sounds like a Southern thing. Though I don't know about the cold for breakfast part. If people can scarf cold pizza, I don't see why cold fried chicken is all that different. (But not for me. I don't even eat hot fried chicken much.)

So, how is it that the dentist AND hygienist both said more than once "your teeth are in surprisingly good condition" but I have at least 10 cavities (two serious, one might need a root canal *crosses fingers it doesn't*, and the rest minor) and gum issues? I guess it is all relative and "surprisingly" is more important than "good" in their words. Considering I haven't seen a dentist or had even passable dental hygiene habits for 15+ years, combined with my sweet tooth that has me drinking hot chocolate and choccy milk, eating candy bars and pie, they would expect my teeth to have rotted away long ago. =P

I think after dying in a fire, losing teeth is my secondary nightmare. I'm serious about the first. I swear sometimes I must have died in one in a past life because I instinctively think with how and where to escape fires in any place I live or work. Earthquakes I don't even get in a door jamb or under a desk, but a fire makes my skin crawl. (LOL, just had this thought that maybe I was burned as a witch - but this is more about because caught in an enclosed space in a fire.

Teeth-wise, though, in the last decade or so, I have twice woken from nightmares in which some teeth would get looser and looser, then fall out. I wake up in a panic and running my tongue around my mouth to make sure they're all there because it otherwise seems to real.

Yeah, yeah, more proof my mind is too far gone.

Oh, D3. I finally, FINALLY, found out when and how to get the stupid [The Weary Blacksmith] conversation. With a demon hunter I called Adalinara. =P

Now maybe I'll play a little bit of WoW?

Good morning Sentinels!
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100 Night Elf Druid

Yay for almost having a circadian rhythm again.
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