Hello all,

Sin Gaming is a new guild on The Forgotten Coast. We are currently 6/8 heroic and will presumably be 8/8 heroic after the following raid week. We are currently pretty tight on our core raiding roster but due to the large amount of whispers and interest in raiding with us from the general population we have decided to open recruitment for a 2nd raiding team. This team will primarily raid on Sundays, and will not be starting until we are 8/8 heroic (presumably 1-2 weeks). The raid time is 8-12 pm server, same as the core group.

If you would like to learn more about us just visit our website at: www.sin-and-absolution.wowstead.com

If you have any questions please whisper Deny, Calinthus, or Remain in game. We are not requiring applications for the Group 2, just interview, but if you are interested in trying to compete for a core spot you will need to apply.

For those interested in core for Cata, we are looking for:
Spriest or Warlock
While we have more than 10 raiders for our current core 10 man, we are lacking in casters so this would be an immediate progression core position. As we are working on Spine/Madness you will need to already be 396+ already in order to be considered. We do not have time to gear you as of right now.

If you are only interested in joining us for MoP, please whisper one of us in game and apply via the website and specify that you are a MoP applicant. All of our core positions will be reset when MoP is released and we will raid as soon as we have 10 people ready to go.

best regards,

-GM of <Sin Gaming>

p.s. Wowstead drives me insane. Custom Website will be up today. URL www.sin-gaming.us
Edited by Deny on 7/3/2012 6:30 AM PDT