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We do exist, and we aren't going anywhere folks.

As I see it you have three options here.

You can grief, in which case we'll implement our policy of reporting and /ignoring. You will get in trouble, and we will not acknowledge your existence beyond one warning to stop.

You can continue to politely ignore us, and we will politely ignore you. We'll most likely still interact in trade, making gold off each other and what not.

The final option might be something some of you have never considered before! You could try out Roleplay. Learn about an aspect of the game you may have ignored for over 7 years now.

If the final option interests you, go to, sniff around a bit, see what's going on. If you have any questions on Roleplay, feel free to whisper Urivial ingame for more information.

This thread will be routinely bumped whenever I have pictures to post about Alliance RP events. The events will have already happened, and if you would like to participate in them I once again suggest whispering Urivial for more information.

Twisting Nether is an RP/PvP server. This means many of us are here to Roleplay out PvP interactions. It adds a certain spice to the PvP, when your character might know the character he's fighting alongside, or even know the character he's fighting AGAINST as a hated enemy!

Current Alliance RP Guilds that are involved with Roleplay in some fashion:

The Dusk Watch

Invictus Sanctum

Redblade Corsairs



Cardinal Brigade

While not all of these guilds are RP oriented, they are the guild tags I've seen Alliance RPers with. Because of this I believe they support RP, which on a server with RP in the tag, is important.

Addons for an RP/PvP server:

Total RP 2: This addon is a must have for any RPer, beginner or advanced. It combines many of the old RP addons into one deluxe addon with much utility. You of course do not have to use all of it's features. I myself have barely scratched the surface of this spectacular addon.

PvPermanent: Let's be honest. Bluewalling is cowardly. It -ALSO- breaks character when a Horde is attacking and somehow you're an invulnerable foe. Like those damn orphans in Orgrimmar and Stormwind that we aren't allowed to slaughter... What this addon does is keep you permanently flagged. Going into dungeons or raids has the pesky habit of deflagging you, even if you do try to remain perma-flagged for PvP all the time. PvPermanent will automatically flag you whenever you leave a dungeon or raid! Quite helpful.

TL;DR: The Alliance RP Community of TN isn't dying. We're thriving. And we invite any who wish to assist in the rebuilding of our community to join us in RPing.
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"We do exist, and we aren't going anywhere folks."

That explains the crunching sound beneath my Axe. Don't worry, Urivial. The Horde Community is happy to help the Alliance. More RPPvP, thanks.
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Arise, Alliance, that we may once more experience war without end!

((In other words, I support this post fully. Lets get faction balance, or at least less over-balanced!))
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Blue walling is amazing.
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Cathedral Service went well as it always does.

Many thanks to Paxon for hosting this Alliance RP event.
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Very nice thread, Sir Urivial.
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As a horde wanting more alliance RPers to slaughter ICly, I support this fully.
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That's right! We TN RPers aren't go-


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The Grim's strike at our fires soundly rebuffed Sunday, the Alliance once more looked towards the Offensive. Our last attack a resounding success, we hoped to duplicate the effect. And we did. The Undead Abominations that call themselves Forsaken make their home in the sewers of a once great Human Civilization. Quite fitting. This very eve we struck at this "Undercity" with all the force we could muster!

In the Military Quarter as the undead call it, we came across human captives being slaughtered. We of course took down their evil captors and helped them escape to safety!

Moving onto the Magic Quarter, we found numerous rune circles for terrible demonic summoning! Do the Forsaken's evil know no bounds? We quickly dispatched these circles and their tenders, moving up the stairs and taking down the portal operators as well.

We moved onto the rogue's quarter, fighting numerous Deathguards as well as other Horde terrorists as we went. We cleared out this quarter, lighting up the shadows and taking down those who would hide in them.

Finally we went down into the Apothecarium, where the vile undead create their plagues. We freed more Alliance captives and destroyed hundreds of suspect samples! Hopefully the Undead's ability to make plague will be seriously hampered for a little while at the least.

