Sup Stormfail, I'm looking for a good rogue or unholy dk for a 2s team, and possibly even a rogue spot in a 3s team (already have hunter) for possible triple dps. I understand this server is probably the wrong one to be on looking for decent pvpers, but I thought I'd at least give it a shot. Please have at least a 1750 achiev in 2s/3s. Be good at communication, taking in critique, and adapting at a moments notice. I'm very easy to get along with, I just want someone with the credentials listed above to pvp with longterm. Will take into consideration other classes if things work out well. Requirements are;
- Must have skype (It kills me a little inside that I feel the need to list this)
- Don't be a rager/!@#$ talker, being modest goes a long ways.
- Be decent, IE: You already know your pvp spec to the point where I don't need to tell you what you should be doing.

Anyways, hit me up on the forums or in game! Thank you.