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90 Human Death Knight
Post here and we may get lucky. Jeadenar is dead. Fact is fact. This server has less population then the starting zones of many other realms. We need a merge or something to fix this server. I don't believe this would be a difficult task for you guys. It may even save money to have one less server. Either way, its a waste of my $15 a month. I pay to play an MMO (massively multiplying online) game to play with OTHERS not one other person...thats what board games are for. So if possible, please make this game an MMO again.
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85 Human Rogue
I agree... Dead server please fix this crap, I wanna play with alot of people not 1 other guy...
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51 Orc Hunter
I had some characters on that server and it sucked way hardcore to try to anything that was a group quest it would take me like 5000 years to get it done and most of them I just skipped. Thumbs up for merging this server ^
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81 Blood Elf Warlock
It used to be fun to play on that server. I switched and leveled a toon on a different server. I wish you guys the best of luck on getting it merged.
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68 Human Death Knight
I'd say that your probably out of luck with this one. Blizzard offers a server transfer for 25$ use it or deal with it.
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85 Dwarf Hunter
I agree with Archess with his comment. I have been on this server since before BC and iv had to transfer people off of it because there's no one on the server anyone. My first toon is still on this server and i dont even really play him anymore because there is really nothing i can do on this server anymore, and I have already payed 50 dollors to transfer two toons off of this server! im not spending anymore to get off of a dead server. i want to have fun on my toons again not be bored playing on this server with like 100 ppl on in a good time of the day. please fix this.
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86 Human Warrior
Hell yeah... Move this junk server somewhere else or combine 2 crap servers maybe it will get that would make it better. Who knows? Blizz Fix this issue.
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88 Goblin Priest
This server needs to get merged im in a guild that cant get past spine in DS and pvping isnt any fun anymore because in order to get into any RBGS i have to go to other servers and scout out for them and give random people my information and i dont like doing that at all! I want to be in heroics in DS like i am on some of my other toons but with this server i cant seem to do this. im getting agervated with all of this and to transfer is too much money for me right now i already pay 30 dollors to continue playing this which isnt fun because im not paying to stay crap on this game. PLEASE PLEASE merge or sumthing!
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90 Human Hunter
They're already talking about this issue.
Horde Trade Chat was having this discussion for about 4 hours a few weeks ago.
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85 Night Elf Druid
A merge would be nice. My entire raiding guild I was in left me and I wasn't going anywhere because I like the people that at least were here and it feels wrong to leave. Bringing back high to low pop transfers for awhile would be ok too. I mean I remember playing with lots of people and meeting new people all the time now it's hey bob... over and over not very massive anymore. But anyway I agree merge our realm instead of just putting low pop realms as new players realms.
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85 Undead Priest
I have payed for many Xfers off of this server. Ends up costing quite a bit. But I'm not complaining about money here. I would just like to meet new people like Angelofice said. I played here since vanilla and I used to meet people ALL the time! Now that Angeofice mentioned it, I really do find myself talking to only the same few people. /who org or /who stormwind. See what happens.
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86 Goblin Mage
i don't know any of you
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100 Human Priest
And who are you?
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87 Blood Elf Warrior
Where am I?
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85 Undead Rogue
07/08/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Ti
Where am I?
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85 Dwarf Warlock
07/08/2012 04:01 PMPosted by Huebert
Where am I?
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85 Human Priest
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1 Troll Hunter
Yea, because past expansions have made Jaedenar a better server
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