Protection Warrior PvE CD Timing?

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Greetings fellow badasses,

I would like to request some help in the matter of when to pop CDs on my Protection Warrior in PvE. I'm writing this on my phone at the moment, so I'm afraid I can't list them. Just a summary would be sufficient. Thank you, and much appreciated.

Dearest regards,

- Cynicz

P.S. If you're in the mood for a long (winded) response, then an explanation of when to pop my CDs on normal DS situations would be much appreciated
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There are three basic situations to use cooldowns.

Situation 1: You know that you're about to take a lot of damage. Impale on Madness, Morchok's mini-enrage at 20%, Zon'ozz at high stacks of Focused Assault, or an Amalgamation with high stacks on Spine are all good examples of this. Shield Wall will usually be the most effective option here, but if it's magic damage or blockable physical damage, Shield Block is also great. Last Stand will help, but not as much as those two, and I prefer to hold it in reserve for either Rallying Cry or situation 2 if I can.

Situation 2: You're at low health, and about to die. Last Stand is most likely to save your life in this situation, because it if you're already at 10k health, using Shield Wall and shaving 40% off of a 50k hit won't save you, while boosting your health by ~70k will.

Situation 3: Your healers aren't able to heal you as much for some reason. Maybe they're dead, and you need to live until they can be battle rezzed. Maybe they disconnected. Maybe they're stunned from Blackhorn's shockwave. Maybe you're at 3 stacks of the purple debuff on Yor'sajh. Maybe there's heavy raid damage, and they just can't spare as much time to heal you as they normally could. Use pretty much any cooldown for this. Enraged Regeneration is good if you'll live long enough to get all of the healing, but on hard-hitting bosses that may not be the case, so I like to stick to my other cooldowns when possible.

EDIT: As a side note, you should really fix your enchants, gems, reforges, and talents. You'll see substantial gains.
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85 Troll Warrior
1. Thank you! I really appreciate the advice.

2. What needs to be fixed, in your opinion? What exactly is wrong?
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Almost none of your gear is enchanted, you have the wrong enchant on your boots, you have lots of empty sockets, some of the gems that DO have are wrong (never gem for strength as a tank, for instance), you're specced into Blood Craze, you're using DPS trinkets (as well as a DPS ring and DPS gauntlets), and you're not reforging for mastery.

Set your gear up like this, with these trinkets and talents:

Replace Impetuous Query with either Mirror of Broken Images, Spidersilk Spindle, Stay of Execution, or Resolve of Undying when you can.
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