Looking for new Assassination game suggestion

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I would love to get down on this, but you need to switch me from Horde to Alliance


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<---------- Horde now. And extra awesome.
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And TB shouldn't count. WPVP should be exactly that. Out in the world.
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Ok, prepare for quite a wall of text. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to avoid. Here is the list we have so far. As you can see, it’s not even yet, and we’re short of our minimum 50-per-side goal, so please spread the word to those that might not frequent the forums.

Now for the rules. This will likely be edited and added to before Tuesday, as it’s a work in progress:

--You may list several of your toons if you wish, but if one of them is assassinated, all are off the list. You may have a Horde and Alliance toon, but the same rule applies. If your Horde is assassinated, your Ally is removed as well. That being said, let me know if you’d like your alts removed or added to the list below. If you have two toons listed below that aren’t indicated as bundled, let me know so I can remove one or bundle them. If I find out after the game begins, you may be removed from the list entirely.

--The game continues until either faction of assassins is eliminated. As the list whittles down, kills will become less frequent. Be prepared for this, and please don’t lament the inevitable slowed pace.

--The assassin must post his/her own screenshot, or the kill won’t be counted. Press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard, then find the photo in your WoW screenshot folder, then upload it to a photo-sharing website such as imgur.com or photobucket, then cut-and-paste the link into our thread.

--You must use a Flag of Ownership OR any in-game banner, be it from your guild or a rep reward. http://www.wowhead.com/item=46843/argent-crusaders-banner#shared-cooldown. Here is a list of some banners, many of which you may already be eligible for. You have time to get one before the game starts Tuesday.

--Only assassins can kill assassins. Folks not on the list cannot post screenshots. Assassins participate until they are assassinated themselves by another assassin still on the list. You will keep your kill total that you accrued up to that point, but are thereafter on the sidelines.

--Group kills are fine, but the first poster gets credit for the kill. Healers, for instance, will certainly need helpers to kill targets, so it is to be expected. Assassins who have been eliminated are free to help others with group kills obviously, but they can’t accrue more themselves.

--Be careful, as hunting in cities is more dangerous than previous seasons. You can sneak in and kill your target, but a nearby opportunistic assassin could get an easy kill after you are chased down and killed by guards.

--This is not an exact science, but I’ll monitor the situation as best I can. For instance, when there is a flagging posted, I’ll check to see if it belongs to the assassin as best I can, based on rep and guild, etc. There is only so much that can be done.

--Please be active on the toon listed. While there is some room for flexibility, I’ll be checking toon activity and weekly guild points. If someone is too inactive, they’ll be removed.

--Same-faction kills are not permitted. In Gurubashi or free-for-all arenas, this still applies, though there’s not much to stop an opposing faction assassin from just dropping a flag on you and getting credit. Arenas and BGS are fair game as well.

--Please stay flagged for PvP as much as possible, and be a good sport. Don’t fear Tol Barad, because I imagine a lot of action will take place there.

1. Deadliest assassin: Realm-wide assassin with the most kills
2. Last man standing: The last toon remaining on the wiped-out side
3. Deputy assassin: Realm-wide assassin with the second-most kills
4. First blood: Assassin who posts the first kill (no collusion)

1. Instant Statue Pedestal
2. 60-day time card
3. Ethereal Portal
4. The Flag of Ownership

Deadliest assassin has first choice, then second-deadliest, then last man standing, then first blood. First blood will need to wait until the game ends to get his/her prize. I am open to new prize categories, but this is all I’ve thought of so far. If I can’t get one of the prizes for some reason, I may need to substitute, but will try my best.

Most importantly, this is for fun. Please don’t bog it down by trying to game the system or hide away with your PvP disabled all the time. I’ve tried to just include people who want to participate to avoid this problem. I hate having to remove folks from the game, but I will if there is no other recourse. Being killed doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means you played the game. The best and most active often fall early, but it makes the game fun I think. Thanks, and can’t wait to see the killings.
Edited by Arar on 7/13/2012 7:11 PM PDT
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1. Jimmihendrix/Lunchmeatt/Bubblenoob
2. Freeziniztic
3. Unclescar
4. Enixa
5. Graht
6. Troopper
7. Ninjroid
8. Acidic
9.. Merden
10. Dumont
11. Notbush
12. Razial
13. Leerrooyy
14. Killfalcon
15. Scrubazz
16. Harrowmont
17. Deney
18. Antisocial/Beserk
19. Chrolde
20. Floses
21. Detreus
22. Lgreen/Battlehammer
23. Achilles
24. Bamz
25. Crewmemba
26. Remains
27. Sc r a p e
28. Goldenfoxx
29. Berician
30. Gitsum
31. Turmed
32. Mcshady
33. Vydia
34. Subaru
35. Brycen
36. Bollex
37. Draxxus
38. Viladin
39. Anticipate
40. Mynamesucks
41. Servilla
42. Pitboss
43. Suddenlyy
44. Quintas
45. Sikbubblegum
46. Darachiel
47. Killfalcontwo


1. Nem
2. Larry
3. Rustynail
4. Patienstoon
5. Panyqueso
6. Mhong
7. Killingspree
8. Seethris
9. Ruination
10. Aspext
11. Cattywampus
12. Panthra
13. God
14. Brutal
15. Ketamine
16. Cad
17. Pandora
18. Takarita
19. Medcaid
20. Akiyuki
21. Chunkz
22. Rickfleir
23. Daredruid
24. Saggymaggy
25. Clayface/Lightbuld
26. Mortigansayu
27. Blink
28. Celestine /Azaelia/Devaya
29. Lyllyth/Agrrona
30. Vynalor
31. Carmis
32. Poison
33. Grünge
34. Quitestep
35. Pergatory
36. Hyperion
37. Thedarkhorse
38. Lily
39. Drid
40. Guttedd
41. Victoria
42. Doomz
43. Bilious
44. Misskrissy
Edited by Arar on 7/16/2012 5:17 PM PDT
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90 Tauren Druid
I probably wont be able to play this Assassination game myself due to me usually only having the weekends to play, but in case I am invited to participate in hunting down the Alliance assassins I do have a question. How large of groups are allowed to be formed to preform assassinations?
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There is no limit, and as long as you regularly play on weekends, I think that is sufficient. That's about the limit I think, getting in playing time every week. You've been added. Thanks.
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86 Human Rogue
Get that bad rogue, Anticipate, up there.
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He has been added. Thanks. And the double-toon has been noted.
Edited by Arar on 7/13/2012 5:52 PM PDT
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Thanks. 30 Horde and 41 Alliance now. Please ask guildies if they'd like to participate.

Also, in light of the alt rule, please indicate if you'd like your alt added or removed.
Edited by Arar on 7/13/2012 5:55 PM PDT
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85 Blood Elf Mage
i spose add me to teh list even though im a baddy
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Awesome, thanks for stepping up. I put you in the empty #8 spot. Ask any guildies if they'd like to join. Also, there are likely more Horsemen that want to join as well. Post here please.

Also, Servilla, Sikbubbelgum, and Poison have been added.
Edited by Arar on 7/13/2012 7:02 PM PDT
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There should be a prize for being the first guy killed, as that is the only way I have a chance of winning anything.
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85 Undead Rogue
Take me off the list I wont be on this character on a regular basis

MFW I figured this out - http://i.imgur.com/Yr7ZB.gif
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07/13/2012 08:05 PMPosted by Thugmcgee
Take me off the list I wont be on this character on a regular basis

Well, this will be a game changer for sure. Now everyone else has a chance. If something changes before Tuesday let us know please.
Edited by Arar on 7/13/2012 8:24 PM PDT
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