Can I walk 604 mph?

36 Undead Mage
If I walk forward in a plane travelling roughly 600mph am I or am I not moving at 600+ mph myself? Sounds ridiculous but In my mind I can logically defend both sides.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
basic relativity and vectors, if you're in the plane moving 600 mph, and you walk the same direction in the plane that the plane is travelling, you are now moving 600 mph + however fast you are walking. As well, if you walk towards the back of the plane from the front you would be moving 600 mph - the speed you are walking
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85 Tauren Death Knight
I know what your saying, but you cannot walk 600 miles an hour. You can MOVE at 600 miles. Like the others said, it's all about relativity. If you are not walking in the plane, then you are simply moving at 600 miles an hour. If you are walking towards the front of the plane, then you are walking at 4 miles an hour, and moving at 604 miles an hour. If you are walking towards the back of the plane, then again you are walking at 4 miles an hour, but now you are moving at 596 miles an hour.

Let's change it up for clarification. Say the plane is not moving at all. If you walk forward in the plane, you are both walking and moving at 4 miles an hour, walking at 4 miles an hour relative to the plane and relative to the ground. Now say the plane starts to move backwards at 4 miles an hour. You begin to walk towards the front of the plane. Now you are still walking at 4 miles an hour relative to the plane, but relative to the ground you are not moving at all. It all depends on what you are using as a point of reference.
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90 Human Paladin
Well, you are technically moving that fast compared to a fixed point on the ground... you certainly aren't walking that fast.

If you were near the center of the galaxy you could make the argument that someone on earth is moving at 485,000 miles per hour, plus/minus the speed of the earth rotating around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour, plus/minus the rotational speed of earth at 1000 miles per hour with that logic. :)

(Estimated speed of the sun orbiting the center of the Milky Way)
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90 Human Mage
You are also forgetting the dozens of other things that are moving you at the same time. The earth's rotating and revolving. The sun revolving. The galaxy moving. Good luck figuring out exactly how fast you are moving.
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