To all the recent Refugees from Kalimdor.

100 Human Warlock
As part of the growing refugee problem in Stormwind, from the recent devastation of Darkshore and Ashenvale. We, The Peoples Community of Stormwind, have noticed an increase in illegal activities since the Night Elves have started to migrate to our beloved capitol. As we were able to support them during the times of the war against The Lich King, after the war most of the economy could not be sustained to support another land since the cataclysm and the loss of our Agricultural Industry, Westfall.

While War is a heavy burden to bear, our proud people will not falter to protect ourselves and our interest. We will continue to rebuild the recent devastation of Stormwind, Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood and our towns and outpost within the North and on Kalimdor. With recent activity of renewed attacks from the Horde, we are seeing a increase of recruitment in Stormwind's military. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Due to the recent events, all refugees are to report to the Deeprun Tram for transportation to a make shift refugee center. On behalf of the camp administration I bid you welcome. This is not a holiday resort but a labor camp. Just as our soldiers risk their lives at the front to gain victory for the Alliance, you will have to work here for the welfare of Stormwind. How you tackle this task is entirely up to you. The chance is there for every one of you. We shall look after your health, and we shall also offer you well-paid work. After the war we shall assess everyone according to there merits and treat them accordingly.
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85 Human Death Knight
I pull more !%!!# than you.
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85 Tauren Paladin
For the Horde . . .
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71 Night Elf Hunter
I smell hate towards Night-Elfs?
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100 Human Warlock
I can only assume you're saying some form of profanity..

And your time will come. The Horde, are merely a setback, to the greater plan.

No, of course not, there is no discrimination against you're kind. It's simply the fact that you are not able to take care of yourselves and need discipline. But thanks to our newly established refugee camp, you will be able to learn the life skills you need to live on your own. It is our plan to have you help with the war effort while teaching you how to become a better civilization. Through the means you can achieve something greater for yourself then having to rely on others.
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85 Orc Rogue
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