We had a bit more Horde resistance this week then we did last week, which to be honest causes me great dismay! The Horde are willing to protect monsters that commited atrocities like SOUTHSHORE, but they lift barely a hand in defense of the Tauren, some of their strongest fighters?! In the end though, resistance was futile. We destroyed numerous Forsaken supplies, and crippled their warmachine tonight. I thank all who attended, and to those Alliance, or Neutrals out there who sit on the fence, unwilling to attack? I ask you this. Will you sit stationary for years while the Horde loom above your heads as Southshore did? Tonight we avenged Southshore. Do not make us avenge you as well.

To the Horde: You are weak, and we are strong. I ask you to waste yourselves against our defenses. I ask you to continue breaking under our assault. For that is all you can do.

Sir Urivial Beckett, Commander of the Dusk Watch

((OOC Info: Had a lot of fun tonight. Went to SMC after this attack OOCly, and was pleasently surprised the Horde got their stuff together. The jumping all over the place when you guys retaliated made it really hard to get our two raids together for an actual brawl though, so that was slightly disappointing :( Still, thanks for showing up to defend, all of you Horde.))
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Sir, I want you to try that same technique in Orgrimmar.
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It's in the planning stages, but I'm not foolish enough to believe I can just waltz in with 12-14 like we've been doing =)
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I must say, I'm very excited to see the outcome of that day. Who would get their pride hurt?
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"Dat Urivial. Always makin' problems. A gob can't even have a moment to relax without bein' dragged off ta defend some city or anodda." Clink sighs.

(( <3 you Urivial! I'll get on my druid and help your side next time. Great posts, and you have my vouch that Alli RP is alive and active. Join the Dusk Watch, Alli RPers! They're great. The only Alliance guild I can stomach. =P ))
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*Gasp* @ Clink!!!!!
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After a rather sad showing made by the Alliance across the forests of Azuremyst Isle on Sunday, we rallied on Thursday, for an assault on Bilgewater Harbor! Azshara was once a beautiful land, populated with peaceful Night Elves! Until the Goblins settled there, turned the land mass into the Horde symbol, a symbol of hatred and tyranny, and made a mockery of the once spectacular lands! Well no more!

We made our way into the city, encountering little true resistance! Only to find the tavern full of drunk passed out guards! The excess of the Horde knows no bounds.

Making our ways to the docks, we moved onto the boat, putting down any goblin that got in our way, and dismantling several key components of the boat. As a Grandmaster Gnomish Engineer, I can tell you, fellow Alliance that that machine of war will not plague us for many more months.

Moving inside the control room for the goblin's giant cannon smack dab in the middle of Bilgewater, we set about demolishing the pieces in place that made it function. This is an effort the Dusk Watch has worked on for months. If we have our way, the goblins will never finish their super weapon.

Finding this huge explosive device just laying around, most likely to be used as ammo for the giant cannon, some might say it would be poetic justice to use it to destroy the goblins and their little city. But we of the Alliance are not the villians. We are not evil. Instead, this bomb was dismantled by our expert engineer, the ArchCode-Gnome. Down into base components that we hope to someday use for things that promote life, not death.

I implore you Alliance. Step up and stand tall and proud as we do. Together, we will end the Horde's ability to make war on our lands, and their own.

Many thanks go to the Alliance organization Rooks, for their generous assistance in our latest endeavour. I hope more of the Alliance take from their example, and help us in our efforts to quell the Horde threat.

Sir Urivial Beckett, Commander of the Dusk Watch.

((OOC info: Many thanks to Ashenfury for at least trying to rally some Horde to Bilgewater! We also went to Orgrimmar's Valley of Spirits after the IC Bilgewater raid. Got ourselves stomped a few times, but everyone in my raid told me they quite enjoyed it regardless! I consider this event a success!))
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Urivial what the hell was your old name. I Can't remember it
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Carlos brosky.

Don Carlos Sanchez.
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After barely pushing the Horde back from Dolonaar, letting ourselves be beaten to keep our night elven allies alive, the Dusk Watch and it's Alliance allies set it's sights on Orgrimmar... but first, there were other areas to consider.

