selling a bunch of cata mats/pots/etc

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Guild bank sale, cba to sit in Trade and advertise this crap all day. This is a list of everything we're selling off. If you want something, send me an in-game mail (don't reply to this thread, I don't check the forums that much). I'll COD at 20% off current AH prices and update this list every time I get rid of something. First come, first serve, etc etc. Ideally I'd like to get rid of everything by the end of next week.

Potions (stacks):
Earthen x1
Tol'vir x2
Golemblood x2
Volcanic x2
Mythical Mana x3

Buff Food (stacks):
Crocolisk Au Gratin x2
Blackbelly Sushi x2

Raw Food (stacks):
Dragon Flank x4
Lavascale Catfish x2
Fathom Eel x2
Blackbelly Mudfish x6
Blood Shrimp x1
Algaefin Rockfish x1
Deepsea Sagefish x1

Enchanting Mats:
Hypnotic Dust x1 stack
Maelstrom Crystal x4

Herbs (stacks):
Whiptail x6
Heartblossom x4

Earth x40
Fire x12
Water x25
Life x200

Epic Gems:
Lava Coral x3
Elven Peridot x2
Shadow Spinel x11

Rare Gems (stacks):
Ember Topaz x1
Amberjewel x2
Dream Emerald x2
Ocean Sapphire x2
Demonseye x1

Uncommon Gems (stacks):
Hessonite x1
Alicite x1
Zephyrite x2
Nightstone x1

Bars/Ore (stacks):
Obsidium Bar x2

Enchantment Scrolls:
Cloak; Critical Strike x5
Cloak; Protection x8
Cloak; Greater Int x1
Chest; Mighty Res x2
Bracer; Critical Strike x4
Bracer; Speed x8
Bracer; Precision x25
Gloves; Greater Exp x7
Gloves; Exceptional Str x8
Gloves; Haste x2
Boots; Major Agi x4
Boots; Haste x6
Boots; Earthen Vit x17
Boots; Precision x5
Weapon; Elemental Slayer x5
Shield; Mastery x6
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