Transmog Fire Sale

90 Goblin Shaman
In the interests of clearing out my bank guild and perhaps making a little cash before Mists, I'm trying to get rid of some of the absolutely ridiculous amount of gear I've picked up over the last couple years. I've really only listed the stuff that's either legitimately rare or seems to be in-demand for mogging - it's about half of what I actually have, so if you're looking for something specific, by all means hit me up and ask. I'm more interested in moving this stuff than making a huge profit - if you're interested in any of it, just reply or send Mirax a mail if I'm not online.
Also willing to make deals via the neutral AH.


Blade of Wizardry
Singing Crystal Axe
The Bringer of Death


Revenant Chestplate x2, Revenant Boots x2, Revenant Gauntlets, Revenant Leggings
Lofty Shoulder Pads
Conqueror's Greaves, Conqueror's Legplates
Jade Greaves, Jade Gauntlets


Lord's Breastplate
Bloodlust Bracelets, Bloodlust Breastplate
Battleforge Girdle - sold, Battleforge Shoulderguards- sold, Battleforge Wristguards Battleforge Gauntlets- sold, Battleforge Boots - sold
Blood Knight Gauntlets
Engraved Breastplate, Engraved Leggings, Engraved Boots
Fiery Beholder Eye


Black Velvet Robes *exceptionally rare - SOLD
Hibernal Robe
Blackmetal Cape
Barbaric Loincloth
Buccaneer's Boots
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100 Gnome Priest
WoW needs to have a neutral "yard sale" once a month. You set up your table and people click it and what you're selling shows up with the prices. No fees on sales but a fee for set up. I've seen similar in other games.
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85 Tauren Warrior
Bump for Mirax, and myself

I have the full Bloodscale(no shoulders) and Combat Mail sets

as well as:

Glorious Belt Glorious Bindings

Vanguard Headdress Vanguard Legplates Vanguard Vambraces Vanguard Gauntlets
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85 Tauren Warrior
bump because I need to sell stuff to get some gold
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91 Orc Death Knight
how much did you sell/ are these worth atm [Battleforge Shoulderguards] or whats the gonig rate
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90 Goblin Shaman
09/08/2012 02:29 AMPosted by Gorezul
how much did you sell/ are these worth atm [Battleforge Shoulderguards] or whats the gonig rate

I've seen them on the AH for anything from ~200g-1k.
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