Ok so now that I have your attention! So do you want to be in a guild that rewards you for raiding? Do you want to be in a guild that will lets you raid? Do you want a guild that rewards you for donating your hard earned mats to the guild bank? Do you want a guild that will acknowledge your ability to do things for and with the guild by giving you the OS3D mount? YOU DO!?!??!?!?!?! Well this is the guild for you. Our philosophy is anyone who wants to raid gets to raid. We have heroic DS runs and regular DS runs and we will look at where you are at and cater the runs to you. You may not raid every time we raid but we leave no raider behind.

How is this possible? Very simply we raid every night at 7pm server. What you can't make it every night? Not a problem don't come in, this guild is designed so that you can pick it up and put it down when you want. We are the definition of how a progressive casual raiding guild should be.

We have rewards programs active in our guild, there are weekly activities that you can get involved in and get to know your fellow guild members. We now have a PVP leader and looking for more PVPers (personally not my lane I like my raids).

We will also be looking to get you west coasters in the guild at the end of this month as I finally draw my military service to a close and move from the east coast to the west coast. Time is yet to be decided but we are looking at around 11pm server time.

All I ask is if you are in the market for a guild check out our guild page you can talk to me, saintjude, meglonoth, primalcurse, and/or Kinkxxii.

Heres the webpage link
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Ah Mali I always appreciate the bumps, still buying guilds for cheap and breaking them down for scraps? How is facade err tsunami err what are they now? Good to see your back on Shandris, you have hopped from side to side more times than Roger Clemens.
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The time I'm wasting? I raid about three days a week for about 3hours each time. I don't spend 7-8 hours a day in random BG's screaming at the comp and breaking mouses every other night. How is your monitor at the moment? Any chips dings cracks you can call safeauto to fix the crack in the screen.

Just because I say there is a raid going on every day doesn't mean that the same people in the guild are raiding EVERYDAY. We have about 5-6 lockouts with 4-5 of those lockouts going to completion. Aww Mali your doing your usual read what you want to read, and missing the rest. I do appreciate the questions though lets me clarify. Glad to see your still alive please feel free to ask any more questions in your eloquent way of yours.
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Well glad to hear things are going well for you. Glad to hear you put down the bottle, before it was empty!!!!! Take care maybe I'll see you around.
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"mostly just hang with my gf."- LOL. Paying to get dat Snaggle-Tooth fixed?

"this game was fun when content was hard. cata ruined pve for me." -If the content is so easy- where is YOUR "Savior of Azeroth", "Firelord"," Blackwing's Bane",etc titles at?

and why are you so hung-up on T-Town Warriors, that is literally all you whine and !@#$% about, and do you still have that God-Awful accent?
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07/31/2012 08:51 AMPosted by Soup
"mostly just hang with my gf." "this game was fun when content was hard. cata ruined pve for me."

I figured someone would be all over that :P
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I leave for a couple of weeks and I come back to, poor mali getting no love. Leave him alone hes started a new guild he doesn't need all this bad press right now hes reeling a bunch of new people in to come back over to the horde or free transfer to another server. Oh I jest Mali, Good Luck with your new guild I hope it all works out for you. When you actually work at it you do well with turning guilds round.

Incidentally I'm one missed me hell my wife didn't miss me and I was gone for three months.

Anyway we are recruiting again now its time to get ready for Panda's so if you want a home for your big ball of fluff come join us. Our intention is to get people leveled quick and raiding. Like our philosophy always is if you want to raid you get to raid. No-one sits on the bench we rotate people out so that everyone gets to look at content and we will be bringing that to MoP. Our hope is to get to heroic content and the more aggressive of our raiders will have a chance to see true end game content.

As all ways here is our webpage
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Mali....I miss you somedays lol
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90 Blood Elf Priest
08/03/2012 11:11 AMPosted by Shadonight
Incidentally I'm one missed me hell my wife didn't miss me and I was gone for three months.

That is a lie, I did too miss you! You big Orcie you! LoL
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