Selling lots of mats! (Horde and Alliance)

63 Orc Rogue
Through the course of this Xpac I have gathered a TON of herbs/minerals and never got a chance to sell them all when I quit.

If your still raiding and need mats for flasks and potions or if your leveling your professions for MOP or if you saving up some mats for MOP when it launches so you dont have to pay those crazy prices that will be present. Whatever reason you have, I have the mats and I will undercut anyone.

I currently have
-Elementium ore
-Pyrite Ore
-Obsidium ore
-Twilight Jasmine
-Azshara's Viel

As said I have a ton of each of those mats. Send me an in-game tell or mail telling me what you want and how much of it. I will check the AH and undercut the current price, unless its way higher then it should be and I will send it at a reasonable price.

Thanks for reading and please help me get rid of these mats.

-If you are interested in savage leather or blackened dragonscale I do have some.
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85 Tauren Druid
I do need to stock up for mists. Gota power level those professions up. I will contact you in game.
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63 Orc Rogue
I also have lots of Volatile Life.
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63 Orc Rogue
Still selling a ton of mats!
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90 Draenei Priest
O_o Elbren is that you?
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100 Dwarf Hunter
How much for stormvine? darn rare lol
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90 Human Paladin
07/04/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Zoila
O_o Elbren is that you?


I only have the one horde toon and he's still in Ekpyrosis.
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63 Orc Rogue
I am always selling in trade chat and to some of my own personal buyers. if you want to send an in game mail with what you want I can get it together for you and COD it to you. My stormvine was going at 30g a stack but as priced move up and down it may go lower. Mail me your order and I promise to fill your order no matter how big.
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