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85 Worgen Hunter
Hi, starting next reset (7/10) I intend on doing multiple DS runs per week and am currently looking for people to fill a number of spots. The days/times for said runs are:

Wednesday - 7:30 - 10:00 CST
Thursday - 7:30 - 10:00 CST
Friday - 7:30 - 10:00 CST*
Saturday - 2:30 - 5:00 CST
Saturday - 7:30 - 10:00 CST

*The Friday run may be shifted to the corresponding time on Sunday if there aren't enough people who want to attend on Friday evenings. All times are subject to change dependent on Beta raid testing.

There will be a guaranteed 8/8 Normal for all 5 runs, with the likely possibility of 1-3 (Morchok/Yor'saj/Ultraxion) hard modes dependent on the group. The raids should end promptly at the stated times if not before, but in the event that they go until the ending time you are expected to stay until then.

All loot will be MS > OS dependent on the roles you come into the raids with. If notified prior to the start of the raid that you wish to roll MS for a different raid role and no one else has a problem with it, then it will be allowed. All Essences and BoEs/Patterns will be free-rolled. There aren't currently any rogues collecting shards, so if you'd like to collect them for a run just add that to your post.

At the moment all spots are open Tank/Healer/DPS for each run and I'll compile a list below to clarify those spots that remain open for each raid.

Most raid comps will look something like this:
1 Tank
2 Healers
7 DPS (At least 1 with a healing OS and 1 with a tanking OS in the event of HMs)

If you don't feel up to the task of solo-tanking or duo-healing normal modes then these probably aren't the runs for you.

In the event that an excess number of people are available on a given day, I will try and form a 25-man that follows the same guidelines as stated above in terms of loot and raid times.

Feel free to post below or whisper me in-game if you'd like to attend a specific run and you're sure you will be able to make it to that run. If you don't know for sure whether or not you can make it, I can list you as tentative and you'll be given priority under people who know they can be there.

A minimum of a 388 ilvl and 8/8 Normal experience is required to attend on whichever character you intend to play.
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85 Worgen Hunter
Rebeldrood - Druid Tank

Famousdaves - Holy Paladin

Pimia - 2nd Spriest


Lauree - Resto Druid
Pimia - Resto Shaman

Rebel - Hunter


Acapulco - Disc Priest (also, Famousdaves)

Nomato - Hunter
Velyda - Warrior
Rebelpriest - Shadow Priest

Saturday (1):


Pimia - Mage Tent

Saturday (2):

Pimia - Holy Paladin Tent

Quicktrip - Warlock (also, Nomato)
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