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Remember where I said I read somewhere that they were adding spell haste as a passive thing for holy pallies since its not longer given from judgement. Well here it is.

GhostCrawler: "Holy paladins being required to Judge was super controversial. I think we would cause a lot of unhappiness if we tried to bring it back. There are several talents that tie into using Judgment if you want to use it. We intend to handle the lower haste numbers by adding 10% spell haste into Seal of Insight."

Direct link to his post -
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90 Human Paladin
;P You could have just emailed me. Yea, I saw that post when I was checking the blue tracker on MMO-Champ earlier today. I also read somewhere that we're getting Divine Favor back again, which makes me quite happy. Pushed me to actually stick with this character for Mists, opting to likely play Retribution for Two-Heal fights.

If I'll be honest... I kinda miss how Judgement was in T11, judging on cooldown. It was "fun", so to speak, and it gave me some way of having direct control over my mana regeneration. Perhaps why I like my hunter so much.

Anyway, thank's for letting me know! :)
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90 Human Warrior
oh yeah I forgot I had your email >.<
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