Competition: Free 8/8 H DS - Loot + Mount!

Hey all!

<Bulk Loose Gaming> of US-Khaz'Goroth is offering a FREE 8/8 Heroic clear of Dragon Soul. This includes loot, the Madness of Deathwing mount Life-Binder's Handmaiden and the Savior of Azeroth title. We have successfully sold these runs in the past few weeks but have now decided to give something to the community.

To be eligible for this prize simply reply to this thread. In 100 words or less tell us why you deserve the Dragon Soul clear, mount and title. Be creative!

The winner will be chosen on Friday the 20th of July. Please post on the character that you intend to take as we will contact you in-game as well as posting the winner on the forums. The winner will be required to present themselves on US-Khaz'Goroth, on Friday the 27th of July before 6pm (Oceanic) server time. Cross realm entries are highly encouraged for this competition, however you will have to transfer your eligible toon to US-Khaz'goroth Horde.

If successful you will be our guest both in raid and on Ventrilo. In addition to the loot, mount and title this is a great opportunity to be part of an experienced and successful raid group.

About Us:
<Bulk Loose Gaming> is a tight knit 10-player guild of dedicated ex-hardcore raiders. Most of us were officers in the now defunct Khazuals. We no longer dedicate the time required for hardcore progression or respectable world ranks but still have a desire to see all hard-mode content. We raid one to two nights a week and have progressed swiftly, with our first Heroic Madness of Deathwing kill at 5% buff.

Feel free to visit us any time at

We look forward to your replies, and wish everyone best of luck in the competition!

  • Congratulations to Alura for being selected for our first consolation prize of a 7/8 H DS Clear on Friday the 13th of July!
  • Congratulations to Purextc for being selected for our second consolation prize of a 7/8 H DS Clear on Friday the 20th of July!
  • Congratulations to Crypsis and Coonslayer who were both selected for for the overall prize of a free Heroic DS Loot + Mount run!
  • Thanks to everyone for entering! Stay tuned, we'll be announcing a new winner for a consolation prize every week!
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    Hey guys. Keep the entries coming!

    We've been really impressed with the quality of submissions. So much so that we have decided to pick one submission every week from this thread from now until the end of the expansion and bring them through for a consolation prize.

    If you are selected as a runner up you will be invited to join us on a 7/8 Heroic Dragon Soul run. On top of being showered with loot, you'll get to see the fights first hand with an experienced and successful group of raiders.

    Thanks guys!
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    Hey everyone!

    First of all, thanks for all the fantastic submissions! We've thoroughly enjoyed going through them all over the past few weeks. We've spent the last little while talking about the submissions over vent and we've got two people who we couldn't separate, so we've decided to go ahead and give away two full clears and mount runs to these people!

    Congratulations to Crypsis and Coonslayer! You guys will be invited to join us on two separate runs over the coming weeks to pick up as much loot as we can get you a long with a brand new title and mount.

    As well as giving away these two mount and title runs, we've decided that every single week from now until the end of the expansion, we'll be coming back to this thread and picking one person for a 7/8 Heroic Dragon Soul loot run. There are a lot of fantastic submissions and it was really difficult to choose a winner (or two!), so we figured this would be the best way to thank everyone who has put the time and effort into entering this competition.

    Congratulations guys, come talk to me in game and we will figure out which week suits you guys for your mount runs!
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    85 Undead Rogue
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    85 Undead Rogue
    Who is going to respond using the entire 100 words?
    Nathan, that is who. I have sussed out this page extensively and as far as I can tell, you nerds need some help to clear Dragon Soul on heroic mode. So I have decided that I will tag along on the 27th to carry DPS etc.

    What? I am only level 84 what the eff? If you did not do the math, there are 13 days until this raid begins and as such I have ample time to reach the required character and item level to partake in this encounter.
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    90 Undead Warrior
    So if i say in here that im sick of seeing runs that are 1/8 heroic, due to others not being good enugh to know the strats or know much about dpsing with there class, if i get more gear to do more dps to carry them more, would that make it able to pass Zon'ozz, as for the mount being a mount collector that mount would over beat me friends mount (normal maddness). as for the title it better than "The Light Of Dawn"
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    85 Orc Death Knight
    I for one have never really had much luck with progression and what not, in fact i dont have a single piece of heroic DS gear, my tank set could use quite a lot of help, also my guilds are currently running atleast 6/8h and no spots currently, stuck in a massive hole for gearing. also the mount would be an awesome addition to my account along with a good run, also showing all my friends new heroic gear but also a DS mount would be awesome above all(:
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    100 Undead Priest
    Lol you guys must be bored
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    85 Undead Mage
    Hello BLG, look at your raid experience, now back at mine, now back at yours, now back to mine. Sadly, my raiding experience isn’t yours, but if you carried me to epics, a mount, and a title, I could look experienced like you. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat, fighting steak riding a dragon. What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it, it’s orange clusters that I have no use for. Look again, the clusters are now mage daggers. Anything is possible when you play GC's favorite class, and not a shaman. I’m slightly over 100 words.
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    85 Undead Rogue
    ^ He wins imo
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    Raiding and Noroshi....Just two words that I don't think are meant to go together. Whether it's the 100th DS pug that fails at spine or the typical pug recruiter who requires everyone to have every achievement under the sun and know the fights inside and out, there is always one obstacle standing between me and shiny new pieces of loot. The beginning of Cataclysm was both a new beginning and an abrupt ending to my raiding schedule with the breakdown of my first ever 'raiding guild'. Exhibit A? Up until this day I have not completed BWD, BoT or FL!
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    07/06/2012 08:55 AMPosted by Baalberith
    ^ He wins imo

    Just so you know this guy isn't judging the contest. Don't mind him!
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    90 Goblin Priest
    Just a suggestion:

    On KJ server the top guild offered the same reward for the winner of the Gurubashi deathmatch on a certain date and time.

    It was pretty lagged but a huge social event for the server.
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    Just a suggestion:

    On KJ server the top guild offered the same reward for the winner of the Gurubashi deathmatch on a certain date and time.

    It was pretty lagged but a huge social event for the server.

    We actually thought about that but we wanted to keep it open to as many people as possible, so figured we'd try something a bit different and go with this.
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    85 Orc Warrior
    I think you should take me because im an awsome guy and are eager to smash some heroic bosses with the most awsome raiders on Khaz'goroth.

    <3 xo
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    90 Undead Priest
    Through so many bad pugs for far to long, I eventually proved my worth to a good guild & will most likely see H DW on my team. But I sure would love to see your strats 1st hand & get any advice I can on how I can run this toon better. Not to mention may be able to catch up gear wise to the rest of the guys.
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    90 Tauren Druid
    ermagurd me cuzz imma cow.


    slightly under 100 words, hopefully you could understand.
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    75 Undead Priest
    because we used to be pals, efrend methsham
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