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~A friendly server discussion about the other Fury meat.~

So yes. Titan's Grip is the way to go for Fury Warriors. I'll admit that right away. But right now my guild has a short list for Gurthalak, and since I am a tank first and dps second, I thought I would check on DPS options for those single-tank fights. And then No'Kaled dropped.

Ask Mr. Robot recommends that these axes for Rogues and Enh.Shamans are best in slot for Single Minded Fury. And since we are without anyone who needs them, thought I would save them from being DE trash. So I paired it with my tanking axe, and the results were satisfactory. Also gave me an excuse to get transmogs of my Troggbanes! :D

After getting a second No'Kaled, I now want to get down and serious with what SMF can do. Anyone out there have any recommendations concerning my build, stat priorities, or rotation? I would also enjoy reading anyone's personal testimonies too.

Stay angry, my friends.
Raevandr - Synergy (SWC)

-PS- Yeah, this could go in the class forums, but I'd rather get the opinions of people who share the server. :P
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Afraid we've got nothing from our camp about that. Our main raiding warrior is Arms anyway. Good luck though, sounds like fun to iron out. How about you keep the forum appraised of your progress? It's something to read and it's not like we couldn't use some life here.

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100 Draenei Warrior
Thanks for the attention. If I am the only vocal SMF Warrior, I will follow your suggestion of keeping updates on my progress. With it being the end of content until MoP, all I can really do is compare myself to other DPS, but this is something I would like to follow through with through MoP.

Good luck on your clears, and see you in the new expansion. :P
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Gear wise for ya is good, Creche of the Final Dragon will probably bring you a little more, but you're fine with what you got. Talent wise I'd drop Die by the Sword for Rude Interruption. Then I personally take Drums of War in case I'm rage starved so I can still interrupt instead of Incite and Piercing Howl, though you could drop Piercing Howl for another Point in Incite.

I really can't wait for MoP to come out so I can go back to SMF. Haven't had it since the begining of Cata.
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100 Draenei Warrior
Right now I play back up tank for adds on Madness and if the tank accidentally dies on single-tank fights. The only real reason I still have Die by the Sword. And the only fight I have an opportunity to interrupt to make use of Rude Interruption is on the ping pong boss. Though I am noticing I do not make a lot of use from Piercing Howl either.
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The thing about SMF is that the rotation is all about using Colossal Smash and pouring as many damaging abilities as you can within those 6 seconds. Generally what you'll do is pool your rage, hit Colossal Smash and then hit Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Raging Blow, Slam if you've got a Bloodsurge proc, the like. Once the Colossal Smash is off you wait and pool rage until it comes up to do it again.

This marks SMF comparatively more bursty as far as Warrior damage goes in PvE. If we were to imagine the three Warrior DPS specs as lines, it would go something like this.

Fury would be a straight line with lots of little squiggles. Sustained damage with the occasional Slam and Raging Blow.

Arms would be a more crooked line with a more severe squiggles. Overpower crits, Mortal Strike, Reck/Lolstorm burs.

SMF on the other hand is basically a straight line, and then very jumpy spikes in damage.

Your general rotation will go like this:

Coloss Smash -> Bloodthirst -> Slam (if Bloodsurge) -> Raging Blow -> Heroic Strike with Battle Trance or 65+ Rage. Prioritize HS higher if you have an Incite proc.

If you're wondering why there's no Whirlwind, it's because Whirlwind scales off of weapon damage, which if you're SMF is going to be too low for it to be worth the rage.

As for your spec, you've already explained Die By The Sword, but it'd be good for you to put that one point from Piercing Howl into Incite to boost your single target DPS.

Your stats look good so far. Expertise capped with 13% hit. From there your stat priority should be Strength -> Crit > Mastery = Haste. You can try to aim for 27% hit if you want, but past the yellow hit cap you're gimping yourself on other stats.
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100 Draenei Warrior
Thanks for the input and tips. I had never really considered the full burst potential inside the CS window, so I will certainly give it some thought in my next raid. And yes, now that I think of it, I have no clue why I have the one talent point in Piercing Howl. ^^;;

As for current DPS comparison, it looks like our TG Fury Warrior is starting to pull ahead of me on slightly lower gear levels. Time to see if pooling for Colossal Smash will put me back up.

I also managed to get a pair of Souldrinkers. Once I manage to get them enchanted, I am going to see how they compare to my No'Kaleds.
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