The Crossroads have long sat in the exact center of Horde lands, a trading center for orc, tauren, and troll alike. Today we entered the town... and spent 15 minutes setting fire to it. Those left alive at Crossroads will eventually rebuild, we would expect nothing less. But no horde soldiers will find themselves recieving weapons and armors from the Crossroads today.

Leaving the inhabitants of Crossroads to tend to their dead and wounded, the combined Alliance forces thrust it's way into Razor Hill, destroying anything they could get their hands on, much as they did at Crossroads. After clearing out any horde scum, we were able to relax in their fortress for several minutes before moving on of our own accord. The Horde's defense seems severely lacking...

After ransacking Razor Hill, we were ready for our main objective. We overlooked the gates of Orgrimmar before descending...

We fought...

And fought...

And fought. We blocked up the front gates of Orgrimmar for an hour and thirty minutes before overwhelming Horde numbers forced us into retreat.

Take heart Alliance! We have more than proved to the Horde, we will not be taken lightly. In the past 4 weeks we have destroyed countless horde weapons, crushed every force we've come across in our assaults. We are making a difference, but we cannot do it by ourselves. We ask you to step up, join us in our fights. Join us as we achieve victory against the Horde Menace.

Yours truly,
Sir Urivial Beckett, Commander of the Dusk Watch

((OOC Info: Well, this was the funnest RP/PvP event we've had yet! Thank you to all of the Alliance who came along! Thank you to all the Horde who fought us, where ever you fought us. Thank you to the Ele shaman that showed up right as one of my people was like "Should we really be on an edge like thi- OH !@#$!" That was a kodak moment.))
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The Sudden Assault ((RP/PvP))

((The events in this story took place ingame, in an RP/PvP event. This thread is for IC reactions to the event after the fact.))

Grimbles Cogknob was a goblin. He was specifically a goblin engineer that helped with the production of Horde Demolishers. He wasn't a fighter, so when the Alliance came wearing mainly Dusk Watch Tabards, with stony faces and destruction in their hands, he hid. He wasn't expected to fight them after all, his job was to build weapons of destruction!

He hid behind crates for quite sometime. The Alliance forces were pushed back, only to return ten minutes later for more destruction. All of the Horde Demolishers and vehicles under construction were broken and torched. Fire dominated Grimbles' mind as all he could do was stare helplessly at the destruction.

Eventually, it was over. After an hour and fourty-five minutes of what he could only consider the most terrifying moments of his life, there were finally overwhelming Horde reinforcements, that were able to push the Alliance group back, out, and seemingly away.

Grimbles slid from behind his crate carefully, making sure no grunts saw him and accused him of cowardice. He looked around. All his work on the demolishers was undone, all of any goblin's work was undone now. As he moved down the road into the Valley of Honor, trying to stop the tremors in his hands, he looked around.

Bodies littered the Valley of Honor, each time the Alliance pushed in, they'd killed any armored fighter who stood in their way. At the same time there were shaken people like him who were completely untouched. It seemed those who did not fight back were not dealt with. (You naughty bluewallers you ;3)

The Blacksmith area was trashed, the Horde Auction House pilfered. Every weapon Grimbles could see was broken beyond repair, beyond use. All they'd be good for was a melting down into their base minerals. Grimbles Cogknob gaped openly at what he saw.

"M-maybe we shouldn't have joined the Horde..." He muttered to himself outloud as he surveyed the wrecked portion of the Horde city.

There were no fliers this time. The Silence of the Dusk Watch and Commander Beckett might bring more fear then the posturing of before. It was a clear message. The posturing was over, and now the Watch fought to end this war.

((OOC info: I consider this our best Event yet. It's been brought to my attention that my pictures are too large, and I'm too bad to fix that, so I've taken them out and made this solely words. Hope you all enjoy it a bit better.))
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Heads Up! Knives Sharp! Good Eats!....

Awesome Wines... Keeps up your energy U.

Keeps its up mon!

You nevers knows watcha impacts is buts dis old troll encourage you!
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