My guild has fallen apart and I'm looking to help another guild progress through HM DS and into Mists of Pandaria.

I am new to this server; I am a transfer from Hyjal, and the guild I transferred here for promised me hard mode raiding, and they delivered for a month. I don't know which guilds are top end on this server, but I'm looking to join a guild to progress with, maybe around 3/8 or 4/8, or higher.

I have 2/8 HM exp downed, and I have seen Zon'ozz down to 18%. I've not seen any other fights.

I only have a few parses as I started parsing the week before things went to crap in my guild. They are located here:

I am a competent and skilled player and have been playing this warrior since BC, and I can be a good addition to any raid group. I'm capable of frapsing, parsing, and reviewing raids and helping out the group as a whole by looking at parses and strats. I'm also able to work on a guild website, I know the workings of ventrilo and can help setup and maintain both a website and ventrilo server.

My realid is

I can raid tues-thurs 7-1am server. But I am very very flexible on raiding times. I can meet almost any, especially if they are night times.

Edit: Note: I would like to be in your core group if your core is seriously looking to be raiding come Mists. I want to be in T14 content asap after MoP release.
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